Vacation trip to Goa (love on train)

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It’s a week trip to Mumbai as well as Goa ,my hubby Anish with me ,Kirti with his wife Sonal are in journey as we four are going to Mumbai first for 2 days than we shall move to Goa for 3-4 we have planned it late ,we have to travel on train rather than flight,as we four boarded an first A/C coach in August Kranti rajdhani express.Bina Mishra ,a 27 years married lady have put a long skirt as well as sleeveless kurti to cover her body and Sonal is looking more hot in her crop-tops and we are in our coup,TTE came and checked our ticket as I walked out of coup,moves to Washroom and have urinated there ,coming back there I can see my hubby Anish and Kirti changed their seats as both are sitting on same berth and Sonal is between I sits on opposite berth as I have left door opened and Kirti ………

“close the door baby
(Bina)let them serve us snacks and coffee.”

As both guys are rubbing their palms on sonal’s thighs ,let them do what they love as it’s a 17 hours journey ,later on we got snacks as well as coffee to I locked the door from inside as I can see my hubby Anish with his friend Kirti pressing boobs of Sonal and she is enjoying every bit of moment.while watching their physical love ,my curiosity mounts but I have put myself in limit as I want to see them approaching me or train is moving fast ,our coffee have lasted and Anish started removing his trouser as well as shirt ………

“Bina ,open the bag and have my Bermuda please.”

As I took it out ,Anish is in his undies and vest only,now Kirti is also undressing himself as he is also in his undies.looking at their bulge of penis on undies ,made me bit horny but I am reading a magazine while sitting on opposite berth.kirti and Anish is kissing sonal’s face as they are massaging her boobs,she is a 24-25 years married lady,figure of 34-26-36 is nice as her lovely tits are like pair of papaya.later on ,I can see Anish sucking sonal’s lip and Kirti is removing her wife’s train is moving fast with no hurdles inside our coup ,we four have booked berths in a coup as privacy should be maintained from Sonal is screaming

“uuhh aahh ” as I can see Anish pressing her boobs hard and kirti’s hand have removed her leggings as he is sitting on floor to kiss her wife’s thigh.sonal’s both legs are wide as she have put it on berth and my hubby is sucking her tongue as Kirti put his hand on waist and opened the strings of her blue coloured sonal’s lower parts are nude as her hubby is kissing sonal’s vagina and my hubby left her tongue as he took out her tops from her body.looking like a sexy lady in her undergarments ,I can see kirti’s tongue licking her vagina and now I stands near my hubby as I started removing my tops and I am a hot blonde with my brassiere and G string on sexual organs ,Anish is kissing sonal’s chest and I sits on floor as I pulled down his undies ,now anish’s long penis is in my hand and I put my lips on it to kiss , while sitting near me Kirti is kicking sonal’s vagina as she is”aahh uuhh you dog lick it fast” and I am moving it’s glans on my I opened my mouth to took my hubby’s penis as I pulled down kirti’s undies and hold his cock in my hand to Anish cock is in my mouth ,I am sucking it while masturbating kirti’s cock and I can see Anish removing sonal’s brassiere as her boobs are sexy ,and he hold it as he opened his mouth to suck while pressing other I started moving my face fast to suck anish’s cock as kirti’s cock is in my palm ,sexy voice of both lady”uuhh aahh uumm”is making coup hot and I can see Kirti leaving a reddish vagina as I am giving my hubby a hard and fast blowjob.later on ,I left his erected cock and we four are nude in coup.

It’s 06:05 pm as we have time to enjoy before our dinners Anish sits on my legs as Kirti is standing infront of me with his long dick,looking to Kirti I hold his cock as I opened my mouth and took it inside to swallow it whole in my mouth .as kirti’s cock is getting sucked ,Anish widend my hole as his tongue is licking my vagina and while sucking kirti’s penis hard ,my sexy voice “aahh uumm oohh ” is inciting them to both guys are enjoying oral sex with Bina ,Sonal is sitting on berth as he is pressing his boobs hard .now Kirti put his hand on my hairs and started fucking my mouth with his long cock as my hubby’s tongue is rolling inside my vagina and as glans is hitting my deep throat ,I am feeling horny and lastly ,I pushed kirti’s waist back to free my mouth from a long Anish left my vagina as I can see him going to Donald legs and Sonal like a whore , stretched her legs as Anish is kissing her vagina and I am sitting on berth with Kirti.

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