After 30 years a wife cheats for the first time

Time seemed to stand still as I pulled on the interstate. It would take me 20 minutes to reach the Best Western motel just outside the city. What was I doing? This was insane. I am a happily married woman. I am married to a man any woman would die to have.

My name is Laura Freeman. I will soon be 50 years old. I have been married for almost 30 years. My husband Jake is the salt of the earth. I don’t think he has ever even raised his voice to me. He is as loving a husband, and father, a woman could want. He is good looking, athletic, sexy, and makes a lot of money. How could I possibly think of cheating on him.

Fifteen more minutes and I would be there. A co-worker of mine, Rob, was already there waiting on me. I still had time to turn around. Why the hell don’t you come to your senses Laura and turn this car around?

Rob came to work in our office a few months ago. Rob is about 10 years younger than me, and very good looking. I can tell he goes to a gym because of his muscles. Every time I am around him I just feel all weird inside. My pussy gets wet just thinking of those big arms around my naked body.

My thoughts drift back to Jake. We met in college over 30 years ago. We have been together ever since. We dated about a year, then got married. I had been kind of a goody two shoe up to that point, so I was a virgin. Jake is the only man I have ever been with. That could change here shortly.


Jake and I have two beautiful girls. Mandy and Jen are both out of college now, but neither are married. They do have serious boyfriends, but chose to work on their careers for awhile. Mandy is a Lawyer, and Jen is a fashion designer. They both live in Chicago.

I have so much. Why would I risk it? Jake tells me everyday how much he loves me. When we go out, he opens doors for me, pulls out my chair at restaurants, and kisses me goodnight every night. Jake is a great lover. He is kind, considerate, and never fails to give me an orgasm. He is a gentle lover who takes his time. Why would I risk that?

Is it because it has been the same for 30 years? Am I bored? Maybe I just want this younger man to fuck me. Not the gentle lovemaking I’m used to, but fuck me hard. Take me and use me. I was getting horny and wet thinking about it. I pictured Rob bending me over the bed and slamming his dick in me. He said he was pretty well endowed.

Ten more minutes and I would be there. Turn around Laura. Think of your husband and family. What if they found out? You are risking everything dear to you. Don’t be a fool. Think of Jake. He is your best friend. He trust you and loves you with all of his heart. How could you do this to him?

I was just about to turn around when my thoughts went to Rob. What a hunk. He seems really infatuated with me. At first it was innocent flirting, and it made me feel attractive. I was approaching 50, and worried I was getting old. He said I looked much younger. He was always complimenting me on how beautiful I was. I found myself really fixing myself up to go to work. I really didn’t have to work. Jake made plenty of money. After the girls left I just wanted something to do. I got my real estate license and started selling. I was quite good at it and made pretty good money. Jake let me keep and spend my own money as I pleased.

Five more minutes, and I would arrive at the Best Western where Rob was waiting.

The innocent flirting became more serious. There was some touching, lunch together, and then some sexual innuendos. I went along. I was loving the attention. Then one morning we were both in the break room. After some flirting Rob grabbed me and kissed me. He put his hands on my ass and pulled his crotch into mine. I could feel his boner. We were the only ones in the break room. This happened a few more times over the next few weeks. The bad thing was that I liked it, and kissed back.

I knew I was leading him on, but it felt good. I began to fantasize what he would be like in bed. I imagined myself straddling him on a motel bed. I imagined his dick shooting his stuff in me. My tubes are tied, so it wouldn’t matter. I imagined him bending me over the side of the bed and pounding the shit out of me doggy style.

Two days ago we had lunch together. Real estate agents are always in and out of the office. It was easy for us to get away. Here is the conversation we had.

“I want you Laura. I think you want me also. There is a lot of sexual tension between us that needs releasing. I know you are married, but I don’t care. I think you are a beautiful sexy woman, and I want to fuck you. I have a pretty big dick, so I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

He said fuck, not make love. He wants to take me to a motel and fuck the shit out of me.

“I am attracted to you Rob, and I have fantasized about you and I in bed. However, I love my husband more than my own life. I don’t know if I can cheat on him.”

“I understand Laura, and I don’t plan on coming between you and your husband. We will be discreet, and we won’t get caught. There will be no strings. We can do it one time, or twenty, whatever you want. At least have one time with me.”

I thought for a minute.

