Mother and son win free passes to the movies

Mother and son win free passes to the movies, Mother and son learn a lot about themselves on an innocent trip to the movies. They will also learn nothing in life is free

I have always enjoyed going to the movies with mom ever since I can remember. Now that I am eighteen I still enjoy watching movies with her. Mom would take me to the theatre for a Sunday matinee and we would share popcorn, a soda and sometimes we would even sneak in our own candy. It was a lot of fun.

There was always a free raffle at the counter and I stuffed the box full of entries in hopes that I would win something. After eleven years of stuffing the raffle box at the theatre you would have thought I would win something but no such luck.

Maybe my luck changed today as I received an invitation in the mail to view a couple movies at no charge. “Well what do you know, after all these years I finally won something.”

In fact, the company holding the raffle would pay mom and myself $100 each to view both movies. The letter specified both of us must be mother and son, be blood relatives and over the age of eighteen, and we needed to verify we are mother and son with birth certificates and a picture ID. Another requirement was that we needed to view both movies in their entirety. They wanted our candid opinions of movie viewers’ likes and habits.


I thought it odd they required both mother and son must be blood relatives. In fact they wanted proof which made it all the more suspicious. The stipulation was that afterwards we would need to complete a survey about the movies and viewing habits. For maybe four hours of watching movies I was not going to pass up $100 for each of us.

After dinner, I approached mom and let her read the letter I received. When she finished reading the letter she turned her head to me, gave me a quizzical look, then sat down at the kitchen table to reread the letter.

“Hiroto, what is this and why did they send it to you?”

“Mom, remember how I would always stuff the raffle box at the movie theatre? Well, I finally won. They will pay the both of us $100 each to view a couple movies after we filled out their survey about our opinions and viewing habits on the movies.”

“But Hiroto, why do they state it needs to be a mother and son and on top of it we need to verify it with a birth certificate and picture ID?”

“I don’t know mom but isn’t it cool. We get to watch a couple movies and get paid $100 each.”

“It sounds strange to me but if you really want to go see the movies I don’t see why not. It’s been awhile since the both us have been to a movie anyway. Why don’t you call the telephone number and see if they will allow us to view the movies this Sunday. If not, see about the following Sunday.”

“Thanks mom, you’re the best. I love you.”

With that, I gave mom one of the biggest hugs and a kiss. Years ago I never liked hugging or kissing mom for fear of one of my friends seeing me. But now that I’m eighteen I love it. To tell you the truth, I believe mom enjoys my affection just as much as I like being affectionate with her. Her lips are so soft, full and sensuous. All my friends keep reminding me she’s a real MILF being a petite Japanese woman. Mom always dresses impeccably and the fragrance she wears is subtle, yet alluring.

At age 35, mom has a great body and is very attractive. I think one, or should I say two of her better assets are her tits. They are big and firm and when she jumps in the pool, the cold-water makes her nipples stand erect. In fact they become so large they strain against her swimsuit. Anyone that passes by mom will always manage to take a second look.

Sometimes I tease mom and swim under the water, sneak up behind her and wrap my arms around her squeezing her tits. That’s when I cop a feel and get a true sense of how hard and large her nipples and tits really are.

My dick immediately gets hard after pressing it against her butt crack. I know mom doesn’t like any type of affection in public so she will swat my arms to get me to leave her alone. After she swats my arms a second time I know it’s time to release her. I swim away as fast as I can so she doesn’t have the chance to smack me again. Our play is all in fun.

Naturally, I grab my towel off the lounge chair and run in to the house. When I get to my room and pull off my suit I jack off to the fantasy of fucking mom. Growing up, mom has been very strict with me. At times, I really resent her for not allowing me to go to social events with my friends. She tells me I need to study.

I called the number to claim my prize and the woman I spoke with sounded extremely sexy and was very accommodating. She said her name was Tomiko and told me where they were located and to be there at 11 a.m. on Sunday with my mother. At that time they would verify our birth certificates and ID’s then have us sign a waiver. The approximate viewing time would be four hours and afterwards we would need to complete our surveys, which may take fifteen minutes to complete.

