My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 3

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Thank you for all your messages, please read the previous part so you can enjoy better…

I was happy the medicine worked and ended the sexual drought in mom’s life. I saved the videos on my computer and went to the kitchen to keep the coffee mug. I saw Pooja sitting on the sofa very excited. After seeing her naked having sex, my outlook about her completely changed.

Pooja was no longer my mom but my fantasy woman. I complimented her saying “you are glowing like you are 20yrs younger”. Pooja smiled saying “Thank you, what is your schedule today”. I said “today I am working from home and maybe step out for some errands in the evening”.

Suddenly all the excitement from her face vanished. She asked “are you skipping office”? I said “No, I need to do some online research and my project work so I am going to be busy in my room all day, call me when lunch is ready”.

She relaxed and I remembered that both wanted to enjoy again today. I went to my desk and was going thru the rest of the recordings. I saw after Raja left she collected the paper and locked the door. She sat down with her morning tea reading the paper.

She quickly went thru the paper and finished her tea. Our maid comes to work at 7am and leaves by 8am. Today the maid was late and Pooja impatiently waited for her to leave, the maid left by 8.15am. Pooja lay on the sofa slipping her hand inside her top and other to her pussy.

She spread her legs and began masturbating closing her eyes. She continued till she had another orgasm. A few minutes later is when I walked in to have my coffee while she still lay on the sofa with her fingers still inside her pussy.

So now back to the present. I opened a live feed of the hall while doing my work. She was very restless pacing up and down the hall. Raja called, I could only hear her side of the conversation. She said “I also want to enjoy with you darling but it is not possible because my son is at home”.

After some more explaining she hung up the phone. I saw she continued pacing the room restlessly. Finally, she took the phone and called me. I went to her again pretending dumb. She said “Sonu I want to invite someone home today. I need your help to dress up special “.

I guessed she was really desperate to enjoy with Raja again and was asking me because I was at home. I said “no problem, I will be in my room. Call me when your meeting is over. I will also help you like always”. She hugged me tightly, I asked “have you invited your guest”?

She said “no, I wanted to take your permission first”. I said “it’s your life, why do you need my permission”. She said “please understand I am very nervous because I am doing this for after so many years”.

I said “invite your guest first and call me when you need me”. She called him and went inside her bedroom talking to him. She came back after a while very excited saying “he is coming at 11.30, now I have to get ready”.

Mom is very particular about her dressing, especially when she has to meet someone important. She will dress up to perfection with my help. She went to her bedroom and took out a few chiffon sarees and laid them on her bed deciding what to wear between them.

She told me to wait while she went and took a bath. She came out wrapped in a towel and said “I am unable to decide what to wear because I don’t know his likes”. Mustering every gram of courage in my body I asked “what is the occasion “?

She blushed saying “I don’t know what to call it”. I asked “are you having a date”? She said “well it might end in a date”. I already knew the occasion so stopped asking more questions.

She said “I don’t know what to say because many things have happened between us. He is the only one who made me happy after so many years. So I want to thank him by dressing special for him”. I asked “do you love him “?

She said “no not at all, I just like him a lot”. I said “fine, what has he seen you wearing till now “? She said “he has seen me in everyday house clothes”. I asked “has he met you in salwar kameez”? She said “no, always in nighty”.

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