“In two days my husband has to go on an overnight business trip. He will be back the next afternoon. If I decide to do this, it would be a perfect window of opportunity. His trips are like clockwork. He will arrive in Denver, have some meetings, call me at 6:00, then have dinner with his clients. We say goodnight, and he does not call back.”

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“In that case I propose we go to a little motel outside of the city. We can actually spend the night and fuck our brains out. You get up the next morning, come home, and no one will be the wiser.”

The thought of that made me wet. I was sitting there picturing Rob and I in that motel.

“That is a good plan, if I decide to do it. I will think about it. Go ahead and make the reservation. I will let you know Thursday afternoon, the day Jake is leaving, if I will go through with it or not. Don’t be mad if I chicken out. I love my husband, and I might get cold feet.”

“Fair enough Laura. Just know that you are one good looking lady, and I would cherish even just one night with you, if that is what you want. If you do come to me Thursday night, I promise you will not be disappointed.”

I had arrived at the Best Western motel. I was parked next to Rob’s car in front of room 169. The moment of truth. I could back out, go home, and spend the night nursing a bottle of wine and a good movie. I had already talked to Jake. I felt bad talking to him knowing where I was going. Jake was Jake, and told me how much he loved me and already missed me. He would be back home the next day. I hope my voice wasn’t nervous, or guilty sounding. I had a way of doing that, and Jake was very perceptive. He did ask at one point if something was wrong. It was like he was clairvoyant.

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Go ahead Laura, do it. You deserve to find out what it would be like with another man. You have given Jake your all. Rob is the perfect choice. There are no strings. It will just be this one time. Jake is far away, and will never know.

I took a deep breath and opened the car door.

Right before I left I decided on one little precaution. I dropped my cell phone in the kitchen sink. My story would be that I dropped it while washing dishes. Jake could easily get me a new one. We didn’t have a land line, so I had an excuse if for some reason Jake did call.

I walked to the door, room 169, how appropriate, and knocked. Rob opened the door and let me in. There was a bottle of wine opened on the dresser and a wine glass. Rob had already filled his glass. We sat and talked as we drank the bottle of wine.

I guess Rob knew I would be nervous so he took it slow, and brought the wine to take away any inhibitions. He opened another bottle, and we had another glass. I was feeling very warm and horny now. Rob looked good.

We had been sitting at a couple of chairs around a little table. After the third glass of wine he walked over in front of me. He bent down and kissed me very passionately. He stood up and unbuckled his pants. He let them slide to the floor. I could tell by the bulge in his underwear he wanted me. I pulled down his underwear to reveal a fully erect 8 inch cock. He was bigger than Jake.

I played with him for a minute, then took him in my mouth. As I slowly slid his cock in and out across my lips, I felt him thrusting ever so slightly. This went on for several minutes until his thrust became pretty hard. He was fucking my mouth. He was making noises, and revealing a lot of pleasure on his face. His responses were making me even more horny. It had been a long time since I had been this turned on. Nothing against Jake, but we had been having sex for 30 years now. This was different. It was a different person, and he felt different.

He then lifted me out of the chair and unzipped my dress. It fell to the floor. I turned around and he unhooked my bra. This really turned him on because I have some pretty ample tits. He couldn’t resist sucking on my nipples, and squeezing my full breast. It felt good to me also.

Next he jerked down my panties, then pushed me on the bed. He had me spread my legs, then buried his face in my pussy. Damn he was good. He sure knew how to use his tongue. He knew just where to find my sweet spot. Jake was really good at that also, but at the moment, I was not thinking of Jake.

I felt my orgasm begin to build. It started at my toes and spread throughout my body. I screamed as I reached orgasm. I felt limp. I wasn’t sure where I was for a minute. I looked down expecting to see Jake, but saw someone different.

Rob wiped his face on the covers then quickly crawled between my legs. His 8 inch cock was inside me in a heartbeat. He was pounding the shit out of my pussy. It didn’t take long for me to have another orgasm. He continued for several more strokes then released a flood of stuff inside my pussy. All of a sudden a thought hit me. He didn’t use a condom. Not that I could get pregnant, but what if he has an STD. He is not married, and I’m sure no stranger to getting plenty of pussy.

After we had caught our breath, I asked him if he was clean. He assured me he was careful, and had no diseases. He said he assumed I was the same. I told him I was clean as I know Jake would never cheat on me.

We took a little rest so he could recover, and had another glass of wine.