I told mom the good news and we were both looking forward to Sunday. We both laughed that it was going to be easy money in the bank.

The week dragged by but Sunday finally arrived. Mom wore a blue silk blouse that was fitted so it showed all her curves with stiletto-heeled shoes to match. The hem on her white pleated skirt rode half way up her thigh and when she bent over I could see the delicate lace of her stocking tops. Mom has long straight black hair that almost reaches the middle of her back. Today she braided a small strand of hair on her right side. It made her look like she was a college coed. She looked so sexy I had to hide my raging hard-on from her.

She drove us to the address where Tomiko told us to view the movies. When we pulled up we were expecting to see a movie theatre but instead it was a small business front in a light industrial area.

We both walked inside and were greeted by a man and woman. They were very nice and I noticed how pretty and elegant looking the woman was. It was the same woman I spoke with on the phone as I recognized her sexy voice. She introduced herself as Tomiko and the man said his name was Kenji. Kenji was wearing a business suit and he looked very distinguished. Tomiko said to us, “Good morning Kyoko and Hiroto, welcome to the viewing of your movies.”

If I guessed, I would say Tomiko was almost forty years old, sexy, pretty face, warming smile, black hair and a figure that would put most twenty year olds at the back of the line. No lie, great tits and a smoking hot ass.

They told us we would be seated in the privacy of our own viewing room with a DVD player and large flat screen TV. Kenji made copies of our birth certificates and picture ID’s. Then he pulled out a waiver for each of us to sign. It appeared to be a standard document. As I glanced through it I read terms such as:

Will not be held responsible

Hold harmless


Must be 18 years of age

View movies in their entirety

Compensation of $100 dollars

Make self-available to view other media

Name may be used in testimonials and on media

Allow digital media (i.e. photographs and movies) of myself

Successful completion of survey after viewing movies

It looked like normal lawyer jargon in the document and I asked mom if it was all right to sign it. First mom asked Kenji about the paragraph regarding digital media. He stated it coincides with testimonials, use of our pictures, etc. We both seemed okay with it so we signed the waiver documents.

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They both ushered us in to a room with the large screen TV and showed us how to operate it. It was just like playing a DVD at home. When I asked about popcorn Kenji and Tomiko both looked at each other with expressions like, “Is he for real?” and walked out of the room. On their way out we both heard the door lock.

Mom and I looked at each other with bewilderment but she said that’s probably so we don’t run out if the movies stink. We both laughed and mom asked me to start the first movie.

I loaded the DVD in the player and it started without any trailers or previews, no title or starring characters. Both of us almost fell off our seats when we saw a naked boy and woman in a 69 position having sex on a bed. Mom gasped, blushed and put her hands over her mouth half way covering her eyes. My jaw almost hit the floor and my eyes could have popped out of my head.

Mom looked over at me and asked, “Did you know anything about the movies we were going to watch Hiroto?”

“Honestly mom, I swear I didn’t know anything about it.”

We both sat back totally in shock. As the movie played, both of us became more uncomfortable. I glanced over at mom every couple minutes to see her fidgeting. At first she had a look of embarrassment on her face. After about ten minutes I noticed her hands moving around her body adjusting her clothing. Her right hand was massaging her inner thighs, reaching up under her pleated skirt. Mom’s left hand began to grab and lightly massage her tits moving slowly around in circles.

I got so excited watching mom play with herself it made me horny as hell. I began to rub one of my hands between my legs, nonchalantly brushing over my hard cock and balls. I caught mom glancing over at me and then she said to me, “Hiroto, are you as uncomfortable as I am?”

“Yes mom. The movie makes me uncomfortable yet at the same time I am becoming aroused. Please forgive me.”

In the next scene the son was fucking his mother doggy style. She kept telling her son how awful her behavior was and she needed to be punished by him. An evil grin appeared on his face. He reached over, grabbed a riding crop and began to hit his mother’s swinging tits. With that, his mother began ejaculating all over her son. Fluid was running down both of their legs. I never saw anything like it.

