The son replaces the father in the marriage bed

The son replaces the father in the marriage bed.. I was the only son of a wealthy family. My father was a business man and we lived in a six bedroom mansion with a pool and tennis court, in its own secluded grounds. Mother was my father’s second wife, his first died childless at an

A Morning Quickie with my sister

I was hard again. 11:00 AM, and I’d just calmed myself down. My phone beeped beside me. [I haven’t showered yet,] it read. [That’s fine,] I replied. [It won’t take long.] Another moment passed before she responded. [K. She said she’ll be back in a few hours.] I heard the front door shut, and leapt

Mother is kissing God 1

Hey guyz ,this is my first story and is based on a true incident of mine. I was 14 yrs old and as all kids have fantasies I also had one. I just want to see a women naked and want to make love with her. I don’t have chance to see any other lady

Brother’s lust for sister

Hey guys…Now I am going to share my experience with my sister…when I am 16 I am studying 10th and my sister was studying 12th…this is the time when I started watching porn movies and masturbating… that time I started to feel that I need to fuck someone but I don’t know whom to fuck…with