Sweet teen girl-girl romance on the hockey field

I remember it like it was yesterday. We were playing field hockey. It was the beginning of the season. Our coach split the team in half and we were scrimmaging each other. I was on the A-team with the other first-stringers. Stacey had transferred into our school a year earlier but she’d been playing tennis before. When she switched over, she was automatically put on the B-team. The coach watched her run then put her at sweeper right away. Stacey could cover half the field. She was wild, fast, and free. Tireless too.

I was playing center forward so Stacey and I clashed a bunch. We were bumping, elbowing – the usual stuff. Nothing nasty, just good hard play. Until someone sent me a great pass and got a step ahead of her. It would be just me and the goalie.

Stacey lunged with her front leg and I think she twisted her knee to knock into my thigh. Anyway, all of a sudden my leg went out from under me. We’d been running full tilt. I fell sideways and we got tangled up as we tumbled down and across the grass. She ended up on top of me.

When we came to a stop, I was flat on my back and she was on her hands and knees above me, straddling one of my legs. I looked up at her. Stacey’s long, dark red hair covered both our faces. She was the only girl who didn’t braid or ponytail her hair when we played hockey. She liked it loose. Her wavy flaming hair bouncing around made her look crazy and I think she liked it that way.

Anyway, lying there in the grass, I didn’t have a chance to get mad because when she looked down at me I could tell she felt bad about what she’d done. “‘Sorry, really sorry,” she winced, “guess I got carried away there.”

But then… then something shifted. Inside her. I could see it in her eyes. She bent her arms a little to push herself off me and, for a brief moment, it brought our faces closer together beneath her hair. At the same time, one of her legs slid up against the inside of my thigh and one of her boobs pressed a little into mine. It made my breath catch and I smelled strawberries. She got this sort of curious, hungry look.

“Heather, did ya ever just get… carried away?” I was speechless; all I could do was nod. She smiled and rolled off me and I swear I felt a hand brush one of my boobs. She pulled me to my feet and even picked up my hockey stick and gave it to me.

“Here you go, ‘Bubblegum,'” she said softly. That’s what I smell like. She’d smelled me too. Then I just watched her jog away.

The whole thing took about four seconds but that was enough. It was the first time I was ever attracted to a girl. From there, it was just a matter of time. Stacey wanted me. And, honestly, I kinda wanted her too.

Lemme back up a sec, I didn’t mean to get into girls. I mean, I’m pretty good looking. I’m skinny and fit with blue eyes and wavy blonde hair that looks nice against my tan. I have a tiny, round little bubblebutt and big full boobs that look gigantic on my small body. Frankly, I get more attention than I want most of the time. The point is, I pretty much had my pick of boys at school. It’s not my fault most of them were dumb or mean or were obviously only interested in my body.

Same deal with Stacey I think. She was fair, fair skinned. Like ivory white. Her flaming dark red hair was gorgeous. She could do shampoo commercials. She was maybe an inch taller than me. We were pretty much the same size though. She had these amazing gray-green eyes, fairly big boobs too and she was even more fit than me. Girlie was toned and tight. So, yup, boys liked her too. She went on a few dates and she broke a few hearts. But that was pretty much the end of it. Other than that, like I said, she was a transfer. She kept to herself mostly. I felt bad for her. It was a small school and most of us had grown up together. It was hard to make friends.

So how did it start? Well, it started out real slow. We sort of seduced each other.

Stacey and I talked more and more before and after practices. Then we began saving each other a seat on the team bus. In the beginning of the season, when I was playing a lot more than she was, and I was really exhausted after this one game, she offered to rub my shoulders. Her hands were warm and soft. They felt soooo good. Then she was doing it after games without me asking. If it was a long ride home, she’d let me fall asleep on her shoulder too. I loved the smell of her hair. She only used the best shampoos. But underneath the shampoo smell, always there, were the strawberries.

By the middle of the season, Stacey got bumped up to first string too. She was a great sweeper so she was running even more than me. On the bus rides home, we’d both be tired. We’d rub each others shoulders. We both slept. It was getting later in the fall, colder, so Stacey and I would press together tightly on the little bus seat. I started throwing a leg over hers for more contact. More warmth. More closeness.

It got to the point where I hated home games. No bus ride meant no excuse to be that close to Stacey. It wasn’t enough to just see each other in the hall at school.

So we started going out together on weekends. Just the two of us. Shopping, movies, the usual stuff. We hung out at my house too. We played video games or watched TV.

We talked about everything. Sometimes we’d talk about boys. Stacey had weird tastes. She liked the freaky ones. The more tattoos and piercings the better. She said that one of the sexiest things she’d ever done was suck on the pierced nipple of this random hot guy she’d met at a concert.

I told her I liked clean cut guys. Sweet preppy boys who wore loafers and worried about which college they would go to. She called me a dork-lover.

The conversations eventually got to sex. What we’d done. What we hadn’t done. What we’d wished we’d done. What we’d wished we hadn’t done.

Fumbling Doug Ferguson fell in that last category for me. He had been a couple of years ahead of me in school. When he came back from college I thought he was so mature. We ended up in his parent’s basement after a party. Just kissing and dry humping to start. Then I let him push up my skirt. When he started kissing up my legs it felt nice. Then he pulled my panties aside and ate me to my first oral orgasm and it felt really nice. Much better than fingers.

But when he took off his pants and stuck his long skinny dick in me? Not so nice. Genius put the condom on inside out at first, then realized it, and turned it right side out and put it back on. I think most of the lube ended up on him rather than in me. He felt horrible going in. It felt even worse when he broke me open. I waited for it to start feeling better. It never really did. By the time I caught my breath he was coming already. All in all, it wasn’t an experience I thought was worth repeating. I avoided him for the rest of his break until he went back to school

Stacey’s experience was way crazier and I told her so, “You’re nuts! I can’t believe it, my best friend is a total pervert,” I teased her.

“You had to be there at the time. It just kinda happened,” she giggled. “And at least I enjoyed it.”

Stacey was a virgin. Technically. The guy at the concert with the tattoos and the nipple piercing that she sucked on? She later confessed that she let him do her in her butt. Yup, her butt.

I didn’t say a word while she told met the whole story. It was just too ridiculous…

“I was right up in front of the stage; dancing and screaming. I felt somebody bump against me from behind. I didn’t do anything the first time. We were all pressed in together like sardines. When it happened again, I turned around to tell them to back off. But I didn’t because he was gorgeous! No shirt. Tanned and ripped. He had, like, an eight-pack. He also had his left nipple pierced and big dragon tattooed across his chest. And he had the prettiest eyes.”

“I had to yell for him to hear me over the music, ‘Did that hurt?!’, I asked and I touched his piercing.”

“‘A little, but in a good way,’ he laughed, ‘wanna kiss it and make it better?'”

“He was flirting right back at me! I couldn’t think of what to say so I just did it. I leaned down and licked it then sucked it a little. Then I just laughed and turned back to watch the concert.”

“A minute later he pressed into me from behind and we started dancing together – grinding to the music. He put his hands on my hips. I was pushing back against him.”

“My skirt started working higher up between us. No one could really see because it was dark and everyone was packed in so tight. Soon I could feel the cotton front of his cargo shorts against my ass because I only had a thong on underneath. His pants felt rough and sexy rubbing against my butt. One of his hands on my hips slid down my front and he cupped my goodies. Okay, that was a little aggressive, but it was over my skirt and my undies. He started rubbing a little. We kept grinding. The combination was perfect. He kept me on the edge of getting off forever.”

“I was so worked up that when he pulled away for a sec and I felt his bare rod rubbing against my butt I just kinda went along with it. I needed to cum so bad. If he wanted to get off too I didn’t mind. We kept grinding.”

“Then he pushed himself underneath me. His tip caught my thong, slipped under it, and skidded along my front. Whoa! I was not ready for that. I pulled away and he popped back up against my butt. I let him hump my buttcrack. That felt pretty good. We kept grinding to the music and he kept touching me. We were getting more and more slippery – sweat and guy stuff.”

