Wife wants grandkids and twin daughters are happy to help

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Incest, Wife wants grandkids and twin daughters are happy to help

“You know what I miss more than anything?” my wife asked as we lay in bed after a particularly vigorous bout of lovemaking.

I took a deep breath, still feeling my heart beating like a hammer in my chest from the exertion, and looked over to her with a kinked eyebrow. “Perkier breasts?” I asked playfully.

She looked down at her bountiful bosoms and held each magnificent tit in her hands, hefting them into the air, and contemplated them for a moment. “Okay. You know what ELSE I miss?” I shrugged. She bounced her breast-filled hands gamely. “I miss not using these puppies for their intended purpose.” She let them drop heavily and sighed. “I miss having kids around the house.”

I smirked. “Don’t let our daughters hear you say that out loud. They might protest.”

She rolled her eyes at me. “I mean LITTLE kids. The pitter-patter of little feet. Our girls are grown now. They both turned eighteen two months ago and both are already doing well enough in their own ventures to not really need college if they don’t want it. I sometimes wonder why they’re even still living here, as successful as they are.” While technically true, the REAL truth is that our girls, identical twins, had BOTH gotten themselves into the independent porn industry and were making a killing. Lisa was running a live web-cam website out of her bedroom. All she ever did was strip and masturbate for the camera, but the money she got from doing only that had already put her personal bank account well past the $100k mark. Our other daughter, Kim, was selling sex toys through Lisa’s website and had a side-gig of “unboxing” them on her own web-streaming channel. Her bank account was doing very nicely, too. Both of them being so young kept their customers’ interest. Both of them also being extraordinarily attractive didn’t hurt things any, either. They were just at four-feet-nine-inches tall (as was my wife), had large C-cup breasts with trim waists and each went to the gym regularly to keep their young bodies toned.

Their mother and I were, as you might imagine, a pretty liberal couple. We both felt that we would only do our daughters a disservice by trying to make them afraid or ashamed of sex, so we taught them from an early age to be proud of themselves and to explore their sexuality freely. We never harped on them about anything and always answered questions honestly and openly. Had we seen their business endeavors? Yes. Absolutely. We approved of their ingenuity and tenacity, no matter what form it took. I can’t say that I really enjoyed the idea of countless, faceless men out there jacking off to my daughters’ faces, but I couldn’t really blame them, either. As a man, even I had to admit that my daughters were extremely easy on the eyes. Their long brown hair, their almost golden-hued eyes and full, pouty lips in conjunction with their stellar bodies (inherited from their fox of a mother, of course) would turn nearly any man’s head. So, yes, I had seen my twin daughters naked and doing very sexual things with their bodies… ONLINE. Never in person. And I most certainly didn’t participate. I loved and was one-hundred-percent faithful to my wife. We had a happy, healthy marriage and I was never tempted to stray from her, no matter what.

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