I sucked him back up and rode him cowgirl style, just like in my fantasy. We fell asleep for a little bit, but woke up at about 3:00 and went doggy style. I lost count of my orgasms, but it was a lot.

We fell asleep and the next thing I know it is 10:30 the next morning. Jake was due home around 1:00. I had to get home and get cleaned up. I dressed quickly and headed out the door. I had dried cum on my leg and panties. I didn’t take time to clean up. I would grab a shower when I got home.

It was about 11:15 when I approached our driveway. My heart stopped when I saw Jake’s car in the driveway. Oh shit, I had to come up with a good story of why I wasn’t home and how I looked.

I drove past our house and pulled into a little park down the street. I quickly fixed my hair, and my clothes. We I came up with a good story.

I walked into the house to find Jake sitting in his chair in the living room.

“Jake? Honey I thought you weren’t supposed to be here until around 1:00?”

“Obviously. Where were you?”

“I woke up this morning and remembered I had forgotten to do some paperwork on a sale I made last week. I just threw on some clothes and went to the office. I knew it would be awhile before anyone came in, so I didn’t care what I looked like.”

“Where were you Laura?”

Jake said those words with more anger than I have ever heard him talk to me. This was not good. He suspects something. I repeated my story with as much sincerity as I could muster.

“I missed you quite a bit last night Laura. I wanted to get home to you, plus I just felt that something was wrong. My instincts told me I needed to get home. I was able to change my flight to an early morning flight. I arrived at 8:00. I tried to call several times but your phone went straight to voice mail every time.”

“That is because I accidentally dropped my cell phone in some dish water yesterday. I didn’t notice it for a few minutes, and when I retrieved it, the phone was already dead. It would not restart. I’m so sorry Jake. I guess I will have to buy a new one.”

“Yes Laura, I found your cell phone, and you are right, it was wet and would not start up. Sometimes, you can put the wet phone in a bag of rice, and it will dry it out. It might also work again. That is what I did to your phone, and guess what, I got it to work.”

“Oh that is great Jake. I did not know that. What did you do with my phone?” I said very nervously.

I tried to remember if I had deleted the text from Rob before I put my phone in the dish water.

“Oh, I have it right here and it is working fine. In fact, I was able to pull up all your recent text. I ran across some interested messages from someone named Rob. By the way he said, just in case you dropped your phone before reading it, that you were to meet him in room 169 at the Best Western on I-45. He also mention that he couldn’t wait to taste your juicy pussy and suck those big tits of yours.”

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My goose was cooked. Jake knew. My wonderful world just fell apart.

He walked over to me and jerked my dress up. He could see the dried cum on my leg and panties.

“Cut the shit Laura. No more lies. You better tell me everything, and I mean everything.”

Jake was very angry. I know he was trying to control his temper, but he was so mad. I knew I had to come clean and hope he could forgive me.

I told him the whole story about Rob coming to work at our office, the flirting, the lunches, the kisses, and the plan this week to meet up while I was gone.

“I am so sorry Jake. I regret it deeply. You can’t imagine the guilt I feel right now. I wish I could turn back the clock. It was a stupid mistake that I will regret the rest of my life.”

I could hardly control myself I was crying so much. Then something happened. Jake’s demeanor went from extreme anger to very sad and heartbroken. I would rather him be angry than what I saw on his face. He started to cry. Tears rolled down his face.

“Why Laura? Are you tired of me? Have you fallen out of love with me? If you don’t want me anymore all you had to do was just say so. You didn’t have to go behind my back and cheat on me.”

“NO Jake. I love more now than ever. It is nothing you have or have not done. You are the best husband, lover, and friend any woman would ever want. I am almost 50 Jake. I was feeling old. It made me feel good to know that this young guy wanted me. You are the only man I had ever had sex with. I guess I was curious, but he got to me Jake. He really said things that made me feel good about my sexuality, and how I look. He made me feel young and beautiful.”

“And I don’t? I have spent every day of our marriage telling you and showing you how beautiful, and sexy you are. I guess you were too busy checking out other guys to notice.”

I was at the bottom of a barrel of rotten apples now. I felt like shit. I guess I had been taking all the things he does for granted. He was ten times the man Rob was.

I asked Jake to come sit on the couch next to me. He looked so sad as he walked over to the couch. He sat down next to me, but not touching. I tried to take his hand, but he jerked it away.

“Listen to me Jake,” I said as I looked him in the eye.