“Then he angled himself a little and his tip pushed my little thong string aside and he caught the wrong hole. He knew it too because he stopped. But he also started rubbing me up front more, I was getting so close. I braced myself against the stage. I was going to cum any second. He pushed himself inside! By that time we were a slippery mess back there so, while it felt huge, it didn’t kill me. I just remember grunting out loud. Then he rubbed me harder. And he pushed in more. Then he pulled out. Then pushed back in. He was doing me in the butt I didn’t frickin’ care. He did it again and that’s when I came really really big. I felt him come too. I felt him spurt up into me and he leaned forward, brushed my hair aside, and sucked on the back of my neck. My knees were shaking like crazy.

“When he slowly pulled out of me, he put his lips to my ear and said, ‘Did that hurt?'”

“I looked back at him and smiled, ‘A little, but in a good way. Wanna kiss it and make it better?'”

“He laughed. Then he let go of my hips and I figured he was zipping his shorts back up. But when I turned around he was gone. My mystery stud had just disappeared into the crowd. I fixed my skirt and turned back to watch the concert with my butt all warm and slippery inside.”

When Stacey was done the story, all I could do was just stare at her with my mouth hanging open.

She tucked a little bit of her auburn hair behind her ear and a blush spread across her ivory cheeks. “I’ve never told anyone that story before. Please, please don’t tell anyone.” She sighed. “So, yeah, I’m a big ‘ol ‘V’. But I’ve done plenty of sex stuff. It’s just, I dunno, I never found the right guy to do the actual deed with.” Then she grinned wickedly. “How old is your brother?”

“Bobbie’s way too young for you, pervert!” I threw a pillow at her, giggling. I didn’t think any less of her. In fact, I was glad that she’d shared her wacky private story. I wished I could do something free-spirited like that. I got boinked by a dufus I didn’t really like in his parent’s basement on their musty old couch. She’d surrendered herself completely to a hot stranger in a stadium full of people. I wanted to be more like her.

Anyway, Stacey hung out at my house a lot. She quickly figured out that my dad’s over-sized recliner in the family room had a heat and massage thingy built in. When my Dad went to bed, she’d scoot over into it and turn the heat on. Then she’d wave me over. I’d squeeze onto it with her together. Sometimes side by side, sometimes in each other’s laps. Again, it was an excuse for more contact. More warmth. More closeness.

We were still just best friends. Best friends with zero personal space, but still just friends. We might have never gotten further if Stacey hadn’t asked me something. Her question, and my answer, were a kind of turning point.

I still remember it. We were sitting in the corner of a coffee shop on a Saturday night. Stacey was wearing her chocolate brown cashmere sweater – it was my favorite and I daydreamed about resting my head between the soft brown hills of her chest. We’d been talking about boys again. Then she asked me what kind of girls I liked. She’d asked it jokingly and sort of looked away. But she kept glancing back at me waiting for me to answer.

“I think… I think I like the you kind.” I remember my face getting hot and taking a long sip of my latte.

She smiled and nibbled her lip a little. “Huh,” her grey-green eyes were all soft and sweet, “what a coincidence.”

We didn’t say anything else. We didn’t have to. We went to the movies after coffee. When the lights went down, I tipped my head over the armrest between us and… our heads collided. She’d been coming towards me too. We both laughed. Feeling silly. Rubbing our heads where’d they bumped. Then each other’s heads.

But then nothing was funny. I couldn’t breath anymore. All I wanted was to kiss her big soft lips. So I did. I’d never kissed a girl before. Not once. Not even spin-the-bottle. I’d just never even considered it before Stacey. She kissed me back and I barely managed not to moan out loud. She didn’t just smell like strawberries – she tasted like them too.

We never saw a minute of the movie. We were kissing the whole time. When the lights came up, we pulled apart quickly – scared we’d be seen. Still, we held hands when we walked out to the parking lot and while I drove her home.

When she went to get out of my car, she just sort of naturally leaned over and kissed me goodnight. Like she would have kissed a boy who was dropping her off after a date. Then she smiled kinda funny and said, “G’night Bubblegum.”

“Bubblegum.” She started calling me that when we were alone. And I started calling her “Berry.”

~~~** Part II**~~~

We had our girlie sex talk after school one night later that week. Stacey and I were hanging out in my room. We alternated between doing Calculus and smooching. My door was closed and locked. I checked it a million times – paranoid that someone would walk in on us.

When I came up for air between kisses, I finally asked her, “Have you ever kissed a girl before?”

She frowned, “Yeah, but just one.”

“Who?!” It was a small town. I probably knew the bitch. I mean her.

“Relax, you don’t know her. I went to summer camp with her. We were junior counselors together.”

“What did you guys do?”



“Everything,” she looked at me steadily, not blinking. “We had a cabin to ourselves and half a summer.”

“Oh. But you still went back to boys?” I asked, feeling silly. I think some part of me was worried. If I went lezzie – full-on, carpet-munching, screw the dumb boys lezzie and not just kissing and snuggling my cute best friend – would I ever come back to guys?

“Yeah, I went back to boys. I kind of figured it was a one-time deal. I didn’t think I liked girls. I just liked her.”

“Huh. That’s kinda how I feel about you.”

She smiled and nodded then kissed me. Then she got up and went over to my dresser. In this funny, sort of theoretical way, Stacey was fascinated by the size of my breasts. Frankly, I don’t know why because hers were almost as big. When we hung out in my room, she’d dig through my underwear drawer for a pretty bra then hold it up to her chest. It was part of our routine.

~~~** Part III**~~~

It was later, about a month after we had our short, girlie sex talk and she was into my underwear drawer again. That time she was holding up a satiny dark gray bra. I finally told her, “You can borrow that if you want to.”

“No, it won’t fit right. I’m too small.”

“Bet you’re not. It’ll look great with your big ol’ gray-green eyes too. Try it on and see.”


“Sure. What’s mine is yours Berry, you know that.”

She smiled then turned her back to me shyly. We’d kissed and even started petting – in non-intimate areas like arms, legs, necks, or backs – but we’d never seen each other without clothes on. She pulled her shirt off. Her back was covered in the same smooth ivory skin as the rest of her. Then she took off her lacy white bra. When she slipped mine on, I caught a glance of side boob. Her breasts were super round just like mine. Then she walked up to the mirror to look at herself.

I could see her in the mirror’s reflection. She could wear the bra just fine. She just wasn’t popping out of it a little like I did. It meant she was on the lower end of a D-cup while I was on the tippy top end. Her belly was even more toned than mine though. I was flat and tight but Stacey, wow, I could see the faint lines of a six-pack even under her pale skin. I watched her look at herself, cup her chest, fluff her wavy red hair.

She caught me looking in the mirror. “Well?”

“Well what?”

“How do I look?”

“Oh come on, you’re a super hottie.”


“Yup, I’ve got high standards. I only make out with super hotties. Regular girls just don’t do it for me.”

She giggled. “You’re laying it on a bit thick now, Bubblegum.”

I rolled off my perch on the bed and stood behind her. I reached my arms around her waist. She leaned back into me, smiling. I slowly lifted my hands up and touched her amazing, ripped belly with my fingertips. I traced a few lines of the toned muscles there.

“I like that,” she smiled, “you know, in case you were wondering.”

“Me too,” I just kept stroking her stomach.

I drew my hands up her belly, slowly, waiting for her to stop me because it was further than we’d gone before. She didn’t though. She just closed her eyes and leaned her head back onto my shoulder.

I gently cupped her chest through the bra and she let out the cutest little sigh. She turned her head and nibbled my earlobe. “I like that too,” she giggled, “in case your were wondering. Are you into boobs, girlie?”

“Maybe, I dunno. I think I’m just into you.”

She kissed my neck. “Take the bra off? Let’s find out if you’re into boobs.”

I pulled back enough to undo the clasp at her back. I pulled the straps gently from her porcelain shoulders. Stacey held perfectly still. She let me undress her, watching in the mirror. Even that was sexy. I pulled the bra away.

Her chest was beautiful – big round ivory spheres of boob. Her nipples were larger than mine, slightly puffy. They were also incredibly pale. Not quite as light as her skin. They were the palest, most delicate, barely-pink color. Their only flaw, not really a flaw so much as just different, was that they went inwards instead of out. Inverted. I’d never seen that before and I think I looked too long because Stacey shifted uncomfortably.

