Third part of my fun with four BBc and my best friend

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I gave Trevor’s cock one last kiss and sucked him a little bit more before he fastened himself back up as we sorted ourselves out.

We quickly finished our drinks before slowly walking out and up to the elevator that would take us to our rooms.

Second part of my fun with Tracey and four big black hunks

There was no one else about so once in the elevators the guys began fondling and kissing Tracey and I passionately.

Tracey took the opportunity to get both Daniel and Henry’s cocks out, dropping to her knees and sucking on each of them in turn as we went up in the lift.

I was pushed back against one of the walls with two fingers from each of the other men now probing and slopping around my frothing pussy. My knickers had been slid down my legs and kicked off, left lying on the elevator floor.

We arrived at the third floor and the doors opened and thankfully no one else was around. My panties were picked up and we walked back to our room, me knickerless and the two guys still with their cocks out.

For this fun we had gone back to the room where I was spending the night with my two older lovers.

Once inside the room the fun began quite quickly, with Tracey being stripped out of her blouse and her trousers leaving her standing in the sexy black bodystocking and her red high heels.

The guys told her she looked incredible. Her big tits looked magnificent as she was pawed and groped all over.

My skirt and blouse were stripped off, along with my bra and now I was just standing in my copper coloured stockings, red suspender belt and my heels.

Once more the guys commented on the tattoos on our ankles telling us how much they enjoyed them and we told them that we also had replaced the other ones with new ones.

I spun around to show them my tattoo on the small of my back and Tracey reciprocated, pulling her bodystocking down to show the ‘whore’ tattoo on her left tit.

I quickly had Trevor once again fingerbanging me as I was leaning against a chest of drawers. Tracey was already on her hands and knees, loudly and greedily sucking on Daniel, Clive and Henry in turn.

I wanted to see my friend take on all four of them so told Trevor to go and join his son, his brother and his nephew and give me a real show as they fucked the shit out of my friend. I wanted to play with myself as I watched on.

I lay back on the double bed making myself comfortable, with my legs spread wide and my heels dug into the duvet as my right hand slowly tweaked, pulled and tugged on both of my nipples in turn and my left hand was working on my wet slit and clit.

“Go on fuck her,” I commanded.”Let me fucking see you use her.”

Tracey was now surrounded by all four of the men and was standing with her crotchless, lace bodystocking now pulled down so her big tits hung over the top of it.

Henry and his father Clive had a finger each working on her pussy and her ass. Henry slid a finger, then a second and a third into her cunt as she practically begged his father to open her ass up.

“I want a fucking cock up my arse,” she blurted.

She was being kissed deeply by Trevor and his son Daniel worked on each of her big swinging tits, licking and sucking her nipples alternately and then pulling them quite hard. They were now bullet stiff and Tracey was opening her legs wide to allow another hard finger fucking. Four fingers were now slamming into her sopping wet twat.

She now had a finger deep up her wet, open arsehole as well.

“Let me get your gorgeous cocks nice and stiff boys,” she said. ” I want fucked in every hole.”

I was really tugging at my nipples as I watched my friend acting out like a complete cheap whore for the four naked black men.

She moved around them kissing each one and pulling on their hard cocks whilst french kissing them and with her hands all over their muscular chests and bums.

She was soon back on her knees with the men literally queuing up for her to suck them off and get them nice and hard.

I now had two fingers slamming in and out of my wet cunt as I watched the stunningly filthy action and I knew that I was pretty close to climaxing by playing with myself.

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