A brother and sister have fallen in love

A brother and sister have fallen in love, Rachelle was so full of conflict that the anxiety within her stomach sunk in like a paper weight. Her life had become a soap opera, regrettingly, as she desperately tried to reach out and find anything about her biological family as she was adopted.

Her parents died when she was an infant. She discovered that she was living in a hotel room with her family. One day the managers, who were a married couple named Cort and Angela Bennington, received a complaint from some tenants that a baby was crying on and off for the last three hours. They decided to do a welfare check upon the tenants that stayed in room 112.

When they arrived to the room, they knocked on the door at least three times. After the third time, they heard the baby crying again. They took it upon themselves to open the door of the room with their spare card key, only to find something truly horrifying;

The room was littered with clothing strewn about the floor. There was rotted and unfinished food that laid about in random places and a huge pile of used diapers that overflowed the waste bin. A horrible smell of rot and decay permeated about the room, and they found a puddle of vomit on the floor near the corner of the bed.

Much to their horror, a man was slumped over the upper corner of the bed with his entire torso, arms, and head dangling upside down, while from the waist down, he remained on the bed. He appeared to be swollen and from the condition of his skin, it appeared as if he was in the stage of livor mortis.

What appeared to be a leather belt was wrapped tightly around his arm and there lay a syringe needle, a burnt spoon, and what appeared to be heroin strewn about the end table next to the bed.

The baby girl was screaming as she was left laying in a bassinet, and there appeared to be a four year old boy who was unaware of what was going on around him and playing happily with his toys.

He was filthy, covered in bruises, severely underweight and still wearing diapers. They knew there was a lady who lived in the room as well, but there was no sight of her. Throughout the baby’s shrill cries, they could hear the bathtub slowly running and dripping onto the floor. The door was locked.

After four kicks to the door, it finally dislodged and opened when they made another terrifying and heart-wrenching discovery.

The lady who was married to the dead man on the bed and whom appeared to be the mother of the children, was sitting upright in the overflowing tub of water and blood, leaking down the sides of the bath tub and onto the tile. Right near the puddle, a razor blade was laying on the floor.

She was also dead, with a smiley slashed across her throat and her wrists slashed vertically. She was so pallor, there was no color to her lips, and it it appeared as if she wept before her death as there was dried streaks of mascara down her face.

The only thing they could conclude was that the children’s father overdosed on heroin and through an intense state of grief, their mother saw no way out and she committed suicide.

When Angela Bennington lifted the crying baby out of the bassinet, she discovered two birth certificates of the children whose names were Rachelle and Shane Crow. Angela did her best to soothe and comfort the crying baby girl while her husband, Cort tried to talk to the little boy who was still playing with his toys.

“Hey buddy, what’s going on?” He asked him. The little boy put his toys down and turned to face Cort.

“Shhh…” he said. “Mommy and daddy are sleeping forever… Mommy told me that if we are really good, someone will take us…are you going to take us?”

Angela’s heart sank into her stomach as she heard what the little boy had told Cort. She managed to console the baby girl and had to fight back her tears. Not only was this situation itself, sad but the baby girl who couldn’t have been any older than four months which would have been the same age as her daughter that was stillborn. Holding this baby girl in her arms was a devastating reminder of the baby girl that she lost and she desperately wanted to keep Rachelle to herself…

Angela found yet what appeared to be a note along with the birth certificates.

“To whom it may concern: my husband overdosed on heroin and he left me with nothing… the reason we were staying in this hotel was because he spent all of his money on his habit. I ended up selling my body to be sure that we had some sort of shelter and I have nothing. I have failed as a good mother to my children as I cannot raise them and provide the life that they deserve. Please call my sister as I know my children will be better off with her. Whenever they are old enough, I want them to see this letter because I want them to know that I gave my life up to make sure that they would get a better life and a chance that they deserve. I gave up my life because I love them so much and they deserve better than I could give… ” she left a phone number on the paper with the name, Camille Rattleghourd.

Angela and Cort were able to get a hold of Camille, thankfully, and they had to call authorities to resolve the issue. When Camille had arrived, it was discovered that she had only lived three blocks from their house. The children had to temporarily go into state custody until Camille had been granted custody.

When she finally was in favor of custody, she realized that she did not have time to take care of the baby girl as Shane had a variety of health issues, development issues, and emotional issues. Every day, her main priority was taking care of Shane and trying to rehabilitate him because of the horrible environment he had grown to know and she felt like it wasn’t fair to the baby girl.

On a whim, she called the couple who found the children. She didn’t want to separate Shane and Rachelle, and it was perfect how close by they lived to one another. She also realized how good Angela had been to the baby and how motherly she was.

When Camille asked them to take custody of Rachelle, Angela was overjoyed with happiness because in a way, she felt like her daughter was reborn. She would get the daughter back that she lost. Camille signed over custody rights to Angela and Cort and Rachelle became a part of their family under the agreement that Rachelle and Shane would have the chance to know each other and see each other but they couldn’t know the truth of their tragedy until they were old enough to understand…

Rachelle had been digging and sleuthing around in her parents attic trying to find any information of her past. She happened to find a box with her name on it that had a bunch of paperwork inside, when she stumbled upon the suicide note of her biological mother.

When she demanded that Angela should tell her the truth, Angela had no choice but to cave and confess. Rachelle was eighteen and Angela had just grown tired of withholding the truth. That’s when Rachelle found out that her best friend, Shane was in fact her biological brother.

It all unraveled and started making more sense as kids at her school many years ago, would often ask if they were brother and sister. Much to her horror, they did indeed look similar. They both had dark, glossy, and thick hair, perfectly arched eyebrows and green eyes except Shane’s eyes were a darker green and her eyes were cat green and glowed in the sunlight.

He had a body that looked as if the gods had chiseled him from the finest marble in existence. His bronze skin glowed like an angelic halo, and his teeth were perfect and bright as platinum. He had grown into a beautiful young man with great taste and great intellect. Every girl wanted him in yet he turned them down, claiming that all they care about is the way he looks and they don’t appreciate him for his mind.

Rachelle did not see anything amazing within her appearance at all; in fact, she spent most of her time wishing she looked like someone else. She had long and beautiful hair all the way down to her lower back.

She was almost as tall as Shane and she hated the shape of her body. She was a late bloomer. Not too long after she turned seventeen she had to replace her bra wardrobe because her breasts began to outgrow the cups.

She had a slight pudge in her stomach, a narrow waist with wide childbearing hips, and an end table ass. She hated how noticeably huge her breasts had grown, and she hated her intense hour glass figure and her pale skin that barely tanned.

For a long time, she was in love with Shane and she never told him how she felt because she didn’t think she was good enough for him. Now even if she wanted to tell him how she felt, she couldn’t because she just found out this whole time she was raised with her biological brother as a best friend.

Deep inside, she was internally screaming and her emotions were a cascade of waves furiously running through a nonstop current that was impossible to swim through. She was told not to exploit this information to him at all as Camille continued to withhold the truth and he was already twenty years old. But it was important that he knew. And she vowed to tell him everything.

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