I glanced up at her face. My brave, sexy, tough little girlfriend had gone shy again. “Yeah, I don’t know why they’re like that,” she said quietly.

I looked her in the eyes and put all the awe and affection into my voice that I was feeling inside, “They’re like that because they’re beautiful.”

She melted a little into me but she was still bashful and stuttered a little, “You can… you can touch them if you want, I’d like that too.”

So I did. I cupped her large porcelain breasts in my hands softly. They were big and my hands were small. I lifted them gently. “They’re heavy,” I giggled. It was weird at first, feeling breasts in my hands without them being mine. I squeezed her just a tiny bit and she shivered.

“Hey, easy.”

“Sorry, just testing. They’re firm too. Hey, ever wonder how many boys at school have jerked off thinking about your boobs?” I mused, moving my palms in slow circles on her breasts. Her nipples began to harden.

“About half as many as have jerked off thinking about yours,” she sassed.

“Har Har! I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you. Can you imagine if they could see us doing this?”

“There’d probably be cum spraying everywhere,” she chuckled. Then she perked up even more. “We could make a movie. Of you and me, no faces, and post it somewhere.”

My mouth fell open and my hands slid from her breasts, “You are out of your mind!”

She pulled my hands back up to her chest and circled her nipples with my fingers, “Okay okay, just kidding!” She arched her chest into my hands. “Go back to what you were doing. Push my nipples into my chest a little bit?”

“You mean, like this?” I pressed inwards, watched just the tips of my fingers disappear into her breasts and she moaned softly. “Funny, I like mine pulled outwards and twisted real gently.”

“Good to know,” she giggled, “for the future, I mean.”

“How far in the future?” Still pressing inwards, I was circling her nipples smoothly.

“Not that far at all, I think. But first, can I… can you keep doing that while I…” her hand was already slipping down under the little denim skirt she was wearing.

“Really? Right here?”

“Yeah, would that be okay? I usually have to do this alone when I get home from one of our dates.”

“Me too,” I giggled.

“Really? How many times do you… you know… go?”

I could only see movement under her skirt but it was pretty clear that she was rubbing herself through her panties. “Depends. Depends on how horny I am.”

“What’s the most number of times?”

“Mmmm… four I think. Yeah, four,” now I was the one blushing.


“Well, you had me really worked up that night at the laser light show. Sucking and licking my neck just perfect. You were driving me crazy.” I sighed. “But how about you right now, you feeling good?”

“Very.” She was panting into my neck now and the pale skin across her chest was beginning to flush pink.

“Take your time, Berry. I think I’m getting into boobs.” I kept toying with her nipples.

She was leaning back against me a little harder. I took a half step back and braced myself letting her lean into me. I felt brave right so I got a little bolder. “You can take your undies off too if you want. I know it’s harder through fabric.”

“True. ‘Kay,” she said softly.

She reached up and pulled. A tiny white lace thong slid down and fell to her ankles. She left it sitting there on her feet.


“Much,” she went back to touching herself. I paused to lick my fingers, wetting them so I didn’t rub her nipples raw. When I went back to pressing her nipples into her chest in slow circles, she moaned.

“Shhh… my mom and dad are downstairs.”

“Sorry,” she whimpered, “your hands on me like this just feel reeaally good. Kiss my neck a little? This is gonna make me go soon.”

“Sure, just try to keep it down. Wait, you’re not like… a screamer or anything are you?”

Stacey giggled, “No! Atleast not so far.”

“Good,” I began to kiss and lick gently at the side of her neck. Stacey started shaking.

“Hold me up?”

“Of course.”

“It’s gonna be big, Heather.”

I just kept licking her soft, strawberry-flavored skin.

Stacey was trembling against me, “I like this… I really… really… really… like… this!” and she came, rocking her head into me and humping against her own hand. In the mirror, I could see her mouth open and close silently, her eyes were shut tight.

When she finally stopped, I went back to cupping her boobs gently. She rubbed herself back against me and kind of purred.

Then the hand she’d been using to jill herself with came out from under her skirt. She lifted it up and up. It was moving towards my mouth. I wasn’t sure I was ready for that. I don’t know if she read the fear in my face or she meant to tease me from the beginning, because her hand diverted to her own mouth. She sucked the wetness from her fingers sexily while I stared – appalled and turned on at the same time. “Wow,” she finally said.

I don’t know why I asked, but I was curious about her body. Down there. “Stace, are you, like shaved… or…”

She just grinned. “I can be whatever you want me to be.”

“No, don’t change for me. I want you the way you are.”

“‘Kay, wanna see?” Her hands drifted down to the hem of her denim skirt. She lifted it slowly… so slowly… like a professional stripper would.

I was holding my breath. Waiting to see if there would be bare, pink skin or soft red hair.

Why did it matter all of a sudden? Because it hit me that I’d be masturbating that night while thinking about pressing my face into her mound. My fantasies were always like that – a couple of steps ahead of what I was ready for in real life. For this fantasy, I wanted details. I needed to see so I could picture it in my head while I frigged myself to sleep.

“Girls! Dinner!” My dad roared up the stairs.

Stacey and I just groaned. She let her skirt fall. She kissed my neck again. “Come on, let’s go eat. You’ve given me quite the appetite.”

I smiled. “Fine. Fine. But let’s wash our hands first though. Particularly that right hand of yours. And I’m opening a window in here. It smells like somebody’s hot, wet cooter.”

We joined my mom, dad, and brother for dinner. They were used to her hanging around and everybody liked her. Especially, my little brother. He kept giving her googoo eyes.

After dinner and some TV, I drove Stacey home. She kissed me goodnight before she got out of the car like usual. It might have been my imagination – she’d eaten an entire meal and had a couple of glasses of soda – but I swear I could still taste a little of her on her lips, in her mouth, when we kissed.

“G’night Bubblegum,” she got out my car and shut the door, but then she doubled back. “Hey, almost forgot, I left something for you. Look between your pillows.”

I drove home. Went to my room to my masturbate like I usually did after we were together. I remembered what she’d said about leaving me something. I checked and found Stacey’s little white thong. It was still soaking wet from her rubbing it into herself.

I held it up to my nose. Hell, I frickin’ licked it a little bit too. I jilled myself off for half the night with my face buried in my girlfriend’s underwear.

When I couldn’t go anymore, I sent Stacey a quick and hopefully not too self-incriminating text message. U R wicked. 5X 2nite! New Bubblegum record.

Oh, yeah, and the panties she left me… I kept them. What do you suppose they smelled like? Tasted like?

