Expect the Unexpected-9

Please read the previous part here ( Expect the Unexpected-8 ). Now let’s continue… Nina almost shrieked when he did this, he said “now remove your panties quickly”. She knew he wasn’t asking so removed and put everything on the shelf. Bunty kneeled holding the new panties for her. She finally let go of her inhibitions … Read more

Satisfied with Business women Madhuri

Satisfied with Business women Madhuri 36 years old business women how fulfill with her dreams and satisfaction with me During the last few days when I was out of service, one of my old clients called me and said that he needs your service urgently. I’m not doing it right now. But she said please … Read more

Living Again After Growing Old-14

Please read the previous part here ( Living Again After Growing Old-13 ). Now let’s continue Putta placed his hands behind my head pushing his big manhood deep down my throat depositing his full load straight to my stomach. I too enjoyed this and was past all my premonitions about anal sex followed by a blowjob … Read more

My Hot Punjabi Mom-13

Please read the previous part here ( My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 12 ). Now let’s continue Neetu said “Isn’t this robe enough? After all he is only coming to fuck me and this will be faster to remove and fuck”. We sat in the hall talking about the day’s events. I made sure I … Read more

Ma amma ni pakkinti uncles trap chesi dengeru (Indian – Threesome)

Hello friends this is Surya. Madhi maredumilli ma intlo nenu amma ma nanna untamu madhi own house with three portions memu oka portion lo untamu ma pakkana rent ki echesemu. Ma amma age 45 pedha colour em kadhu shapes baguntayi pedha boobs and thana back kuda pedhadhi face lo glow untadhi kani baguntadhi. Okaroju ma … Read more

Jasmine Flower To Red Flower

After few days there is a party happened as a treat for chairman son marriage. Party is happening in the night in the college ground and we all are enjoying and staff came to control the students if anyone is behaving more than normal.

Mom Tried To Bring Me Out Of Depression

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Exams Preparation With Preethi before starting this. Next day after starting to home it is full of mud and water all the way to the home. Traffic got stuck for long distance. It took more than 4 hrs to reach my home. After reaching home I immediately started to … Read more

Sex with Sister in law – 2

Hi Readers, Myself Ratan, 35 years old from Pune works in MNC. I am back with my new real life story. So continuing from previous part.  Agle din me car leke Sheetal didi ko lene ke liye chala gaya. Jaise hi me unke yaha pahucha, me to didi ko dekhte hi reh gaya. Unhone meri … Read more

The Great Sen Family : 11

Not wasting her time leisurely at home or wondering aimlessly, Probhaboti decided to start a new job at a restaurant cum hotel “Sandhyatara” where arrangements of both fooding and lodging were provided for wealthy folks only. Getting recommendation from Munmun through her daughterdaughter-in-law Mala, she was able to get a little more offer than she … Read more

My chithi tamil selvi part -3

Hello beautiful reader I hope you are doing great, I’m going to start a 3 part of selvi chithi, and let’s get into it, if you missed parts of 1 and 2. Please check out this beautiful story My chithi tamil selvi part -2. Continue…. After chithappa came he brought some snacks and money to … Read more

My Wife My Life-1

Hi Friends, I am posting this series on behalf of my fan who reached out to me to help him compose and edit on his behalf. This story is about Ramesh who is a loving husband 27yrs old and Rekha who is a 21yrs old housewife. Read on in his own words from here. My … Read more

Mom became fitness freak to fucking freak – Part 1

Hi All. I am KKD. After coming back from my aunt house in the village for classes and exam to my home. I reached home and everything is going fine. But after few days I am feeling horny and remember all the things happened in the village with my aunt. I am feeling to have … Read more

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