“You do make me feel young and sexy. There is not a day that goes by that you don’t rock my world. I love you and only you. What happened last night was a huge mistake that never should have happened. All I can do now is ask you to please forgive me. I know it will take awhile, but I am prepared to wait until hell freezes over if that is what it takes. We have almost 30 years together. We cannot throw that away because of my one indiscretion. Please Jake, give me a chance to make this up to you.”

Jake just stared at me with a far away look in his eye. It scarred me. He has never been like this before.

He looked back at me and said, “Was he better than me Laura? I bet he had a big dick that made you forget all about me.”

“No Jake. He was not better. There was no love or connection. No tenderness or feelings. He was just a fuck, and not near as good as you.”

As I think back now I realize what I just said was absolutely true. It was nothing but a physical encounter. I probably could have used a dildo and got the same results. I had no feeling for Rob, even after we finished. I could never see myself marrying Rob. Jake was the only man I needed.

I went on to convey this to Jake, but he didn’t seem to comprehend. He just sat there starring.

Finally, Jake said, “I have packed some bags Laura. I have to get away. I need to be away from you for awhile to think. I will let you know when I am ready to come back and talk some more. In the meantime, do not, and I repeat, do not try to contact me.”

“Ok Jake. I will give you some space. Just know that I am so sorry, and I love you so much. Please don’t see a lawyer, or file for divorce. I know we can work through this. We can even go to counseling if you want.”

“No Laura, I will not file for divorce. If you want to get rid of me and go to Rob, then you will have to file the divorce. I’m just going away for a little bit.”

“For the last time Jake, Rob does not mean squat to me. I will wait for you Jake. You come back when you are ready. I love you, and I will miss you.”

Jake grabbed his bags and walked out the door. Little did I know just how tough the road ahead would be.

True to my word, I did not try to contact Jake. I figured he would call after about a week. I did get a call from both daughters the next day. They blasted me, and I deserved it. I apologized as best as I could and told them I hoped their dad could forgive me.

They were in contact with Jake, but refused to tell me where he was. In the meantime I went to work, came home, and cried.

I called Rob after Jake had left and told him everything. He seemed really nervous. He wanted to know if Jake owned a gun. I wondered if he had been through this before? Rob did not show up for work Monday or Tuesday. I finally asked the boss and he said Rob resigned, effective immediately, and moved away.

It is just as well. He is the last person I want to see. It would just be a painful reminder of my terrible mistake. The thought of him made me sick to my stomach now.

It was a week later that I got a call from Mandy. I immediately asked about Jake at which point she informed me that was why she called. What she said almost made me faint. It definitely broke my heart.

Jake had sold his business. The sale was worth several million. He deposited a couple of hundred thousand in our account for me to pay bills. I had plenty of money, but Jake wanted to make sure everything was taken care of. The rest he put in a retirement annuity with his and my name on it. Our daughters would be beneficiaries after me.

Then she told me Jake had left the country and gone to Europe. He was going to travel around Europe and see if he could make sense of his life. He also was going to decide if he would ever come home to me.

Mandy and Jen blamed me for everything. They were going to miss their dad. They did come to see me on a few occasions, and eventually forgave me.

Jake never called, left me any messages, or tried to contact me. He stayed in contact with our daughters, but not a word to me. It just about killed me. I would go for a couple of weeks before hearing from Mandy that he was still in Europe, and ok.

As for me I worked, came home, and rarely went anywhere. I certainly wasn’t going to go out with anyone. I would wait for Jake. It was my penitence for what I did.

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This went on for about a year. In fact, exactly one year to the date that Jake walked out of the house, he called. I had been home from work for about an hour and was about ready to fix some dinner. My cell phone rang.

“Hi Laura, it’s me, Jake.”

“Oh my God Jake! Are you ok? Where are you?”

“I’m fine Laura. In fact, I’m sitting in my car out in front of the house.”

I ran to the front door with cell phone in hand. Sure enough there was a car parked out in front of our house.

“Please get out and come in Jake. I have missed you so much.”

“Is Rob there Laura?”

“Jake, I have not seen or talked to Rob since the day you left. Rob meant absolutely nothing to me. Please come in Jake.”

“Alright. I will hang up now and come in.”

I guess I was expecting to see the same old Jake get out of his car and walk towards the house. It wasn’t. His hair was long, but well groomed. He had sort of a scruffy beard, but it was well groomed also. He had lost some weight, and filled out with more muscle. He looked rugged in a sexy sort of way. He was kind of like that “most interesting man in the world.”