Yup, strawberries.

~~~** Part IV **~~~

The next month or so was a mix of heaven and hell.

Remember being a teenager and trying to find somewhere, anywhere, for some private sex time with your significant other? If you’re significant other is the same sex as you and you’re trying to keep it a secret it’s a million times worse. You can’t hook up at parties where people know you. And driving to the usual make-out spots is out of the question for the same reason. You’re pretty much stuck with darkened movie theaters two towns away and sneaky moments at home when you’re positive your family is asleep. We couldn’t even take a blanket into the woods somewhere for some privacy because it snapped cold really early that year. So, Stacey and I got to heavy petting but got stuck there. For several weeks. I was going out of my mind.

That’s why it was like a gift from above when we saw our first opportunity at serious alone time at the end of field hockey season. Frankly, we’d been pouring our sexual frustration into hockey. I’d never played that well. And Stacey the newbie turned into a defensive miracle. Our team was doing really, really well. It dawned on me that if we made it to the state semi-finals it meant a pretty big road trip. Which meant getting hotel rooms. Which meant a chance for major uninterrupted nooky with Stacey.

I had a new mission. I scored six goals during the last game we needed to win in order to qualify for the semi-finals. Nothing like the prospect of a whole night of naked fun time with your hot teen girlfriend to motivate a girl.

If you think I was bad, you should have seen Stacey! I explained the connection between winning and sex and she just unhinged as sweeper. She staked her claim to the entire backfield and the other team’s forwards were scared to go near her. I thought the referees were going to throw her out. They’d have had to shoot her with a tranquilizer dart to carry her off.

So yeah, lesbian sex (or at least the desperate pursuit of it) was largely responsible for our team getting to semi-finals that year. So imagine how pissed we were when the coach told us they were assigning us hotel rooms by position – some sort of dumb, squad spirit-building thing. I was a forward and Stacey was a defender. We ended up assigned to different frickin’ halls! I almost beat my coach to death with my hockey stick.

The morning we loaded up the bus to leave one of the girls didn’t show. She called out sick. It was Stacey’s roommate. Yes! Okay, I felt bad for her but it meant I could sneak into Stacey’s room. I don’t even remember the 4 hour bus ride. I was too focused on that night and that hotel room. Then we got to the hotel and learned that Stacey’s room was right next to the coach’s. No! Cruel fate!

It was Lauren, quiet shy little Lauren, who came through for us. I’d grown up with her. We’d known each other since kindergarten. She was sweet and smart. And she had two left feet. Although she was technically a forward winger, she’d played maybe 10 minutes our whole season. Still, everybody liked her because she was so nice and so funny and she loved being part of the team. As another offensive player, she got assigned as my roommate.

Lauren saw Stacey and me moping in the lobby of the hotel after dinner and she came over. “Hey Stacey, I was thinking… would you mind switching rooms with me tonight? You’ve got the one to yourself right?”

Stacey kept a better poker face than I did. I brightened right up, “Really?”


“Why?” Stacey asked.

“I uh… errr… I snore,” she stuttered, “Really really loud. I don’t want us to lose tomorrow because I kept the team’s star forward up all night with my snoring. And I know you guys like to, uh, hang out together.”

They traded keycards and Stacey kept her voice cool when she offered, “Want to come hang out with us for awhile Lauren?”

“No!” she gasped, “I mean… no. I’m fine. I’ll just read my book and go to sleep early tonight.” She looked from me to Stacey and back again. “Big day tomorrow, we all need to get some rest tonight right?”

Stacey and I nodded as Lauren walked away.

Stacey kept her eyes on Lauren as she got further away and said, “I think she just told us not to stay up too late having sex.”

“I think so too.” I looked at Stacey, horrified. “Are we that obvious?”

“Maybe. I dunno. Either we’re paranoid or Lauren has some major gaydar or we’re halfway out of the closet.” But then she waved the room’s magic keycard at me, “Honestly Bubblegum, do you even care right now?”

“Fuck no. Let’s go.” We raced to the elevator, which was kinda silly, because we just ended up standing there waiting for it to come down. It came down soooo slooooow.

We could have gotten a head start on the nooky in the elevator if some strange dude hadn’t gotten in with us at the last second. He was probably my dad’s age and he just leered at us the whole time.

Okay, I’m young, blonde and I have big boobs so I’m used to getting looked at. Stacey maybe even more so since she sticks out with the red hair and pale skin too. But right then I was so paranoid after Lauren practically told us she knew what we were doing that it was the first thing on my mind. Could everybody tell? He kept staring at us and I kept getting more and more paranoid. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming “NO! I’M NOT GAY! SHE’S JUST REALLY FUCKING HOT AND SHE’S AN AMAZING KISSER, OKAY?!”

When we finally got off the elevator we ran to my room. We were giggling like kids. My hands were shaking so hard I barely got the card in the slot and the door open. As soon as the door shut behind us, I grabbed Stacey and just dropped to the floor, taking her with me. We were both still giggling.

“There’s two perfectly good beds right over there, you know,” she teased. She was on top of me, straddling one of my legs. It was just like that first time on the hockey field and the memory made my belly feel warm.

We both kicked off our shoes. “Beds later, right now I want boobies.”

“You have boobies. Superboobies.”

“I want yours, dummy. Now gimme.”

She smiled and I helped her wriggle out of the thick, black fleece top she was wearing. She had a green t-shirt underneath that came off with it. She was naked from the waist up.

“No bra?!” I marveled, sliding my hands up and down the soft skin at her sides.

“Couldn’t decide what underwear to wear for you so… I’m commando.”

“Completely?!” When she nodded, I gasped, “Pervert.”

“Maybe,” she grinned, “but I’m your pervert.” Before I could get my hands on her chest, she pulled up on my gray sweater and white tank top. I had to tuck my chin in to help her get them over my head. I was wearing a brand new bra – it had a white and blue camouflage pattern. I picked it out just a couple days before because I wanted to surprise her with something new. She’d been through my underwear drawer a million times.

“Whoa! That’s hot.” She traced her fingers along its bottom edge, and it tickled in a wonderful way. “Sporty and sexy.”

“That’s me,” I grinned.

“I love it. But can I take it off?”


It was a front clasper – she had it off me in a second. And then she was staring at my naked chest for the first time. My boobs didn’t move much. I don’t think they’ve figured out gravity yet. They just kinda stuck straight up there like they usually did. Plus, I was nipped out like crazy.

“Oh, Heather,” she sighed, just staring at my giant boobs.


“They’re… wow… I mean… wow… Can I?”

“You can. I want you to. Anything you want.” I smiled and reminded her, “What’s mine is yours Berry, you know that.”

Stacey dropped her head down. She skipped the touching step and went right to licking. When her tongue hit my boobs for the first time I wondered if I could ever go back to guys. She didn’t just attack my nipples like some dumb horny boy. She licked my boobs all over lightly, starting with the underneath part. It made me giggle and moan at the same time.

By the time she finally did get to my nipples, I was creaming in my shorts. There was a very good chance she’d make me cum just from doing that. Then she slid down my body. Her face was in my stomach. She unsnapped my jeans, grabbed them at my hips and started tugging them down. I felt her hot breath on my lower belly. And I dunno. I got scared.

“Wait,” I said, “Stace, I want to do everything tonight. I mean everything. But can we… can we slow down a little?”

Here’s the eighty-billionth reason girls are better than boys – she didn’t get pissed. She just smiled and said, “Sure.”

“Thanks, you’re the best.” I looked over into the darkened bathroom and drew a connection between its darkness and my shyness. “I have an idea, let’s get in there.” We scrambled to our feet, went into the bathroom, and I pulled the door closed behind us. There were no windows. It was pitch black. I fumbled around in the bathroom until I found the shower faucet and turned the hot water on.

I heard Stacey say, “Ahhhh,” in the dark and I moved towards her.

“Okay, now undress me?”

She laughed. “I think you’re some kind of natural sex genius.”

“You inspire me.” Then her hands were on me, she spun me around and pulled my back into her. She stroked my shoulders, slid her hands down to stroke my back, then around my front. She cupped my boobs, or tried to. They were way too big for her little hands. Then she leaned in and nibbled my neck at the same time she took my nipples between her fingers and pulled them outwards and twisted them just the littlest bit. Just like I had told her I liked a few weeks before. It made me gasp and she kissed the back of my neck.

“I’m going to take off your pants now, ready?”

“Uh huh…” I sort of moaned it because she was still pulling gently on my nipples.

I whimpered a little when she let my nipples go to slide her hands down to my hips. She tugged my jeans down so, so slowly.

“Undies, too?” she confirmed politely.

“Yes, please,” I giggled. “Sorry you don’t get to see them. They matched the bra.”

“I’ll see ’em later.” She pushed my pants and undies down to my knees and I stepped out of them. She stroked my bare hips a few times and I turned to face her.

I stuck my hands in the waistband of her sweatpants. “Your turn, Berry.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she chuckled.

I hauled them down and when I crouched down to pull them off her, she lost her balance a little and half-stepped into me. I got the answer to my weeks-long question about Stacey’s cooter because I felt her soft pubic hair brush my cheek for a second.

Me? I’m a shaver. Completely bald. Always have been. I just don’t like hair down there. But, for some reason, the fact that she had a little fur made me want her even more. If it looked like the hair on her head it would be gorgeous.

“Come on, shower time,” I tried to pull her in with me.

“Hold on, lemme put my hair up.” I heard her rustling around in her pants. “‘Kay, ready.” She stepped in behind me. I felt the full length of her naked body press into me from behind. Her breasts squished into the middle of my back.

“Shampoo me?” I handed her the bottle.

“With crummy hotel shampoo?”

