Incognito Sex Chat Between Mom-Son During Lockdown

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Incognito Sex Chat Between Mom-Son During Lockdown

Hello everyone! My name is Luv Agnihotri. I am from Jaipur. I want to share my real sex experience with my mom during the lockdown.

Let me introduce myself and my mom. I am 25 years old, a young boy working as an Engineer in Jaipur. My mom Savita Agnihotri, is a beautiful, modern, and curvy lady. Her age is 49 but she looks very young because of her gym, dancing and nutrition classes.

My mom’s curves always make me crazy, especially her soft, rounded, huge ass. Her measurements are 36D-32–40. She mostly wears jeans and tops that expose her curves to the world. At home, she use to wear shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and during her exercise session, she would wear tight, yoga pants and a sports bra.

My mom is a businesswoman, that’s why she doesn’t get much time at home. When the lockdown was imposed, we were stuck in the house only, and life is getting boring.

I am not keen to chat a lot, so I mostly kept myself in the room, and mom started getting bored.

After 3–4 days of lockdown, she asked me, “What do you do in your room the whole day?”

Me: Timepass!

Mom: How?

Me: I chat with different people.

Mom: With whom do you chat?

Me: With strangers.

Mom: Do you find it interesting to chat with strangers?

Me: Yes mom, it’s so much fun. It has lots of benefits like you can talk about anything and nobody is going to judge you.

Mom: Tell me how do you chat? I am getting bored at home.

Me: Mom, it may not sound good to you.

Mom: Don’t worry, I will also do time pass.

I introduced her to an adult chat website and made her ID and warned her that boys may ask her, lots of vulgar questions.

Mom: I will manage. At least, I will have some time pass source.

I went to my room and logged in and sent her a message.

Me: If you don’t understand the terms, you can ask me. Now you can enjoy chatting with young champs.

Mom: Ok, I will ask you if needed.

Mom was in her room for another 3–4 hours. It was evening time, I prepared tea for us and asked her to come out. We had tea together and I asked her permission if I can smoke with the amazing cup of tea.

Her reply amazed me: Yes, of course, even I am also eager to smoke.

We had tea and smoked together and started our conversation about our last 5 hours chat.

Me: You were in your room for the last 5 hours, seems you are enjoying the chats.

Mom: I never had an adult chat before so initially it was uncomfortable, but now it’s a cool time pass.

Me: What did you say about your age to your chat buddies?

Mom: I told them my correct age (49) and everybody was amazed to know and started complimenting me.

Me: I am sure that with time you will get addicted to the chat world and are going to experience a different adult world.

Mom (smiling): Let’s see.

Then we went to our rooms. I have created another ID to chat with mom with the name of Varun (which she does not know) and logged in with both IDs.

I sent a message to mom with my new ID. As soon as I sent the message, I got a reply.

Varun: Hey.

Mom: Hello.

Varun: Asl?

Mom: What Asl?

Varun: Your Name, Age, Sex, Location.

Mom: Your Asl first.

Varun: Varun, 25, Male, Delhi.. Your asl?

Mom: Savita, 49, Female, Jaipur.

Varun: Wow.. Who all are in your family?

Mom: Me and my son only.

Varun: Husband?

Mom: I am a divorcee for 13 years.

Varun: I am so sorry. Anyway, I don’t want to spoil your mood so what kind of chat are you looking for?

Mom: Anything you want, I am open to all.

Varun: It is gonna be dangerous for you, you will end up revealing all your dirty secrets.

Mom: That’s the beauty of this chat, you can talk anything and nobody is going to judge you.

Varun: Wow, so good to hear that. Would you like to play the game Tit-For-Tat? In this game, we will ask several questions to each other and one can’t lie.

Mom: Ok, we will play but at night. I have to go right now. I have to cook dinner.

In another half an hour, I came out. Mom was in the kitchen. I asked her for a smoking session. She came up with me on the terrace where she smoked and had this conversation.

Me: You spent a lot of time chatting today, found anyone special today?

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