I glanced over out of the corner of my eye and looked at the expression on mom’s face. It was priceless. Her eyes were glued to the screen and she craved every moment of the action. I watched as mom unfastened a button on her blouse, slipped her hand in and began pinching her nipples through her bra. It was a scene I will never forget.

“Hiroto, isn’t it odd that a mother and son would be required to watch this movie together?”

“Yes mom. I am very uncomfortable watching a mother and son incest movie sitting next to my own mother.”

“Do you find this embarrassing?”

“In my wildest dreams I have never thought about sitting with you watching an incest porn movie.”

“Do you still want to watch the movies with your mother?”

“Yes mom. We signed the waiver that said we would watch both movies in their entirety. I think we should see this through.”

“Have you ever watched a porno movie like this before?”

“No mom but I have to admit I am beginning to enjoy it.”

“Hiroto, I hope you are not embarrassed watching this movie. Mommy is a woman and I enjoy watching porno movies, especially an incest movie like this one. In fact, I often rent triple X movies at home and watch then when your father is at work and you are at school. Because sex with your father is far and few between, I masturbate a lot while I watch the movies.”

“Do you think this is actually a mother and son having sex in the movie?”

“I believe so mom because they both look very much alike.”

“I think you’re right. I do not think they are doing anything wrong if they are having sex. Even if they are related they love each other and that’s all that matters.”

As mom continued watching the movie she became more aroused. Without thinking, she lifted her knee upwards and rested her foot on the edge of the leather couch. She massaged her pussy through her G-string and used her other hand to massage her tits. With her other hand inside her blouse and shelf bra pushed down I saw mom roll her nipples between her thumb and index finger. My cock was already beginning to pulsate but when I saw her rub her erect nipples on the silk material inside her blouse I thought I was going to cum in my pants.

I looked over at mom and asked, “Mom, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry my son, you shouldn’t see your mother doing things like that to herself.”

“You can do it if you want to mom.”

“Do you like watching mommy massaging her tits and pussy?”

“I sure do mom. I have never thought of you this way before, a very desirable and beautiful woman.”

Mom noticed me rubbing my cock through my pants and said, “you can do it to yourself if you want.”

“Are you embarrassed to be sitting next to me Hiroto?”

“Well kind of but no not really mom.”

“Well in that case Hiroto would you like to touch mommy’s tits? We can fool around.”

“Yes, I would like that very much mother. I guess I am just a little nervous.”

“Hiroto, give mommy your hand. I can’t seem to help myself. You don’t need to be shy around your mother.”

Mom took my hand and placed it on her blue silk blouse allowing me to feel how firm her tits are. After feeling mom up for a few minutes she asked me another question.

“Hiroto, would you like to see my tits and play with them?”

“You have to ask? Of course I would like to.”

Mom unbuttoned her blouse and removed it placing it on the back of a chair. Next she reached behind her back and unclasped her half-cup lacy bra. She slowly pulled the bra off her shoulders as she watched my eyes fixated on her firm tits.

She took hold of my hand again and said, “Hiroto, mommy wants you to play with her tits and nipples.”

“Use your mouth and suck on mommy’s erect nipples. That feel’s so good Hiroto. Now bite and suck on my nipples. Do you like my the size of my brown areolas?”

“They are beautiful mom. I could admire the bumps on your areolas all day long. I like how erect your nipples become when I play with them. They are the size of my thumbs.”

“Hiroto, I love watching you suck on my nipples, it feels so good. Be rougher with mommy’s nipples and bite them really hard. That’s it; pull my nipples with your teeth. Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhh Hiroto, mommy loves how you bite and suck on my nipples.”

“I’m sorry Hiroto. You have pleasured mommy, now it’s my turn to take care of my son. Take off your pants and underwear then place them on the chair.”

“But mom, I don’t think this is such a good idea.”

“Don’t worry, I am going to make you feel good. Just lay down Sweetie.”