“We’re not all salon shampoo snobs like you, sweetie.”

“Hey no fair, I just have really picky hair.”

I wet my hair under the shower and she uncapped the shampoo. Then she was lathering my hair. It turned into a scalp massage. She kissed my neck then sputtered because it was soapy. She rinsed me and ran conditioner through my hair too, leaving it to sit in for awhile.

I turned back around to face her and we were kissing again, lips and tongues mashing together hungrily. She bent down and put her mouth to my nipple again. Soon she was alternating between licking and sucking softly. The hot water spraying my back and my girl working on my chest was wonderful. Somehow the darkness helped me too. When I felt the hand that she had resting on my knee start to trace up the inside of my thigh, I just enjoyed her touch this time without worrying about what it all looked like.

She paused her hand just where my thigh curved into my crotch. “Bubblegum?” she asked. She wanted permission first.

I gave it to her, “Mmmm hmmm… I want this now… really, really bad.”

She didn’t say anything else, she just slid her hand over. Her fingertips grazed slowly across my bare mound. The anticipation was killing me.

“Soooo smooth,” she whispered when her fingers dipped down to trace along my bare outer lips.

“Surprised? I’m a shaver,” I patted the top of her head.

“I had kind of wondered too. It’ll probably be good for, you know, licking later.” Her fingers slipped through my outer lips, slid up and down gently a few times then came to rest against my button. She circled it a few times and I groaned.

“How much later?” I murmured automatically. She already had me worked up as hell, I’d be coming soon at this rate, I was having trouble standing up.

“Not much later at all I think.” Her other hand went to the breast that she wasn’t already suckling. The combination of both hands and her mouth made my knees shake.

“Hold up a sec,” I turned, and turned her with me. In the dark, I carefully moved until I was backed into the far corner of the shower. I leaned into it and when my back hit the cold tile, I gasped. Not ideal, but at least I could hold myself up like this.

“Better now?” she re-attached herself to my chest and pussy.

“Much. You’re going to make me go like this. My first girl-cum. I think it’s gonna be even better than I hoped.”

“The first of many tonight, girlie, the first of many.” Then she switched her mouth to my other boob. Her hand too.

“…oh, fuck…” I whispered. My hips bucked automatically into her hand. She kept rubbing my button perfectly because, you know, she had one too.

Then I got really, really dizzy. Sure, it was getting super steamy in the bathroom but it had more to do with what she was doing and how long I’d been waiting for her to do it. I remember digging my nearly nonexistent finger nails into her shoulder. I remember her groaning into my breast but not stopping even though I was probably hurting her.

Then, even though it was pitch black, I closed my eyes. In my head, I was seeing Stacey run around the hockey field – her beautiful hair streaming behind her in the wind. I was remembering kissing her in the movie theater that first night and tasting strawberries. Then I was imagining what it would be like when she finally stretched me out on one of the beds just a few feet away and pressed her big soft lips into my bald sex.

That last thought is what did it. I trembled, my knees shook, I dug my nails deeper into Stacey’s shoulder and I braced my other hand against the cold tile. And I came. Like I’d never come before. Like my own hand had never done. Like no boy’s hand had ever done. Like fumbling Doug Ferguson’s long skinny dick – the only one I’d ever had and just that one time – hadn’t done. My stomach knotted up and my mouth flew open but nothing came out. I just rocked up, down and all around, coming on her fingers while the whole world around me shifted to one side then back a little. Stacey slowed what she was doing, knowing I’d be sensitive as I came, but kept going – helping me ride the whole fantastic thing out until I could finally breathe again.

Then I was gasping and I slid downwards to sit in the shower-tub’s corner and to wait for my legs to start working again. But, in the dark, I didn’t see that Stacey had set the shampoo bottle down in the corner. It couldn’t have been lined up more perfectly if I’d done it on purpose. The bottle’s soapy little rounded plastic cap went right up my butt. “Gaaah!” I giggled, jumping back up, my legs suddenly working again.


“That shampoo bottle just got to fifth base!”

“Oh come on, like you’ve never had anything in your butt before…” she scoffed.

“No! And don’t get any ideas, pervert,” I giggled.

“Mmmm hmmm… your pervert.”

She kissed me and I kissed her back. “Huh, my very own personal pervert. Cool.”

We remembered the conditioner in my hair and rinsed it out. Then it was soapy time. I took my time soaping Stacey’s body. The slippery lather meant my hands could slide smoothly on her. I could feel her taut muscles ripple beneath her arms and legs. Then the contrast of her soft firm round breasts and the funny smoothness of her puffy but inverted nipples. Then it was down to her fantastically tight belly. She giggled when I soaped into her belly button. I drifted my hand down further to the little tuft of hair on her mound. It was short and incredibly soft. I circled a few soapy fingers in it to lather it up. When I carefully soaped her outer lips she exhaled softly into my ear. She whimpered her disappointment when my hand slid away and I turned her around to face her away from me.

I soaped her shoulders and back. She had the most amazing back. Strong but delicate. Feminine. I traced its lines with my fingertips. When my hands reached her lower back where it curved into her ass, she leaned over a little. I heard her brace herself against the wall in front of her. She arched her butt upwards for me.

I could have soaped her heart-shaped tush all night. It was the finest thing I’d ever held in my hands. I circled it. I rubbed it. I squeezed it. I even scratched it with my fingernails. Not too hard. Just a bit. My butt soaping time might have lasted 10 minutes or it could have been half an hour. I don’t know. I also don’t know when Stacey started touching herself. At some point, though, her breathing went from regular panting to a series of long low moans.

I felt her shift in the dark, and then something was pressing against my leg. It was the shampoo bottle. She was handing it to me. “Heather? Could you…”

I took it from her with one hand. I couldn’t believe she’d changed her mind about shampooing her hair. No matter what she said, my sweet Stacey was a salon shampoo snob.

The truth – what she actually wanted – was even more absurd. With my other hand still on her butt, I could feel her bend over further, her ass raising higher. She wiggled it from side to side a little.

Oh. Right.

“Seriously?” I asked quietly.

“Uh huh,” she was bent way over, her soft voice was bouncing off the tub and back at me and I could barely hear her over the splashing water, “your hands felt so good on my butt. And ever since you almost sat on that bottle, I’ve been thinking about this again. I want it. Back there. Just a little. It’ll make me go really big.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“S’ok, I’ll be fine. Just the top part. It’s small. For God’s sake, don’t go crazy on me. And go slow.”

I rinsed my soapy hand and gripped the bottom of the bottle tightly. I soaped the top end in the lather on her buns then brought it to the top of her crack and slowly slid it down between her buns until I felt it catch.

“Right there,” she said softly.

I twisted it a little. Then pressed it against her gently. Stacey’s body shook a couple times and she groaned.

She pushed back against me and I felt the bottle’s cap slowly slide into her. She started trembling and moaning.

I didn’t know what to do. I twisted the bottle a little bit and she gasped a “no” so I stopped. Then she gently bounced back into me, and the bottle, a few times and I got the idea. I moved it gingerly in and out and she started trembling harder and moaning even louder.

“Oh Bubble, this is good… this is very very good…”

I would have been horrified if someone had told me a year ago, hell three months ago, that I would be poking a masturbating girl in the butt with a shampoo bottle in the middle of the night in a pitch black hotel bathroom. But right at that moment, there was no place I’d rather be. I even managed a little dirty talk for the first time in whole life, “You like this, honey? My cute little pervert? You going to cum like this?” I asked her sweetly. I leaned over and licked and kissed along the skin of her back. I wiggled the shampoo bottle inside her carefully.

“…fuck…yeah…” she whimpered.

“Where’s the shampoo bottle, Berry? Where did you make me put it?”

“…in…in my ass… it’s in my ass…” she groaned. Then she went rigid and climaxed. Her butt starting humping in a million directions so I just held the bottle steady to let her push back on it, then move away, then back again as she needed. My girlfriend having an orgasm bent over in the shower and riding a tiny hotel shampoo bottle was one of the hottest things I’d ever… well.. not seen. Now I kinda wished we’d left the darn lights on.

She finally pulled herself off the bottle and crumpled to the bottom of the shower. I sat down behind her and pulled her limp body into my lap. She leaned her head back against my shoulder. I kissed her throat and she made this sweet cooing sound.

I rocked her a little and we continued to enjoy the hotel’s limitless supply of hot water. “How’d I do delivering my first girlie cum?” I asked.

“Fantastic. We’re taking that shampoo bottle home with us as a memento. I want you to bury it with me when I die.”

“Yay! And that was just round one,” I giggled.

“Yup, soon as I get control of my body again, I’m going to be all over you,” she threatened weakly.

“Then let’s get rinsed and dried. I want to be in a nice soft bed for the next round.”

I turned off the water and we got each other standing up. Finding towels was tough in the dark. I groped around for awhile and Stacey gave up. She found and flipped what she thought was a regular light switch. A dark red light came on. It was one of those heat lamp thingies. The warm light felt good on my skin right away.

That last part only registered in the back of my head because suddenly I was seeing Stacey completely naked for the very first time. And she was seeing me.

Her hair was knotted up in an elastic band. There were still water droplets running down her body. Her pale skin was shining in the odd red light which also made her hair look even redder – the hair on her head and the little downy bit of hair on her mound that I focused in on as she turned one slender hip to face me.

If I had any doubts about being attracted to another completely nude woman they disappeared right then. “Jesus, Berry… you’re… you’re…”

“Shhhh,” she stopped me, looking at me up and down. Then up and down again. Her smile just kept getting bigger and bigger.

