Aunty Invited Me With Fuck

Hi All. I am KKD. Read Holiday Fuck with Mom and Anuradha Aunty before starting this. After getting the exam schedule and centers I saw that my exam center is 15 kms away from my home. I came to know that it is just 2 kms away from Preethi house. So I decided to go … Read more

Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly- Nephew’s version (Part 6)

Hey this is maddy again.Thank you for your valuable feedback on previous parts. I know some replys are pending.I will reply soon to all of your comments. Continuing from part 5 – Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 5) Aunty and her children started to have dinner and i joined them.I quickly had my … Read more

Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 5)

Hey this is maddy. Continuing from part 4 Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunt Mercilessly Nephew’s version (Part 4) Next day when i woke up late.I freshened up and searched for her but saw her young son and puzzeled to see him. Aunty was in the hall and have brightness in her face and it was glowing.I asked … Read more

Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly- Nephew’s version (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1(For Part 1- Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly- Nephew’s version (Part 1)) After a break, woke up from her,and she was gaining her conscious and found herself naked. Realising the scuffling ravishment, she started to weep and slowly moved and rolled over the edge of bed. Feeling her vagina dripping with my … Read more

The New Girl-9

Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts so you can enjoy this better… We got dressed and I left the place and went to Prakash’s room. As soon as I entered his room we hugged and kissed like lovers. Prakash locked his door and removed his clothes and mine. … Read more

Son comes home for the holidays to his sexy Indian mother

Son comes home for the holidays to his sexy Indian mother As I stood outside my home in the beating rain at 11 pm, waiting for my mother to open the door, the only thing I could think of was what my mother would be wearing. Because the last time I had come home from … Read more

My Live In Relationship Life With My Daughter Dr. Ritu

Hi Everyone, this is my first and real life story . I am Ritik, I am 46 Years old man .I belong to Lucknow and presently settled in Noida for a long time . I am around 6 Feet tall, having very fit muscular built body with broad chest, shoulders and thick arms . My … Read more

Married man goes on cruise, leaving wife behind

Last Christmas for my bonus, my boss gave my wife and I a cruise. My wife was ecstatic about the idea of spending a week aboard a ship relaxing with all the service that comes with the cruise. A week later my wife gave me her dates that she would be able to take off … Read more

My Mistake and My Wife’s Gangbang on Our Honeymoon

HI Everyone, I’m Vineet Sisodiya, 29 years old and the eldest in my family with three younger brothers. Being well settled, my parents forced me into my marriage. I accepted and got married to Chaitali. Chaitali comes from a small town and is a graduate of Arts. Chaitali is magnificent beauty. She’s 5’ 7” tall, … Read more

Karen turned cuckold

Well this is the first story of Karen’s adventures. Karen has wrote and submitted most of them. She had cheated on me a few times the first 5 yrs we were married. We split up for about 2 months, then started talking to each other again. One of best friends told me 1 evening after … Read more

Friend’s Hot Mom

Hello everyone, I’m Sourabh. Hope you all good. As I said I’m from Odisha but live at Chennai. Though I’m 28 year old I came across many sexual experiences with my close relation (aunties, cousin and bhabhi). Today I want to share my sexual experience which happened with my friend’s mother. Talking about my friend’s … Read more

A massage therapist has an unexpected client

Maggie was running late. It was so unlike her to be late, she was usually punctual to a fault, but not today. Today everything had gone wrong. It had started the night before, really. When the discreet cardboard box had arrived on her porch, Maggie knew that her TV plans that evening were going to … Read more

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