Daughter’s Hidden Desires – A father’s electronic spying unleashes hidden desires

A father’s electronic spying unleashes hidden desires… “Please, Dad. It’ll be good for both of you.” My daughter’s voice is pleading through the phone line. “Besides you always liked Connie.” She’s right. Connie was my daughter’s roommate in college and I always enjoyed seeing her, when she accompanied Karla on her frequent visits home. Now Connie has accepted a position with a local firm and Karla wants me to rent her a room until she can get settled on her own. Karla worries about me since her mother died five years ago. She probably thinks having someone else in the house, now that she’s gone, will be good for me.

“Of course, she can stay here. When is she planning on moving?” It didn’t take much convincing for me to provide a room for a woman as sexy as Connie. I spent plenty of nights, after her and Karla’s visits, fantasizing about her tight, young ass and her plush round tits.


“Thanks Dad. I think she’s planning on moving next weekend. She’s starting her new job a week from tomorrow.” Karla sounds happy for Connie. I’m happy for me.

“Okay, tell her to call me. I’ll get the room fixed up.” I plan to fix her room up very special!

I retired earlier this year, at 55, as vice president of a large security firm. Over the years, vendors were always sending samples of surveillance equipment for us to test. If the sales reps never came back for them, we’d toss them out or let the employees take them home. I have a garage full of gadgets that I’ve accumulated over the years and I plan on making good use of them fixing up Connie’s room.

It takes me three days to get the room ready the way I want it. I’ve always fantasized about renting a room, filled with video surveillance, to a sexy young coed. Connie is 25 years old and no longer a coed, but I’m not splitting hairs. I install a miniature camera behind a one-way mirror, mounted on the wall over the dresser. A sophisticated camera with zoom and panning capability, it covers the entire room. I place a stationary camera in a vent, on the other side of the room, focused on her bed. The bathroom mirror is replaced with a one-way mirror and another camera is mounted behind it. One more in the light fixture above the shower and the video is ready. I place tiny transmitters in the light fixtures for audio transmission. All the equipment is fed through a secure wireless network to my computer in my bedroom. I’ve been using one of the walk-in closets for storage but now I clear it out and convert it to a monitoring room. I set up a separate monitor for each camera so I can look at multiple angles simultaneously. When I’m done, I’ve created a voyeur’s fantasy.

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Saturday morning, I hear Connie’s car in the drive way and go out to meet her.

“Thanks for letting me stay here, Mr. D.” Connie says hugging me. “This job came up so fast and there wasn’t any time to look for a place. When Karla suggested this, it was perfect!” She’s wearing a tank top and shorts. I can feel her breasts pushing against my chest and I shift my legs so she won’t feel my reaction. She gives me a kiss on the cheek and turns to get her suitcases out of the car.

“Here let me help with those. You’re in Karla’s old room, top of the stairs to the left. I’ll follow you with the suitcases.” I say, picking up two bags and following her into the house. I let her get a couple of steps ahead of me before I follow. My face is level with her ass cheeks and my cock stirs as I admire the way her tight shorts conform to her shape, leaving little to the imagination. First her left cheek, then her right cheek, makes a perfect bubble in her shorts as she climbs the stairs. My cock hardens in anticipation of seeing her naked.

After we unload the car, I show Connie her bathroom and give her keys to the house.

“You’ll have full access to the living room, kitchen and laundry. The bedrooms have separate locks for privacy. We can fight over what to watch on TV.” I tell her laughing.

“You’re the best, Mr. D.!” She says. “Right now, I just want to take a hot shower and relax, that was a long drive.”

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“Take your time.” I tell her, really meaning it. “The towels are in the linen closet. We can have dinner together unless you have plans.” I say hopefully as I head back downstairs.

“That would be nice, but don’t feel like you have to provide my meals.” She shouts down the staircase.

“Just for tonight,” I call back up to her. “Until you’ve had time to go grocery shopping.” I give her a few minutes then quietly go upstairs to the monitoring room. I turn on the monitors and put on the headset. Connie is in her bedroom, putting her clothes away. She’s still fully dressed, but a very sexy sight, bending over her suitcases. I’m surprised at what a turn on it is to watch her, when she doesn’t know she’s being observed.

A few minutes later she’s finished unpacking and getting ready for her shower. I watch her pull her tank top over her head and marvel as she removes her bra. Her voluptuous tits bounce as she slips her bra straps off her arms. My cock responds to the sight of her firm, smooth breasts with dark pink areolas and thick nipples. As she bends over to remove her shorts, her tits hang loose with her nipples pointing directly at the floor. She slides her bikini panties down and I get my first look at her blonde bush, trimmed into a neat triangle. I already have my cock out of my pants and I’m stroking it as I stare at this beautiful naked woman in the next room. She turns to get her robe out of the closet and I stroke even harder, as I gaze at her tight, round ass cheeks. Putting her robe on, she grabs her cosmetic bag and heads down the hall to the bathroom.

I watch her enter the bathroom, close the door and reach into the shower to start the water. She slips the robe off and hangs it on the hook behind the door. Watching her move around naked, completely unaware she is being observed is making my cock harder than it’s ever been. I’m stroking furiously by the time she steps into the shower. The camera is directly above her and I watch her lather her sexy body then remove the showerhead from its holder and rinse herself off. I replaced the old showerhead last week with a massaging showerhead, entertaining the fantasy of seeing her use it on her pussy to get herself off. Today she’s obviously taking a quick shower. She washes and rinses her hair, pulls the shower curtain aside and reaches for a towel.

The mirror is steamed up, so I can’t see much, as she towels off. Fortunately, she wipes off the mirror pretty quickly, then stands in front of it to blow dry her hair. What a sight, watching her tits bounce as she moves her arms around, one hand fluffing her hair as the other holds the hair dryer. Connie has short blonde hair and it doesn’t take long for her to dry it. She moves the hair dryer down and runs it across her pubic hair, glistening wet from her shower. She fluffs her hand across her blonde triangle and I can see her pussy lips peeking out from her blonde jungle.

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Watching the monitors, as she continues to stand there naked, applying her make up, I’m getting ready to cum. I grab a couple of Kleenex from a box on the desk, stand up, legs tense, stroking feverishly and shoot a huge load of cum onto the tissues. I relax back in my chair in time to see her put her robe on and leave the bathroom. I’m tempted to watch her get dressed, but having already cum, I decide to get dinner ready for my sexy new houseguest and give it a rest for now.

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