“Oh my God Hiroto, you have such a beautiful cock. It’s much larger than your father’s and harder too. Your balls are also much larger than your fathers and I bet I would have a hard time fitting both of them in to my mouth but in time I will try.”

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Mom reached her small hand over and grasped hold of my cock. She began massaging it up and down very slowly admiring the veins as they became more prominent. It was driving me crazy. She worked my cock like an expert for about five minutes then slowly moved her head over my cock and took it in to her mouth.

“Doesn’t that feel nice? Your cock is so hard in my mouth.”

Mom’s saliva lubricated my cock and her red full lips slowly glided up and down my shaft. The sensation was indescribable. I couldn’t believe how great it felt. My mom was actually giving me a blowjob. I have fantasized about this day for a long time but I never actually thought it would happen.

“Do mommy’s lips feel great on your cock? A mother’s lips are loving and warm.”

After a few minutes, mom stopped sucking my cock and said she wanted to show me her pussy. She reached down and unfastened the belt on her skirt, then reached behind her back and unclasped her white pleated skirt. I heard the sound of a zipper; mom stood up and let her skirt fall to the floor.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“I’m just getting comfortable Hiroto.”

She was so hot looking I wanted to fuck her at that very moment. Mom was wearing a white-laced garter belt with white stockings that had lace around the tops. She was also wearing a matching white G-string. Her G-string, garter belt and bra were a matching set.

To my amazement I noticed her pussy was shaved clean. She looked so young and decadent. I looked down at her feet and noticed the heels on her shoes had to be at least five inches high. They made the calves of her legs look so sexy.

Mom took her G-string off then lay back on the couch we were sitting on. She reached over and grasped my hands. As she pulled me closer mom asked me to lick her pussy.

My fingers spread mom’s enlarged pussy lips apart and my tongue went to work. Within a minute I made mom completely wet. Mom saw a rolling cart to the side of the couch and said she was going to grab a towel off the cart and place it under her. As she pulled the cart closer we both noticed the shelves of the cart were full of sex toys and bondage gear.

We both smiled at each other then mom grabbed a vibrator and nipple clips from the cart.

“Hiroto, please take these nipple clips and place them on both of my nipples. Pull the fastener closed as tight as you can. Pull on the chain in between the two clips to get mommy more excited and wetter.”

As mom turned on the vibrator and placed it on her clit she begged me to pull harder on the chain attached to her nipple clips. She began to moan, very lightly at first as the vibrator began to stimulate her. Her moaning became very loud and she used profanity, which I have never heard her use before.

“Do you want to put your fingers inside me? Rub my clit and put two fingers in me. Ohhhh that feels so good.”

“It feels so hot inside you mother!”

“Hiroto, you are such a handsome son. I want you to pull on the nipple clip chain and grab the riding crop off the cart to swat mommy’s tits. I deserve it because I am being so naughty. Be rough and smack them really hard because mommy is such a nasty fucking slut. There is no need to be gentle with me. I want you to make me your bitch. Prove to me you are worthy enough to be my Master.”

“Hiroto, think back how often I have refused to allow you to go out with your friends. Do you also remember how many chores I made you do around the house? I bet you especially hated how many times I made you clean the toilets. Now take all that anger that’s been deep inside you over the years and unleash it on mommy. Swat my tits, my pussy and ass as hard as you can. I deserve to be punished.”

Mom was right. I had a lot of pent-up anger inside me. I glanced over at the cart, grabbed some wrist and ankle cuffs, placed them on mom’s wrists and ankles then tied them to the couch. Mom was calling me a bastard, motherfucker and a lot of other disgusting names. I was so sensitized by her foul mouth I grabbed a mouth gag from the cart, crammed the ball in her mouth and fastened it securely on the backside of her head.

