Two Lesbian Nurses love in bed

Walaa and Maryam were two young women studying nursing in Germany. They had been classmates since their first semester and had become the best of friends. As they studied together, they also started exploring their sexuality and eventually realized that they were both attracted to women. Their friendship turned into a passionate romance and they couldn’t resist each other’s touch.

It was a warm, humid night in Tunisia and the two girls had decided to spend it in Maryam’s small apartment. They had been studying all day and were both exhausted, but their desire for each other was too strong to ignore. As they lay in bed, their bodies entwined, Walaa couldn’t help but admire Maryam’s beautiful face in the dim light of the room.

Without a word, Maryam leaned in and pressed her lips against Walaa’s. The kiss was slow and deep, their tongues intertwined as they tasted each other’s essence. Walaa’s hand slid down Maryam’s body, caressing every inch as she made her way to her breasts. She cupped them gently, feeling the softness of her skin before tracing her fingers around her nipples. Maryam let out a soft moan, encouraging Walaa to continue her exploration.

Feeling bold, Walaa took one of Maryam’s nipples into her mouth and started sucking on it. Maryam’s body arched in response to the sensation, her hands gripping Walaa’s hair as she moaned. She switched to the other nipple, giving it the same attention as her hand trailed down to Maryam’s waist. She could feel her breath quicken as she made her way lower.

With shaky hands, Walaa pulled down Maryam’s panties and parted her legs. She was met with the sight of Maryam’s glistening vagina, her arousal evident. Without wasting any time, Walaa leaned in and started licking her clit, eliciting a sharp gasp from Maryam. She moaned and squirmed under Walaa’s touch, her hands gripping the sheets tightly.

As Walaa licked and sucked on her clit, Maryam’s body was on fire with pleasure. Her breath was ragged and her hands were tangled in Walaa’s hair, urging her on. Feeling emboldened, Walaa inserted a finger inside her and started pumping in and out. Maryam’s moans became louder and her hips bucked against Walaa’s hand, wanting more.

As Walaa’s finger quickened its pace, Maryam begged her for more. Wanting to give her pleasure, Walaa pushed in another finger and started thrusting harder, hitting all the right spots. Maryam’s body was shaking with pleasure, her moans growing louder as she neared her climax.

Feeling the tension build up in Maryam’s body, Walaa added a third finger and started fingering her even faster. Maryam’s moans turned into screams as she finally reached her peak, her body convulsing in pleasure. Walaa continued to finger her until she rode out her orgasm, her body spent and satisfied.

As Maryam caught her breath, Walaa looked up at her with a mischievous glint in her eyes. She leaned in and whispered, ‘I want to try something new.’

She flipped Maryam over, exposing her backside. Without hesitation, she started licking and sucking on her anus, causing Maryam to gasp in surprise and pleasure. As Walaa continued to tease her, she slowly inserted a finger into her anus, causing Maryam to moan even louder.

Not wanting to stop there, Walaa inserted a second finger and then a third, stretching her slowly. Maryam felt a mix of pleasure and pain as she was penetrated from both ends. But she trusted Walaa and knew that she would stop if it became too much.

As Walaa thrust her fingers deeper and deeper, Maryam felt the familiar warmth building up in her body. She reached down and started rubbing her own clit, adding to the pleasure. And just as she was about to reach her peak, Walaa unexpectedly inserted her whole fist into her anus.

The sensation was overwhelming, and Maryam let out a loud cry as she climaxed hard. Her whole body shook with pleasure and she felt completely spent. As she lay there, panting and sweating, she couldn’t believe the intensity of what had just happened.

And as they both lay in bed, cuddled up in each other’s arms, Walaa and Maryam knew that this was just the beginning of their journey together. They had explored new boundaries and experienced pleasure in a way that they couldn’t have imagined before. And as they drifted off to sleep, they knew that tomorrow would be another adventurous day for them.

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