Sweet teen girl-girl romance on the hockey field

I remember it like it was yesterday. We were playing field hockey. It was the beginning of the season. Our coach split the team in half and we were scrimmaging each other. I was on the A-team with the other first-stringers. Stacey had transferred into our school a year earlier but she’d been playing tennis before. When she switched over, she was automatically put on the B-team. The coach watched her run then put her at sweeper right away. Stacey could cover half the field. She was wild, fast, and free. Tireless too.

I was playing center forward so Stacey and I clashed a bunch. We were bumping, elbowing – the usual stuff. Nothing nasty, just good hard play. Until someone sent me a great pass and got a step ahead of her. It would be just me and the goalie.


Stacey lunged with her front leg and I think she twisted her knee to knock into my thigh. Anyway, all of a sudden my leg went out from under me. We’d been running full tilt. I fell sideways and we got tangled up as we tumbled down and across the grass. She ended up on top of me.

When we came to a stop, I was flat on my back and she was on her hands and knees above me, straddling one of my legs. I looked up at her. Stacey’s long, dark red hair covered both our faces. She was the only girl who didn’t braid or ponytail her hair when we played hockey. She liked it loose. Her wavy flaming hair bouncing around made her look crazy and I think she liked it that way.

Anyway, lying there in the grass, I didn’t have a chance to get mad because when she looked down at me I could tell she felt bad about what she’d done. “‘Sorry, really sorry,” she winced, “guess I got carried away there.”

But then… then something shifted. Inside her. I could see it in her eyes. She bent her arms a little to push herself off me and, for a brief moment, it brought our faces closer together beneath her hair. At the same time, one of her legs slid up against the inside of my thigh and one of her boobs pressed a little into mine. It made my breath catch and I smelled strawberries. She got this sort of curious, hungry look.

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“Heather, did ya ever just get… carried away?” I was speechless; all I could do was nod. She smiled and rolled off me and I swear I felt a hand brush one of my boobs. She pulled me to my feet and even picked up my hockey stick and gave it to me.

“Here you go, ‘Bubblegum,'” she said softly. That’s what I smell like. She’d smelled me too. Then I just watched her jog away.

The whole thing took about four seconds but that was enough. It was the first time I was ever attracted to a girl. From there, it was just a matter of time. Stacey wanted me. And, honestly, I kinda wanted her too.

Lemme back up a sec, I didn’t mean to get into girls. I mean, I’m pretty good looking. I’m skinny and fit with blue eyes and wavy blonde hair that looks nice against my tan. I have a tiny, round little bubblebutt and big full boobs that look gigantic on my small body. Frankly, I get more attention than I want most of the time. The point is, I pretty much had my pick of boys at school. It’s not my fault most of them were dumb or mean or were obviously only interested in my body.

Same deal with Stacey I think. She was fair, fair skinned. Like ivory white. Her flaming dark red hair was gorgeous. She could do shampoo commercials. She was maybe an inch taller than me. We were pretty much the same size though. She had these amazing gray-green eyes, fairly big boobs too and she was even more fit than me. Girlie was toned and tight. So, yup, boys liked her too. She went on a few dates and she broke a few hearts. But that was pretty much the end of it. Other than that, like I said, she was a transfer. She kept to herself mostly. I felt bad for her. It was a small school and most of us had grown up together. It was hard to make friends.

So how did it start? Well, it started out real slow. We sort of seduced each other.

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Stacey and I talked more and more before and after practices. Then we began saving each other a seat on the team bus. In the beginning of the season, when I was playing a lot more than she was, and I was really exhausted after this one game, she offered to rub my shoulders. Her hands were warm and soft. They felt soooo good. Then she was doing it after games without me asking. If it was a long ride home, she’d let me fall asleep on her shoulder too. I loved the smell of her hair. She only used the best shampoos. But underneath the shampoo smell, always there, were the strawberries.

By the middle of the season, Stacey got bumped up to first string too. She was a great sweeper so she was running even more than me. On the bus rides home, we’d both be tired. We’d rub each others shoulders. We both slept. It was getting later in the fall, colder, so Stacey and I would press together tightly on the little bus seat. I started throwing a leg over hers for more contact. More warmth. More closeness.

It got to the point where I hated home games. No bus ride meant no excuse to be that close to Stacey. It wasn’t enough to just see each other in the hall at school.

So we started going out together on weekends. Just the two of us. Shopping, movies, the usual stuff. We hung out at my house too. We played video games or watched TV.

We talked about everything. Sometimes we’d talk about boys. Stacey had weird tastes. She liked the freaky ones. The more tattoos and piercings the better. She said that one of the sexiest things she’d ever done was suck on the pierced nipple of this random hot guy she’d met at a concert.

I told her I liked clean cut guys. Sweet preppy boys who wore loafers and worried about which college they would go to. She called me a dork-lover.

The conversations eventually got to sex. What we’d done. What we hadn’t done. What we’d wished we’d done. What we’d wished we hadn’t done.

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Fumbling Doug Ferguson fell in that last category for me. He had been a couple of years ahead of me in school. When he came back from college I thought he was so mature. We ended up in his parent’s basement after a party. Just kissing and dry humping to start. Then I let him push up my skirt. When he started kissing up my legs it felt nice. Then he pulled my panties aside and ate me to my first oral orgasm and it felt really nice. Much better than fingers.

But when he took off his pants and stuck his long skinny dick in me? Not so nice. Genius put the condom on inside out at first, then realized it, and turned it right side out and put it back on. I think most of the lube ended up on him rather than in me. He felt horrible going in. It felt even worse when he broke me open. I waited for it to start feeling better. It never really did. By the time I caught my breath he was coming already. All in all, it wasn’t an experience I thought was worth repeating. I avoided him for the rest of his break until he went back to school

Stacey’s experience was way crazier and I told her so, “You’re nuts! I can’t believe it, my best friend is a total pervert,” I teased her.

“You had to be there at the time. It just kinda happened,” she giggled. “And at least I enjoyed it.”

Stacey was a virgin. Technically. The guy at the concert with the tattoos and the nipple piercing that she sucked on? She later confessed that she let him do her in her butt. Yup, her butt.

I didn’t say a word while she told met the whole story. It was just too ridiculous…

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