Wife trapping guy bangs ladies wanting to list his house

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So, I’m kind of back into it again. The wife trapper thing. That fucking cunt Samantha gave me a valuable lesson. I let myself get too relaxed like most guys and like most women Sam took to strange dick when and wherever she could get it. My latest change to fucking neighbor Jess became a disaster as with all women new cock is never enough cock.

There will never be another female again sharing the humble homestead with me again. It will be put out and get out from now on.

I put the house up for sale. I figured the concentration of pussy in an apartment complex would do me nicely. Again, let me say I’m not that much of a catch. I’m more of the project fuck women look for rather than a Romeo. Just make them feel comfortable, then fuck them.

The first step to selling the house was to see what different agents had to offer. First, let me say I love real estate agents. They can be real aggressive to get a listing and make a sale. With my house going at about $300,000.00 a good listing agent just putting the house on the market earns almost $9,000.00 when it sells. Do the double dip by listing and selling the home the sales agent commission can go up to over $16,500. What do you think an agent would do to get a listing and make a sale like that?

Yep, some free pussy and that explains all the fancy clothes and the Mercedes in the driveway. That’s an option that doesn’t translate very well for a guy. I knew several guys in the business and the ladies “Fucking” them out of listings was a major complaint. In my case the gals didn’t have to sneak around and work around a wife.

I started the interviews. It wasn’t my intent to exploit a female real estate agent when I went online to check out realty firms. A view of head shots, mostly professional with a slight “glamour shot” touch for the ladies got my attention. You could tell which ones expected to get by on their looks and never expect a no for an answer. Pretty woman are a special breed, but a woman that knows she is pretty can be a real cunt.

Turns out there were a lot of real cunts with real estate licenses that weren’t accustomed to hearing no. What was now a love and hate relationship with women hatched my scheme. I’d call a half dozen and see if one would fuck me to get my listing, maybe fuck her until the house sold. My attitude that all women are whores should have tipped me off.

At first I went with the blondes. And, I got greedy. My first six agents were blondes. I tried to guess which women were married because I get more out of fucking some guy’s wife. I was making appointments for the week. The third one I called wanted to come out that same night.

Nancy was new to the business. After making the appointment I looked her up. She had sold one house and never listed one for sale. I could see she might be a little eager. When she arrived she was dressed in a very nice suit, a pretty blouse, and like 4″ high heels. Even with the heels she was pretty short. That’s kind of the way I like them and her knockers looked oversized for her slim frame.

I liked this one. As agents go the listing agent is pretty much getting a gift. The selling agent puts up with the shit from the buyers and really does all the work. It was easy to tell Nancy was nervous. I showed her around the house as we talked about ourselves and Nancy verified that I didn’t have a wife she would need to deal with. From Nancy’s side she was early thirties starting a career after getting four kids far enough in school to give her the time with help from her husband. He being a chemical salesman that spent some time out of town.

The four kids were a surprise to me. She didn’t have the appearance of a mother with children at all. The 15 years of marriage hardly showed on her at all. The declaration of motherhood had me checking her out all the more. The woman looked like she belonged on a beach in a bikini.

Finally me showing her the house was almost over. I had dragged out the conversations in each room as much as I could. I had wondered if I could fuck one of the woman agents. Suddenly I was wanting to fuck this very first one, a mom with four kids and a husband. The husband thing was pretty much a requirement for me. By fucking her I’d be in fact fucking him in a way, too. I had the feeling that it would something new to her. The other feeling was that maybe she might pitch me some pussy for the listing.

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