I stood in the doorway as he walked up the sidewalk. When he got to me I couldn’t help it, I threw my arms around him and hugged him. I was surprised that he hugged back. We held the embrace for over a minute.

We walked in and sat next to each other on the couch.

“Jake, I have missed you so much. I come home every night and cry hoping you would call. My only information came from Mandy or Jen when they would call. They said you went to Europe.”

“Yes, I have been there all this time. I’m sorry Laura, but it was the only way I could make sense of what happened. I started in Rome. I loaded what I would need in my backpack, and travelled across Europe. I met a lot of interesting people, and had some interesting experiences. I also thought a lot about us.”

“I have to ask Jake. Did you sleep with any European women? Did you feel the need for revenge against what I did?”

He laughed and said, “Believe me Laura I certainly had the opportunities, but no, I have always been faithful to you.”

“Oh Jake, I am so sorry”…

“Stop right there Laura. No more apologies. I know you are sorry for what you did. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I did. I also saw the same thing in Europe. People are the same everywhere. We are all human, and humans can make mistakes.”

“I bet you still hate me Jake. I was so stupid.”

“No Laura, I never hated you. In fact, I never stopped loving you. You are not stupid, but you did a stupid thing. I believe that at the time, for some reason, you were vulnerable, and he took advantage of that.”

I started to cry because I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and I risked all that I had for a cheap night of sex with another man.

“How about you Laura? Have been with any other men while I have been gone?”

“Absolutely not Jake. I did my job, came home, and worried about you every night. I prayed every night that you were safe, and would some day come back to me.”

“Well Laura, I did a lot of thinking and soul searching while I was away. I knew I had to make a decision. I could either forgive you and put this all behind us, or if I couldn’t, then we would need to divorce and go our separate ways.”

I nervously asked, “What did you decide Jake?”

“First off, I can tell you that I still love you very much. It was a very difficult year away from you. I missed you terribly. However, I also knew that I might have some trust issues with you. I had to figure out if I could trust you again.”

I started to say something but he raised his hand for me to be quiet and listen.

“I know I could never go through that again if you were to cheat on me a second time. So I had to figure out if I loved you enough to be able to trust you again. I have forgiven you, but it has to be more than that.”

I guess this was the moment of truth. Would I get my husband back, or not?

Jake got down on one knee in front of me. He took my hand.

“Laura, this was the position I was in when I asked you to marry me. I am asking you now to let me come home, and let’s be husband and wife again.”

I dove into his arms as we fell to the floor. We kissed passionately as we ripped our clothes off. He fucked me hard and fast right there on the living room floor. It had been over a year for both of us. Yes, I had been using a vibrator some, and I’m sure he jacked off when needed, but this may have been one of the best fucks ever. So much pent up passion and energy. We both came quickly. We laid there holding each other afterwards for about fifteen minutes. His dick stayed inside me the whole time.

We broke our embrace and smiled at each other. I made Jake a promise that I would be faithful to him until the day I died. He told I had better, because I would be history if I didn’t.

I fixed us some dinner and we ate, and caught up. He told me all about his adventures in Europe. We made plans to go travel Europe together in the near future. We drank two bottles of wine, then took a shower together. For the next two hours we made slow passionate love in our bed. It was good to have my man next to me in our bed. It was good to have my life back.


The next day I quit my job. Jake had more than enough in his annuity from the sale of his business to take care of us. A month later we left for Europe. We spent the next month traveling around Europe. Jake knew where to go and what to see. We travelled a lot of back roads.

When we got back home we found out both daughters were engaged. Nine months later we had a double wedding. Jake was so proud as he walked both daughters down the aisle. So was I.

Eleven months later we had two grandchildren born three weeks apart. I knew our daughters were close, but I have to wonder if they planned all this. Jake and I were awesome grandparents. We had a boy and a girl, and we spoiled them rotten.

We are getting older now, but our sex life is still alive and well. At least once a week. Of course Jake has a little help from a blue pill, which I think is the best invention ever, but we are as passionate as ever. I lost a year from Jake. I have been making up for it ever since. Jake was right. Humans can, and will make mistakes. I made a huge one. I beat myself up over it. Jake forgave me, but it took awhile for me to forgive myself. I did, and it is all behind us.

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”

Maya Angelou

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