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I was sleeping next to my sister. I was a virgin and was desperate for sex. I loved my sister and had special feelings for her. She was also a virgin. Because sex before marriage is forbidden in our religion and blah blah. She also had feelings for me but she never showed that she

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Hello readers, My married elder sister Tony is with me on station ,waiting for train to come as we are going to Delhi from married sister Tony is looking hot as well as wild in her modern outfit of sleeveless kurti as well as long skirt ,covering her entire hot body but her tits

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I was young and 23 years, and we had a maid of age 28 years her name was sujata. Her size 32-28-38, i had heard stories about her, she was damm sexy and used to provoke as told by a colleague. She used to show her cleavage while cleaning the floors, initially i was ignoring

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Before going to vizag, we started implementing my friend Sameenas plan i.e., to seduce my brother for his rod. To be clear It was actually planed by me and my brother Sanjay but Sameena thinks that it was being planed by me and her. The plan was that to make Sanjay and Sameena so close


Hello Readers ! I hope my previous stories titled ‘MY HOT SISTER JUHI’ & ITS PART………’MY YOUNGER SISTER RUHI’ & ITS PART………….have given all of you pleasure as well as added some fuel in your sexual life. Juhi………… elder sister is married & my younger sister Ruhi is the only option left for me but


Hello Readers ! I am going to narrate my hot night with my sister tony . TONY………A HOT GAL OF 25 YRS………….LOVELY FACE……..SLIM FIGURE OF 28-30-28…………..NICE TIGHT TITS……..WELL ROUNDED BUM……….HEIGHT OF 5’4 FEET . she got married at the age of 25 yrs. & have nice sexual exp.with me for 2 yrs. Tony got married

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Hi Readers ! I am back again with stories of my younger sister tony & me.Mohit have narrated his stories based on truth & previous stories titled” MY YOUNGER SISTER TONY’ & ITS PART-02/03 have added some fuel in all of your sexual life,i hope so. I know physical relationship among family members are

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My name is Antonio and my sister Joanne are now 30 and 28 respectively. However, both of us shall never forget the first time we fucked. My sister and I were close during our children days, We cared for each other, teased each other and sometimes fought like most children .So we had a very

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Hi, this is Kamesvarar. This part is in continuation with my earlier part. This is my experience with my anunt’s daughter Suganya. I went to Suganya’s place to pick her up. She said she had to do some shopping for her daughter and for self, and dine out and then return home. I accepted and