Mother is kissing God 1

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Hey guyz ,this is my first story and is based on a true incident of mine.

I was 14 yrs old and as all kids have fantasies I also had one. I just want to see a women naked and want to make love with her.
I don’t have chance to see any other lady naked. The best chance was to see my mom naked as she was the only woman whom I could see naked easily. At teenage we have very strong urges against mature women. Somehow I just need to figure how I can see my mom naked. So I made a very small peeping hole in the gate of the bathroom. I was just waiting when she will go to bathroom and I will have a chance to see her naked. So my mom is a middle aged women with normal breast size .

One day I came back from school and when my mom got to bathroom then I thought this is the chance to see a women naked for first time.

I just got my eye near the hole and removed the paper from hole and then what I saw was just purely heaven. At first I just saw mom’s boobs and they were so good and perfectly shaped 😍 and then I was not able to control my breathing and my heart was beating so fast as I saw a whole women naked for first time. But at that time I didn’t knew that women have pussy hairs so I was little bit shocked also by seeing my mom pussy hair as it was a bit disgusting. But that was the day I can’t forget in my life she was rubbing whole soap around her boobs and pussy and whole body and then she soaked whole body with towel she was like a bomb man . Just purely heaven boobs were fresh melons with light brown nipples. Just wanted to squeeze them and then she started wearing panty and her suit that whole thing was awesome to watch. I missed a lot of part of her

As I was not able to see her getting strip before taking bath. But at that time I knew now a lot of things are coming my way .One day I will make love with Mom.

Guyz stay tuned for upcoming parts
Story is based on true experience
A lot of parts will come
And you will get to know how this young boy will make love with his mom.
Plz mind my language if it is less sexy or hot
Will try to write next parts in better manner

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