Having Sex With my twin Sister

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Chapter 1 – Introduction –
Today I am going to tell you the story of my first lesbian expereince with my twin sister Tori. Firstly, I live in a small family of me, my sister, and my mother. I do not know my father and neither does my sister as you will see later. Our mother long ago always wanted children but could never have them as she had gotten a hysterectomy(uterus removed). However, due to her background in medical engineering, she could incubate embryos and still sort of “give birth” as she has done before for other people who were infertile. She also wanted twins from a young age so she figured this would be the perfect way to do it. Basically, she took two pairs of DNA from four people and merged them into two embryos, incubated them, then boom! Me and my sister were made. I know it sounds weird but my mother was never the romantic or sexual type as she was mainly Asexual and Aroace. She never dealt with guys besides her father, and was always taught to focus on her job. But from there, me and my sister were born.

As you can see, we are not the most typical family which I’m indifferent on. My mother(Orisa) is a 45 year old caucasian woman with brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a basic figure. To me she was gorgeous, but to an outsider that was easily diminished as her personality was that of a robot. She always focused on work, judged others heavily, and only did things if it had a specific purpose. She loved me and my sister just fine, but as a person she was very tight knit as she only interacted with her family. My sister (Tori), is a 18 year old girl with brown hair, hazel eyes and a smart personality. She always had less insecurity than me, was confident, and sometimes acted intimidating to others when I really knew she could be soft at times. She was also gorgeous with very smooth legs, nice perky boobs, and great hair. And as far as me(Juliette), I am also an 18 year old girl but not as pretty as Tori in my opinion. I used to be really insecure but now I’ve gained more confidence over the years and am starting to love my skinny figure. Tori always said that I had our mother’s intuition and cared just like her and I guess in a way that is still true. However, I am going to tell you the story of how we developed feelings for each other and eventually, took each other’s virginity.

Chapter 2 – Coming Out –
To start off, like a year ago I came out to my family. Growing up Tori was always into boys and showed it off, but I never did. She never failed to call out when a guy was hot or got her aroused, which me and my mother joked about. However, I never really did the same. Soon I realized that it was due to me not liking boys, but girls. After realizing this, I went on a spiral of masturbating with the thought of different girls from my private school, or watching movies that played women I had crushes on. I then went to lesbian porn and fell in instant love with it. I wasn’t completely turned off by the Idea of a penis, but sex between to girls far out compteted for my arousal. It wasn’t until one day I told my sister.

We were at the dinner table and our mother was asleep. I was feeling extremely anxious because I knew our mother was very judgemental and wanted us to go down a specific path, her path. But my sister took my “I think I’m gay” more lightly. She was clear that she didn’t care and that it made sense given my distaste with some of the guys she has pointed out. She even laughed about it and asked if I even masturbated to lesbian porn, which I spilled that out too. It wasn’t until the next day, I wrote my mother a note and stuck it on her bed. It was pretty long but it basically confessed to my arousal of women and pleaded not to be disappointed or to “hate me”. Now thinking back on it, it was really insecure of me to think my mother would instantly hate me for anything I would have done, but I digress. Later that day my mother sat down and gave me a note that she wrote, stating that I could never do anything for her to look down on me, and that I should be proud of what makes me aroused. From then on I was open about being a lesbian, and felt more comfortable.

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