She looked so sexy lying on the couch squirming in attempts to get loose but at the same time she looked so helpless and submissive. I noticed a leather paddle on the cart that had the word “SLUT” imprinted on the end. I took it off the cart to use on mom. The riding crop would not have inflicted the amount of pain I wanted to unleash on her. I wanted to humiliate her with the word SLUT swatted all over her tits and ass. The harder I smacked her tits and ass the more her breathing became labored. I became obsessed with dominating her and all I could hear were muffled screams from behind the ball gag. Mom’s eyes were tearing from pain but also from the joy of having me as her Master.

I didn’t hold back at all. I smacked the sides of her ass so many times I could see the welts swelling in between her reddened skin. After I released my frustrations on mom I reached down and slipped a couple fingers in to her pussy. Wow, did she jump and moan. Her pussy was soaked and I could hear her begging through her gag for me to fuck her.

With all the excitement I didn’t know if this would be a one-time event or if mom would let me be her Master and lover from now on. I chanced it and slipped three then four fingers in to her pussy. As I worked them back and forth I pressed hard against her G spot. Going for broke I managed to cup my hand enough to get all five of my fingers in her pussy. As I slowly pushed my fist it slipped in to her tight vagina. Mom’s moans were continuous as I massaged her G spot with my fist.

She had one orgasm after another. Each time I moved my fist she had another one. I think the finale was when I licked and sucked on her erect clit. She squirted her juices all over my face.

I unfastened her gag and roughly pulled it out of her mouth. “Did you just cum on my face?”

“Yes my son, I want your dick inside me now.”

“Do you really think we should mother? Maybe I should at least use a condom?”

“I don’t have one and I do not see any on the cart. Just stick your dick in me as we do not have much time.”

She begged me to fuck her and I didn’t need any more encouragement. I slid my body down between her legs and slowly rubbed my cock over her clit and pussy lips. Mom moaned loudly and in between those moans she faintly whispered, FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!

I was going to tease the shit out of her so I slowly inched my cock in her then quickly pulled it out of her pussy. Each time, I slowly inched my cock just a little bit further in and pulled out. Her body was writhing from the teasing I was giving her.

Mother, your pussy is pulling me inside you. It feels wonderful when you squeeze down on my dick.”

“Hiroto, as you fuck me remember this is where you came from.”

Mom was squirming out of control with excitement and it almost looked like she was having a seizure. The veins in her neck were popping out and she was sweating profusely. What a turn-on. It got to a point where my orgasm was building rather quickly and I knew I needed to fuck her hard.

I stuck my cock in mom so far I could feel it pushing her cervix further up her womb. She humped me so hard her butt rose off the couch to meet my thrusts. I went from lying on top of her to kneeling in front of her as I fucked her harder with each push.

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Just before I came, I pulled on the nipple clip chain once more. Mom’s facial expression looked like she was crying then she started squirting all over my abdomen and cock but I didn’t know what happened. Her pussy juices were everywhere and then it dawned on me I gave mom another orgasm. She came so hard the couch we were on moved back and forth.

“Mom, I’m going to cum, I’M GOING TO CUM!”

Both of us had orgasms at the same time. I unleashed a load of cum so hard and deep in her I thought it was going to come out her ears. We both collapsed on the couch with me lying on top of her.

As we settled back down to earth, I unclasped the wrist and ankle cuffs. I let mom release the clips from her nipples for fear I would take them off too fast and really hurt her. I think I inflicted enough pain on her for one day.

I moved up close to mom and we kissed each other passionately. Her tongue explored my mouth as I did the same to her. It was like we couldn’t get enough of each other.

We held each other closely and I swept her long black shiny hair back off her sweaty forehead. Mom looked me squarely in the eyes and said we should probably compose ourselves in case someone comes to the door. She said she loved me and I also told her the same.

Mom whispered in my ear that we could continue our fun when we got home but she expected me to be a lot rougher with her. I never knew she had a high tolerance and craving for pain.

“Mom, I love you and love making love to you but, do you think I just got you pregnant?”

“Hiroto, I love you my son. You gave me your seed and that is the greatest gift a woman can ask for. If I become pregnant, so be it. We will love our child as much as I love you.”

“But mom, what we did was so taboo and if you become pregnant dad will find out.”

