Stepmother offers to help her son with his problem

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Timing had never been Jake’s strongest asset. And when it came to his sex life, there wasn’t a time when his race to the finish line hadn’t caused a woman frustration. He was as useful as a sprinter running a marathon. The first few minutes were astounding; but all too quickly, it was over leaving his partner unfulfilled and entirely unsatisfied. Jake was as quick as they came, and it only took a few thrusts to bring the sexual encounter to a close.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Vanessa had told him while pulling up her jeans and tossing a shirt over her head. “I couldn’t be happier with your looks and charm, but the sex is a real problem. I don’t care if you have to see a therapist or buy a bag of toys and practice for months. Figure out how to fuck me without popping, and then we’ll talk.”

That had been three days ago, and he hadn’t spoken to her since. Vanessa had been right – he did have a problem. Fifteen second wonders were expected of high school virgins. But when a twenty-five-year old does it, it’s nowhere near as cute. His girlfriend was gone because of it, and Jake had no one to blame but himself.

Sitting on the bed in his college dorm room, Jake looked around the familiar surroundings with agitation. Every good memory it held was now tarnished by his own inadequacy and failure. He couldn’t stay there another second with thoughts of his ex swirling around inside his head; but most of all, he didn’t want to be alone. Jake quickly threw together a weekend bag, hopped in his car, and made the two-hour long drive home.

The entire drive was an exercise in self-condemnation. Though he hated running away, it was even more frustrating that his problem hung overhead like a dark cloud. No matter where he went, it would still be with him. He wanted to shout and punch the steering wheel. On the verge of swearing at every driver who was going too slow or too fast for his liking, Jake clenched his jaw and managed to refrain from causing an accident.

Jake hadn’t slept well ever since he and Vanessa went their separate ways. With a mind full of unpleasant thoughts, he stayed awake most nights tossing and turning. One decent night of rest was exactly what he needed to put his head back on straight. Hopefully being so far away from campus would provide that. He would take Vanessa’s advice and make an appointment with a sex therapist in the morning; but for now, he needed to stop thinking and remember how to relax.

His car pulled into the garage, and Jake looked around curiously. His stepmother’s car was in its usual place, but his father’s parking place was vacant. At six in the afternoon, it was likely Peter was still at the office. That worked out better anyway. Jake wasn’t quite ready to see his father and have a manly discussion about the reason for his sudden visit. An extra hour or two would help him think of something.

Delaying an embarrassing conversation with his father should’ve helped Jake feel more at ease, but it had the opposite effect. Being alone with his stepmother always made him feel slightly uncomfortable. Though she was friendly enough and they got on incredibly well for an eleven-year age difference, Jake always had the tendency of staring a little longer than he knew he should. Chelsea was gorgeous after all which didn’t help the matter. He would’ve been happy calling her by name just like his father, but referring to her only as ‘mom’ made it easier for him to remember that the thirty-six year old was already taken.

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