My granddaughter gets the same punishment as my daughter

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As Sam continued to eat her daughter’s ass I felt her fingers leave my cock and move down across her daughter’s cunt, seeking Maddie’s clit.

“Oh FUCK!!” Maddie cried out, as clearly Sam had hit the spot.

With me slowly fucking my granddaughter and Sam rubbing her clit, Maddie was sure to explode anytime soon.

“Oh god, MUM, GRANDAD!!”

Hearing her call our names with her legs wide open stuffed full of my cock made my head swim and I was giddy with pleasure! All three of us gasped and made animal sounds as I fucked my cock in and out of her, while Sam drummed Maddie’s clit. I knew we were going to make her cum when her nails dug into my hand and she began to pant.

She came like an express train.

“That’s right baby, that’s right, cum all over grandad’s cock,” I encouraged her.

“That’s right, let me feel your pussy cum!” I yelled out as I fucked in and out of her spasming pussy.

“Ohhhhh FUCK ME!!” she moaned and gasped.

She panted, “Jesus, oh fuck!” As her young cunt slammed back along my length as she rode the crest of her pleasure wave.

As her fading orgasm slowly loosened the walls of her pussy I pulled my cock out of her cunt and watched as streams of precum and pussy cream, streaked with red, formed between the tip of my cock and her pussy, her fuck-hole was a quivering mess of girl cum and blood.

Just as my cock popped from Maddie’s cunt I felt Sam grip my length, the fluids of our fucking running down her hand, and I watched, dumbstruck, as she eased my cock up a little higher and aimed it at her daughter’s rosebud.

“Now fuck my sweet little girl’s ass daddy!” She instructed me, pushing my cock hard up against Maddie’s backdoor. “You need to cum and she wants it!!”

Somewhere in Maddie’s post-orgasmic mind she must have felt my cock leave her cunt and come to rest against the entrance to her ass.

With Sam’s nudging I watched, and felt, my cock head suddenly sink into Maddie’s ass as her sphincter opened just a tad to accept me.

“YYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!! Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my ass grandad!!” Was Maddie’s response. Not a “NO” or a “What the FUCK!!” Maddie wanted her ass fucked.

I rested for a moment still with just my cock head in Maddie’s ass, allowing her to open up for me but she was having none of it. She gripped my hands still on her hips and rammed herself backwards onto my cock, engulfing me balls deep in her ass.

“OH FUCK, THAT’S DEEP!! More!! I want more cock grandad. Fuck my ass, fill my ass with cum, I want it all!!” She cried out.

I didn’t attempt to pull-back, I just thrust deeper inside her, if she wanted it then I was going to give it!

If I thought her virgin cunt was tight, it was nothing compared to how tight her virgin ass was, my cock was being squeezed so hard. At first Maddie’s cries seemed to be in pain but very quickly these dwindled away, and her hips began to move ‘in-counter’ to my fucking.


In-and-out, in and out I moved my raging cock, absolutely savouring her wonderful tightness, relieved to hear those words as her bowels accepted my pounding.

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