I cocked my head and screwed my face up to show that I didn’t understand.

She kept smiling, “Memorizing. You should too. There’s only one first time.”

She had a point. I burned her perfect body into my brain. The way her knees curved into her quadriceps. The three-fingered gap between her sleek thighs even though her feet were practically together. The beads of water trapped in the short fur of her tiny red mound. While I watched, one of the droplets shook free and dripped to the floor. Then I memorized the muscles of her belly and how they meshed with the little muscles that ran along her ribs. And how her large, full, round breasts exploded straight forward from her chest with just a two-fingered space between them. Finally, the way those breasts rose and fell just barely while she breathed.

If she liked what she saw as much as I did we might never get out of this hotel room.

When I came to my senses, I noticed the towels were sitting on a shelf above my head. No wonder I couldn’t find them. I reached up for two. Suddenly, with her watching me, I felt incredibly aware of my own body. I felt the muscles of my toned thighs shift as I leaned forward. I felt my calves tighten as I went up on tip toe. I felt my own enormous, gravity-defying boobs sway slightly as I turned, reached for the towels, and turned back.

When I handed Stacey a towel it shook her out of her trance. She looked at me with her gigantic dark eyes, almost black in this light, and whispered, “Can we go to bed now please, Heather? I think we’ve both waited long enough.”

We dried quickly and I scrunched as much water as I could from my hair. Then we threw the towels on the tile floor and Stacey opened the bathroom door. The cold air from the hotel room rushed in. We’d turned the bathroom into a sauna. We raced to the closest queen-sized bed, jerked the covers back, crawled in, and pulled them over us.

We wriggled and flailed under the blankets trying to warm the bed up. The flailing part wasn’t such a good idea because one of Stacey’s knees pounded into my shin. “Ow! My shin!” I yelped.

“Sorry! You okay?”

“Yeah,” I rubbed it several times and pouted in what I hoped was a sexy way.

She grinned slyly and started to slide under the covers, “Want me to kiss it and make it better?”

“Yeah.” I felt her lips touch my leg. Her kisses turned into licks and the licks kept moving upwards. Over my knees then up my thighs. Stacey’s hands pressed into my hips, rotating them so that I was laying on my back.

She didn’t have to tell me to spread my legs. I was already doing that. I was so ready… sooo goddamn ready to feel her mouth on me. She’d already shown me what her fingers could do. Her tongue would be even better.

(Fellas, if you’re reading this and you want to learn how tongue a cooter properly, you need to find a lesbian and ask for instructions. Preferably a lesbian friend. It’s weird when strangers ask.)

I wish I could tell you that there were a lot of preliminaries; that she gave me a long, slow full-body massage; that we lit scented candles and read each other poetry. No, that other stuff would come another time. That night, we’d already explored each other in the darkened bathroom and, honestly, we’d already had months of frustrating foreplay. What we wanted then was sex – the sex we’d been fantasizing about while sneaking kisses and rubbing each other longingly through clothing.

So I had no problem whatsoever when Stacey’s lips finished moving up my thigh then simply moved directly over to my bare mound. In fact, it was all I could do not to cry out with joy. She kissed up and down my smooth outer lips softly, trapping them between her own lips. She gently nudged at the top of my slit with her nose as I switched on the lamp next to me – not wanting to miss out on seeing anything this time. Her big, happy gray-green eyes were looking up at me over my flat belly. She lapped delicately at my crease – so softly my lips didn’t part. She was right over my clit. I could just barely feel her tongue through my own flesh.

I reached down and touched the knot of her hair. It was still banded up in the elastic. “Can I take this out?”

She rolled her eyes and her chin popped up, “What is it with you and my hair?”

“I don’t know, what is it with you and my boobs?”

“Touche,” she laughed, “Go ahead.”

I grinned and freed her hair. Hers was still dry and it fell around her head and onto my thighs in a shimmering, dark red pool. She flipped it to one side and I loved the way its warm softness teased and shifted against the inside of my one leg.

She shook her head and smiled up at me then went back to her tiny kitten licks. Now my view of her pretty face between my legs was perfect – just like the fantasies I’d had for several weeks now.

As good as the view was, the licks, whoa, they were better than my fantasies. In stark contrast with the few, well-meaning but sort of sloppy guys that I’d had put their mouths to my goodies, Stacey was precise. She peeled me like an onion. Her tiny kitten licks at my outer lips over my button continued for long minutes. Then she finally eased her tongue between them and then she still steered clear of my actual clit. Instead, she ever so gently lapped at the hood over my it. It was excruciating in a wonderful way.

When her tongue eventually slipped down to my actual clit it was fantastic. As she worked me up higher and higher, her hands slid up to my chest and she cupped my boobs gently a few times. Then she took my nipples between her thumbs and first two fingers and pulled them gently. I could never ever leave this woman. She was touching my buttons, all of them, in just the right way and at the same time.

Her tongue at my clit, working in perfect time with her hands at my breasts, brought my orgasm on in a rush. It was like I turned a street corner and got spackled by a mack truck. It was huge and sudden and it made me instantly squishy.

“Eeeaaaah!” I bleated out before I got control of myself and bit my own lip to keep from shrieking lesbian glee for my teammates on the hall to hear. I did not, however, get control of my hips. They flew up off the bed and hard into Stacey’s mouth. Her eyes went wide with surprise as my groin heaved her head backwards. She recovered and pressed down against me. As my stomach knotted up, we battled. She kept licking at my clit gently and pressing her face downward into my mound. I ground up into her face and shook. It was a tremendous climax and I was already thanking her before it was over. “Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou,” I murmured, falling back down onto the bed.

She crawled her way up my body and stretched herself out on top of me. She nuzzled my neck and nibbled my earlobe while I caught my breath. She humped her softly furred little box against my leg.

My smell, my funky bubblegum smell, was all over her nose, mouth and chin. I was drowning in my own scent and then my own taste when I kissed her. Her chin was a little sticky and I licked at it tentatively. This was dirty and wrong and nasty. And awesome. I kissed and lapped her face clean and when Stacey starting moaning it encouraged me to start making my way down her body.

“Your turn now?” as I kissed her then began to slide downwards to return her amazing oral favor.

She stopped me by cupping my chin to tilt it up to look at her. “Heather, you don’t have to do that you know, especially on our first real night together. I remember how weird it was for me… with another girl that first time.”

I shook my head and cocked one of my eyebrows, “Either she was not as irresistible as you are or I’m turning into a pervert too, because I’ve been dreaming about doing this for you for weeks now.”

She smiled happily and I continued sliding down her body. I held her eyes with mine as I paused at each of her breasts for a quick, teasing lick around each of her nipples.

As I worked my way down it occurred to me that I was long on enthusiasm and short on experience when it came to what I was about to do. I mean, I had the same equipment and all, but did it all work the same? I doubted it. Then again, she’d certainly been able to work me pretty well. But maybe that was a skill built up over time. I so didn’t want to bungle this moment by being clumsy. I decided to try to hedge my bets, “Is there, you know, anything in particular you would like me to do, Stace?”

It worked better than I’d hoped because she perked right up, “Now that you mention it, it has been ages since anyone has tapped my G-spot real good.”

G-spot? I didn’t even know if I had one or where to look start looking for it. I gulped and my fear showed.

“Relax honey, I’ll show you. Actually, I’ve been told I’ve got a big one.”

“Come on back up here. We don’t need your mouth for this.”

I frowned – I had been kinda looking forward to that part – and it showed.

“Don’t worry,” she grinned, “we’ll get there I promise. But for this to work, I need you to touch me a little. Make me come first to sort of get me going. You won’t have to do much this time. Finally getting into your little smooth box has me seriously purring already.”

I nodded and licked my fingers then dipped them down along her belly and through the soft fur of her mound. I traced her lips and slid two fingers between them to toy at her entrance. She wasn’t kidding. My little Berry was dripping juice. I circled her opening a few times and drew my fingers back up to find her clit. She really really wasn’t kidding. Her button was swollen and sticking out past her little hood. She shivered when I rubbed it from side to side a few times.

“Oooh, perfect,” she sighed and her eyes closed.

“Just like that?” I continued to brush her button right and left gently.

“Just like that.”

“Cool, now do I get some boobies?”

She opened her eyes and smiled. “Absolutely.” Then she moved her arms out of the way and I happily pushed my face to her chest. I pressed my tongue into the nipple of her closer breast and circled it slowly. It caught at the little dent where her nipple puckered inwards. On instinct, I centered the tip of my tongue on that dent and wormed gently downward. I felt the flesh of her firm breast compress under my drilling.

“Uh huh,” Stacey cooed and her hips wiggled involuntarily. “Keep doing that… both thats… and you’ll make me come.”

It was my turn to chuckle. I craned my neck and switched breasts – repeating the treatment there again. Then I switched back. The entire time I was flicking her clit from side to side. Then Stacey groaned into the damp hair at the top of my head and climaxed. She pushed her chest into my face and she slipped a hand behind the back of my neck to pull me even tighter into her breast.

As she came back down, I slid away from her nipple and kissed around her breasts tenderly. I sucked, licked and nibbled all over the perfect, pale skin of her boobs. Okay, that was a little more for me than for her but at that point she didn’t seem to mind.

She kissed the top of my head. “Okay, I’m all warmed up now. Go inside me a little.”