“We can deal with your father if that time comes. For now, let’s enjoy what we have together.”

Sex with mom was amazing. I never knew she had this hidden dark wild side to her. She looked so sexy with perspiration glistening all over her skin. I took a towel off the cart and slowly wiped the perspiration off of her. I took my time to admire her beautiful skin and the curves of her body.

As we cleaned up the room and got dressed I glanced over at mom and saw her take the vibrator, place it in her mouth and lick off all her juices. That was so erotic, yet only something my slut mother would do in front of me. I loved it! I helped mom fasten the clasp on her skirt, pulled the zipper up, and buckle the belt.

I looked at the TV and saw that the movie ended. I turned to mom and asked her what we should do because the movie was over and three and a half hours had already elapsed.

“Hiroto, start the second movie, press fast forward and we should breeze through it in fifteen minutes. Afterwards, we will do the same with the first movie. I have a feeling the second movie is also about incest between a mother and son.”

We finished watching both movies in fast-forward with a few minutes to spare. As always, mom was right about the second movie being about incest between a mother and her son. Even though we raced through the movies it gave me some ideas that I could try on mom. There was a knock on the door inquiring if we were finished watching the movies. Mom told the man we would be out in a minute.

Earlier, I noticed on the cart in the viewing room there was a bunch of leather straps. They were all sewn together like it was a body harness. I thought it might be a fun souvenir to take home with me. As mom turned her back to me I stuffed it in to my jacket along with the leather paddle with the word “SLUT” on it.

Before we walked out of the viewing room mom embraced me and gave me one last passionate kiss before we left. We stepped out in to the reception area and Tomiko handed both of us a survey. We were relieved to find out we did not have to answer questions about the movie content but merely select answers based on viewing habits.

We completed our surveys at about the same time and turned each of them back in to Tomiko. Kenji said “thank you Kyoto and Hiroto for your time” then handed each of us a one hundred dollar bill. As I shook Kenji’s hand, I looked up at him glancing in his eyes and had an unsettling feeling he was up to something. I couldn’t put my finger on it so I tried to dismiss my unnerving thoughts.

We thanked them and proceeded out to the car. After we got in the car and sat down, we grasped each other’s hands then moved closer and gave each other a long, passionate kiss.

Mom looked at me and said, “Do you think Kenji and Tomiko at the theatre had any idea what we were doing in the viewing room?”

“No way mom, that viewing room was sound proof. The expressions on their faces had no clue we were having sex in there.”

“I sure hope so Hiroto. Could you imagine what would happen if we were exposed by Kenji and Tomiko over what we did in that room? Our family would lose face in the eyes of others. It would ruin our family and bring disrespect.”

“Don’t worry about it mom. What you do need to worry about is how hard of a punishment I am going to give my new slave when we get home.”

“Hiroto, I think you are picking up on this faster than I dreamed of. With all this money, we should stop by the video store on the way home and pick out a couple mother fucker incest movies.” We both got a good laugh from what she said.

I then pulled the SLUT paddle from my pocket and said when we get home we are going to have a spanking good time. We laughed again as mom lightly massaged the side of her ass and tits where I hit her. I didn’t tell her about the leather harness though. I will surprise her with it at home.

She then told me, “Hiroto, you must promise me not a word of this to any of your friends and definitely I do not want your father to find out.”

I promised mom and said I wanted to continue building our new relationship. She told me she would be disappointed if we didn’t.

Then she confided in me that although dad is a good provider, he is not a very good lover. Mom said when it comes to sex she wants to be uninhibited, submissive and try just about anything, and she meant anything goes as long as we remain discreet about it. She confided, Dad on the other hand never had any fantasies and was never open to trying new things. Missionary, straight vanilla sex. That’s all he ever wanted, much to her frustration. She told with me as her Master she feels alive again.

I made another promise to mom that I would try to fulfill all of our fantasies. As we talked on the way home I could not get Kenji’s cynical look out of my mind. He had to be up to something but I hope we never find out what it is.

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