Megha, My Sluty Younger Sister

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Hi, everybody. This is Rahul with my first and true story of my life. This is the story of me and my younger sister, how one trip changed our relationship and thinking. I am 28 years old and this incident took place in April this year.

My younger sister Megha we usually call her Meghu, since she is the youngest in our family. I got married 2 years back and my sister cleared her 12th class exams this year and now she is doing her B. Com Hons. Our family consist of only five members i-e- me, my beautiful wife, 10 years younger sister, my mom and Dad. I being so elder to my sister always used to take care of her like big brother. I am very possessive about my sister. I used to love her like a small kid. I never had any wrong intentions about her.

OK let me come to the story. I am working at a very good position in a MNC in Jaipur. Whenever we are required to go for any conference outstation I used to take permission to take my wife along with me and being on good position I was always allowed. In April this year my sister was free after her 12th class exams.

That time I had to go for conference to Mumbai. Like always, I got the permission to go with my wife. I and my wife were very excited for our another honeymoon since at home we can have romance only in our bedroom otherwise there are restrictions of family being around.

As usual my wife packed all the hot nighties, bra, short skirts etc. we were in full mood of honeymoon. Purpose fully I booked the tickets of 1st A.C. rather than flight, so that we can enjoy to the fullest, even in journey. Things were all set. But who knows what is there in destiny. Just the day before my wife slipped in bathroom and got fracture on her left foot. I took her to hospital and doctor suggested 1 month bed rest.

We decided to drop her and I will go for conference alone but I don’t know why my wife suggested to take Megha along on her ticket as she is also felling bored at home. Megha said “Bhabhi but you are not well and I will be required to take care of you”

Then my Mom mentioned that she will take care of everything if I don’t have any problem then she can go. Megha said it is very difficult to do packing at 11th hour. My wife said, “ My packing is already there why don’t you go with my luggage. We have same size for clothes. Only take your tooth brush and rest use my clothes.” Well every one agreed and Megha got ready to go with me. My wife suggested me that don’t behave like a big brother at all on the trip rather try to behave like a friend. This is the first time she is going out on trip like this. Try to make her enjoy more and more. I said OK.

Finally we went to Railway Station and took our seats in our cabin. There was full privacy in the cabin. Train started and till 10 O’ clock we were free from TC and Dinner and decided to sleep. Megha said Bhai I am very sorry that your Honeymoon is spoiled because of me. I said you have not done anything. And it was simply a recreational trip not a Honeymoon. Megha “I understand u are not able to give sufficient time to Bhabhi at home. These are your private moments” To dilute this I casually mentioned “ My wife has told me to be your friend on this trip and that’s why this is my trip with my girlfriend so relax and enjoy this trip. Moreover you are my wife according to ticket and bookings in Hotel.”

I changed myself to shorts and T-shirt and Megha also wanted to change. I asked her to go in toilet and change she said that it is very difficult handle clothes in small toilets of train. Then I suggested that I will go out of cabin and she can change and hence I went out asked her to lock from inside but she said she is afraid of being alone in cabin then she said we can put off the lights of cabin she will change there itself and also commented after all I am your wife on papers and friend as per instructions of your wife. We laughed at this and said OK. We switched off lights of cabin and it was fully dark and she start undressing.

In between train was passing to certain place there was light outside and at that time she was full nude. I had never seen her like this. But tried to avoid behaved normal. She changed to shorts and half T-shirt. Naval part of her body was visible. Looking at this I became horny and my dick started saluting but I controlled and we went to our seats for sleeping. Till now I was not having any wrong intentions about her. She was lying on her seat and I was on mine. We were talking casually but my eyes were enjoying her beautiful body. Her almost naked legs. Her T-shirt just trying to cover her boobs.

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