I nodded and put a finger to her opening. She cooed as I eased it into her. She was hot and swollen and slick.

“Curl your finger up now. But be super careful. No nails. That would be bad.”

I felt the smooth, warm walls of her insides against the pad of my fingertip.

“Go left a little?”

I moved my finger.

“No, my left, honey,” she giggled.

“Errr… sorry.” Did she really find this sexy? I mean, it felt kind of like I was her gynecologist. I got my answer when fingertip slipped across a rougher spongier spot.

“Whoa, right there,” she gasped.

“That knot right there?” It didn’t feel like anything special to me.


“Now what?

“Just push on it gently and rub it until my arms and legs fly off.”

Sweet, now we were getting down to the supersecret lesbian stuff. “Ooh, yeah, I want to see that. Can I scoot down some more?” Now that I was confident that I was doing something nice for her, I desperately wanted to get my face down between her thighs like I’d been fantasizing about.

“Sweetie, when you’re doing what you’re doing right now I will agree to absolutely anything.”

“Good to know, for the future, I mean…” I said, as I moved down and was finally face to face with Stacey’s beautiful little porcelain and pink sex. It wasn’t what I’d expected. We were a little different. Mine’s kinda boring. My outer lips cover my stuff completely. I look like a doll, especially since I don’t have any hair. Stacey’s was a sweet little rose whose petals were various shades of soft pink. Stacey’s sex wasn’t boring. It was beautiful.

“How far in the future?” She said automatically, looking down at me as I admired her goods.

“Not far at all I think, not far at all.” It had become a regular exchange. No matter how good what were doing right then felt, Stacey and I always promised even better things in the future.

I kissed the soft wispy red hair on her mound and trailed those kisses in the thinner fur that ran along her slender lips. All the while, I was caressing the soft knot inside her.

“Stace? What would happen if I licked your button at the same time I’m rubbing your G-spot?”

“I dunno, never tried it,” she whispered. “I might catch on fire.”

“Would that be before or after your arms and legs fly off?”

She giggled and patted my head gently. “We’re about to find out aren’t we, honey?”

“Yup,” I flicked her nub with my tongue while I continuously rubbed the sensitive spot inside her.

“Whoa,” Stacey yelped and her legs shook on either side of me.

It was hard to tell if she liked it or not. “In a good way?” I had to ask.

“Ooh, in a great way. Do it again.”

So I did. Then again. Then I was smoothly alternating licks at her clit with caresses on her G-spot.

“…feels like they’re connected,” she gasped through clenched teeth, “my insides and my outsides.”

“Mmmmm, you know how much I like connections, Berry.” I went back to licking and toying with her. It wasn’t long before she started rocking up and down. From her crotch, I looked up her belly to watch her large round breasts shift with her. Their perfect white skin was decorated with my little red love marks.

“…gonna… come… both… places… don’t stop… don’t you fuckin’ stop…” she gasped, “Push harder. Push harder and… and suck.”

I pressed more firmly onto her G-spot while I trapped her swollen nub between my lips. I pulled it into my mouth gently and suckled directly on her clit.

Stacey’s body did catch fire and her arms and legs did fly off. Metaphorically speaking, of course. The girl pretty much went bonkers as she heaved her way through what looked like a life-altering climax. Her long red hair flew around on her pillow because she was shaking her head. Her face and throat turned bright red too. I just nursed gingerly on her clit and stroked her G-spot to keep her going. The “going” was a couple of minutes.

When she finally stopped shaking and grunting and could talk, she just looked down at me, exhausted, and smiled. “Okay, that settles it. You are some kind of natural sex genius.”

I remember feeling proud that I did well my first time; that I could make her so happy; and that she let herself go that completely with me. I eased my finger slowly out of her and she shivered as it slid free. I laid my head on her thigh and kissed around the outside of her adorable little red-haired goodies. I looked up at her and popped the finger that had been inside her into my mouth. I slurped it loudly with my best evil grin. She giggled and laced her fingers into my still-damp hair then her head fell back onto the pillow heavily.

I scooched up the bed and we snuggled in together under the covers.

“Soooo…,” Stacey started kissing me again as our pressed-together bodies generated more heat. “We can try the same thing on you if you’re up for it. Or we could try something different and possibly even better.”

“Oooh, gimme better,” I nuzzled her nose with mine and smiled.

“Cool. Be right back. I need supplies for this.” She came back with a glass of water, a wet washcloth, and the small bottle of conditioner from the shower. She handed me the glass of water. “Take a long drink, honey. You’ll be grateful later.”

I was grateful already, I was thirsty from panting and licking and hadn’t realized it. While I sipped the cool tapwater, Stacey sat on the edge of the bed next to me and nudged my legs open. Then she touched the washcloth to my belly. It was warm and rough. I sighed as she drew the washcloth down and gently rubbed my crotch. It felt fantastic when she slid it up and down the front of me, rubbing me, flipping the cloth over, rubbing me further, until I was squeaky clean again.

She shut off the light and she settled herself down with her face between my legs again. I set the water glass down on the nightstand next to me. I could still see in the darkened room. There were floodlights on outside around the hotel’s pool area.

She nuzzled my freshly-rinsed mound and slid one of her hands up my belly to rest on my chest between my breasts. Her little palm just barely fit between my boobs and she held it against my breastbone. She held it still for a moment and started tapping with a few fingers very slowly. It was a little weird and she wasn’t saying anything but in a half-dozen taps I said, “Oh,” because I realized she was tapping along with my steady heartbeat.

She looked up at me and smiled in the thin light. “Okay, this is going to take awhile. It’s my favorite thing in the world and I hope it’s yours too, Bubblegum. Relax into this. Relax and just let yourself drift in and out. If you like this, we’ll just keep going until one of us falls asleep.”

I didn’t understand what she meant until she stopped tapping out my heartbeat on my chest and started licking my clit with my heartbeat instead. One single, gentle lap for each single beat. She kept her hand resting on my chest, using it to feel my pulse.

Bu-bump. Lick.

Bu-bump. Lick.

I reached down and laced my fingers into her soft, soft hair and she chuckled softly against my leg.

Bu-bump. Lick.

Long, long slow minutes went by. She never stopped. We never moved. Stacey was plugging into something deep inside of me and she was right, it did take time.

Bu-bump. Lick.

There’s orgasms that come on in a rush. She’d done that to me already and I love it when they surprise you and make you gasp and you lose yourself for several moments. Then there’s the ones that come slowly, teasingly, inevitably. I like those too. What Stacey was doing was bringing on the second kind. The queen of the second kind, in fact.

When she slowly drew me into the first orgasm this way, I saw it coming, felt it coming, from a mile away. It wasn’t gigantic. There wasn’t any gasping or seizing or flailing. It was a tiny warm wave that rolled up my body. Like when I’d laid down in the sand at the edge of the water in the Caribbean and let the small sunlit waves roll up my toes and legs and belly. It was… peaceful. I just sighed and melted into the bed.

Stacey paused her licking after I came to wait for my heart to slow down to normal. And then she went back to doing it again. It was probably another half hour maybe? I don’t know. But the next orgasm was just like the one before. Warm. Soothing. Peaceful. Wonderful.

After I came that second time, Stacey stirred. She plucked the bottle of conditioner off the bed next to her and opened it. She dribbled some onto one of her tiny fingers.

“Umm… Stace, I’m not so sure that’s going to feel good inside me,” I whispered. I didn’t want to get irritated by the perfumes and chemicals in the stuff.

She smiled a little impishly. “It’s not going in your front door, sweetie.”

I shifted a little uncomfortably, realizing that she was seriously planning stick her finger up my backside. “Errr… I don’t think that’s really my thing.”

“Just try it a little? I won’t go crazy on you, I promise. I want to go right back to doing what we were doing before. Just with something a little extra. It’ll be even better.”

I thought about it. Well, if there was anybody I could trust not to hurt me it was Stacey. “‘Kay, just… just please be really, really…

“Careful? Of course.” Stacey was already settling herself between my legs again. Her one hand returned to its spot between my breasts. Her other hand, the one dripping with conditioner, slid beneath her chin but she didn’t touch me with it.

We started the same as before.

Bu-bump. Lick.

Bu-bump. Lick.

We kept this up for a long time again – long enough that I’d forgotten about her finger until I felt its tip just barely tap at my backdoor at the same time as her tongue flicked my clit.

Bu-bump. LickTap.

Bu-bump. LickTap.

This went on forever. She was pressing her finger against me so gently, with such tiny pushes, and for so long, that I never tensed up. I’m not even sure when it slid into my butt. It only kind of registered when her finger’s motion went from a soft tap to more of a gentle wriggle inside me.

Bu-bump. LickWriggle.

Bu-bump. LickWriggle.

Eventually the little wriggle in my butt wasn’t weird anymore. It fell into the background and made everything better – like how a subwoofer adds bass to music. Who knew that a little something in my butt could actually feel good? Stacey, my own personal pervert.

I drifted away again and I was back on that beach. Warm and soothing and peaceful. But the waves were bigger now. When she made me come again, it was still warm and relaxing and wonderful like before but, like I said, the waves were bigger. They rolled up past my belly, up over my breasts and lapped at my shoulders.

I finished coming and Stacey paused – holding still for awhile to let me reset – and started again.

She made me cum again. Another short rest. And then again. Rest. And again. Rest. And again.

We did this for what felt like hours because it was hours. That night, my Berry gently fed every last ounce of sexual hunger that had built up in me since she and I had started seeing each other. I’d been hungry a long, long time. And Berry filled me up. I grew fat and lazy and sleepy on an endless rolling tide of cums.

Oh boy, I realized, now I’m a pervert too. This was my favorite now.

