Fucked Deepa On Deepawali

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Sunday Sex before starting this.

After few days we got our previous semester results. We all got pass. I called Preethi and asked whether she got passed or not. She said she got passed with full of happiness. She invited me to celebrate Diwali with them. Diwali is on Friday. If I keep holiday on Saturday I can get three days holidays to institution. So I thought to go to her home and enjoy with her and fuck her. Unexpectedly every one in our class planned to do mass bunk on Wednesday and Thursday. I have started to her home without informing to her on Wednesday morning itself. I went to her home.

By the time I went to her home. Aunty is doing some work by sitting at dining table and Preethi is watching TV by streching her legs and keeping on another chair and her petticoat is lifted till knees and top of her half saree is slipped down and boobs are visible from top view in her blouse. When I am seeing her boobs from top her half saree slipped more down and I am able to her navel as well. Aunty saw me and about to greet me. I signalled Aunty to stay calm and left all my luggage on the floor and hold Preethi eyes from backside and asked her to find. She immediately stood up from the chair and think for few seconds and trying to find by saying some children name in the village. When she is standing her half saree completely went down and only a small part of half saree is hanging at her petticoat. Her waist and back are clearly visible for me from the back. I removed the hanging part of her half saree at her petticoat and made her to stand on her blouse and petticoat. Still she is saying some children name. I immediately dragged her more closer to me and hugged her from backside and closed her eyes with one hand using elbow and I placed another hand on her waist and squeezing and kissing on her neck. She is moaning and hold my head tight and dragging me towards her to kiss and smooch her more on the neck. I placed my hand all over her navel and pinching and squeezing her waist and navel. I started to squeeze her boobs over blouse and she is saying my name and telling me to do it more.

I noticed someone is coming down from steps and looked at steps. It is her sister Deepa. She is coming down by holding a baby in her hand. She asked to Aunty

Deepa: Mom, what is happening?
Aunty: Nothing, he came and trying to surprise Preethi by closing her eyes. Preethi find him and told his name. You know about your sister right. She said some mischievous words to him and he just hold her and they are just playing.

Aunty immediately told me to leave her and go to the room in second floor. I left Preethi and took my luggage and greeted Deepa and went to the room in second floor. After sometime Preethi came to room to clean the room as the room was not used from many days and it may be dirt. Preethi took a broom sticks and started to sweep the room. When she is bending and sweeping the room her boobs are visible from her blouse and I am starring at her boobs. She looked at me and asked what? I am still starring at her boobs and said nothing. She given a smile by looking at me and continued to sweep. I went nearby to her and squeezed her boobs and ass checks at once. She moaned and continued to sweep. I am keeping on squeezing and she is moaning. After sometime she is not able to control herself and pushed me away and said

Preethi: Enough stay away from me.
I didn’t listened to her and keep on squeezing.
Preethi: Stay away or else I will beat you with broom stick.
In angry tone. I said ok by looking at her and started to step back from her. But immediately she hold my pant belt and dragged me closer to her and said
Preethi: Do it.
By feeling shy and looking at me. I continued to squeeze her boobs, waist and ass cheeks. She is sweeping the room. We went till the room door and Preethi noticed Deepa coming upstairs and asked me to stay away. Deepa came and went on to terrace without noticing us. I hold Preethi waist and dragged her tried to give liplock to her. Preethi said

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