Jasmine Flower To Red Flower

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Hi All. Read Fucked Deepa On Deepawali before starting this.

After coming from Preethi house on Wednesday morning I went to college in the afternoon. When I went to college staff found that I didn’t came to college from last week and informed to the disciplinary staff. Raj Sir came from disciplinary staff and took me to the Principal room and I tried to give some explanation and tried to escape from them. They didn’t believe me and finally they given me the punishment to me for not attending to the classes without having a valid reason. Even that is fine Principal given punishment to me for not attending to the college. But Raj Sir is keeping on scolding me while going to Principal room and while coming from Principal room. I got a lot of irritation and anger on him. I stayed calm and waited for the situation to take my revenge on him.

After few days there is a party happened as a treat for chairman son marriage. Party is happening in the night in the college ground and we all are enjoying and staff came to control the students if anyone is behaving more than normal. Concert is happening on the stage. We all are enjoying and after sometime I felt like want to piss and went behind the stage. Behind stage there are full of bushes and full of dark. I am just casually walking and trying to find a place to piss. I saw a bunch of Jasmine flowers fell on the ground there. I am hearing some moaning sounds from bushes. I thought it might be some students enjoying there and left them and moving. In the same time I heard the woman is moaning Ahhhh…………. Come On Raj, Come On Raj…………….. I stood there for a minute and think and tried to remember whether Raj Sir is there in the party or not. I remembered I saw him in the starting when we came for party. After that I didn’t saw him. I got a doubt that Raj might be Raj Sir and went nearby bushes and slowly moved bushes aside and peeped inside. Yes that is Raj Sir. I looked for the woman with him. She is Rajitha Mam. The hottest figure of the entire college in the staff. Her figure is 36-24-36 with white skin tone and having a fit structure at age 28. While she is walking itself all students will stare at her. She is lying down and Raj Sir is leaning on her and just now he started to fuck her pussy and she is moaning with his name. I thought it is the perfect time to take my revenge and I just want to disturb them and make them to move away from there. I stood there and started to piss on them. They are in a situation can’t shout on me and stayed calm. My piss went on to Raj Sir face and Rajitha Mam boobs and face. The stayed calm for sometime without making any sound and they thought I went from there and again they continued to fuck. My plan didn’t worked properly and they didn’t moved away from there and again they continued to fuck. I took my phone and peeped inside into the bushes and took photos of them in the bushes with flash. Rajitha Mam turned her face aside and covered her face with hands. Raj Sir is starring at camera and got a clear picture of him. They didn’t saw me clearly. Raj Sir started to shout and asking me stop. I didn’t stop and ran away from there and went into the crowd and enjoying the party. After sometime I saw Raj Sir and Rajitha Mam is coming from behind the stage. Raj Sir is searching for the person who took photos in the crowd. He is not able to find the person and walking all over the ground in the party with full of frustration and anger.

I took my revenge on him and felt happy and don’t want to send those photos to anyone and just kept with me to use them if required in future. Next day onwards I have noticed that he is pointing out to the students who are having mobile phones in the college and making them to get into problems wanted. I got anger on him and decided to use those photos and make him to get out of the college. I took print out of his photos from one of the my friends photoshop and came to college and went to staff room to send them as a compliant from staff to principal using the staff complaint cover and stamp. Why I thought soo means if we send a compliant cover as a student first it will go to the disciplinary staff and if they are not able to resolve the problem then it will go principal. If I send from staff cover it will directly go to the principal. I am able to theft a staff complaint cover without knowing to the staff and came back to class and filled the complaint and kept photos inside the cover and made it ready to send to the principal. Before sending I saw a notice printed on the cover that stamp from cleark is mandatory to send it to principal directly or else it will go to disciplinary staff first and then it will go to principal. I want to send it to principal directly and didn’t understand what to do and how to get stamp without knowing to the cleark. I waited for the cleark to move away from his place and planned to get the stamp on that cover without knowing to him. After sometime he went to toilet and within the to time I went inside and searched for the stamp. I am unable to find it and keepon searching. After sometime I saw it and immediately took it out and placed stamp on the cover. Exactly when the time I placed stamp on the cover cleark came and saw me.

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