~~~** Part V **~~~

I’m not sure which one of us fell asleep first. I only know that when I sort of regained consciousness and shifted my hips, Stacey woke up too and groggily moved between my legs again. The poor girl was on automatic pussy-pilot.

I patted her head. “Stacey? Honey? Wake up. It’s 2 a.m. We’ve been having sex for the last five hours. You’ve been doing that thing to me for the last two. I don’t think I can cum anymore.”

“Wuss,” she looked up at me. Then she winced and rubbed the back of her neck. “Okay, maybe I’m done too. Let’s get some sleep.” She crawled up next to me and cuddled into my side.

“I’m laying in a wet spot,” I whimpered.

“Me too. I think this whole bed is a wet spot. Wanna switch over to the other bed?”

“No. Can’t move. Too tired.”

“Good, me too. I’m learning to love the wet spot.”

She’d used the ‘L’ word and right then it was all I could think about. “I think I’m learning to love you,” I whispered.

“What’s that?”

“I’m… I’m in love with you, Berry.”

She threw an arm and a leg over me, pulled me tight, kissed my neck and sighed happily. “Took you long enough. I fell in love with you when we had that first tumble down to the grass on the field.”

“Oh.” It was all I could say.

“Sleepytime now, Bubblegum. We have another game to win tomorrow.”

At least, that’s what I think she said. I had nothing left in me. I’d just had the most amazing sex of my life and I’d just coughed up the giant emotional hairball of telling my girlfriend that I loved her. I loved her with full-on, carpet-munching, screw the dumb boys, lesbian love.

I fell asleep with my face in my Berry’s hair.

~~~** Part VI **~~~

I woke up first. It was 7 a.m. and someone was knocking softly on the door. I had to wriggle and roll Stacey off me. Damn, she was a heavy sleeper.

“Guys, it’s me,” Lauren whispered through the door, “I’m sorry, but I need to get ready and my stuff’s in there.”

“Coming,” I said. I was completely naked. I looked around for something, anything, to put on. I ended up pulling on the nearest thing – a t-shirt. It fell just past my butt. Good enough. I quickly covered Stacey with the blanket.

I opened the door and, well, if Lauren didn’t know before, she sure as hell knew now. I was wearing Stacey’s shirt and the room pretty much reeked of funky, stale but very, very satisfied pussy. Too late, I realized that I probably smelled even worse.

Lauren, god bless her, didn’t make an issue out of it. I think she even needled me a little, “So did you guys… make out okay?” She stepped in and went over to pick her bag.

“Yep. Thanks.” I played it straight and tried to talk as little as possible, realizing my breath would be the worst. I shut the door quickly.

Stacey, for whatever reason, chose that particular moment to wake up. She sat up and the blanket I had carefully thrown over her fell down. Her big, round, ivory boobs complete with a few well-placed hickies just swung around in the open air while she rubbed her eyes.

“Oh, hi Lauren.” Then her eyes went wide. “Ack! Bye!” She ducked back down under the covers.

I put my face in my hands. “Soooo…. I guess the cat is out of the bag on the whole girl-on-girl thing then.”

Lauren giggled. “The cat is out of the bag. It left your house. It walked down the street. It rang my doorbell and when I answered the door it looked me right in the eye and said ‘Those two are total lesbians.’ ”

Well that was pretty much it for me, I laughed so frickin’ hard and for so frickin’ long I thought I’d die.

With a wave and a huge smile, Lauren left with her bag, pulling the door quietly closed behind her. Stacey and I showered, dressed and went downstairs for breakfast with the rest of the team.

If you care about how we did at our game that day… we smoked ’em. I racked up four goals. Stacey knocked the other team’s best scorer unconscious fifteen minutes in. It was an accident. Kinda.

You see, the local news on the TV at breakfast told us who won the other state semi-finals. The winners were in the western-most county in the state so the title game would be even further away. We would get to stay in a hotel two nights.

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