The son replaces the father in the marriage bed

The son replaces the father in the marriage bed.. I was the only son of a wealthy family. My father was a business man and we lived in a six bedroom mansion with a pool and tennis court, in its own secluded grounds. Mother was my father’s second wife, his first died childless at an early age. I felt sorry for my mother, she hadn’t had much of a life, forced into an early marriage by her father. How that came about was one year my father’s company had a big celebration, and all his employees and their families were invited to a garden party at the mansion. Since my grandfather was an employee he took my grandmother and his daughter to the celebration where he introduce his wife and daughter to his employer. A week later he came home one night and announced that Maya, his daughter, was to be married to Pradeep Desai his employer.

This was a big step up for my grandfather, because the family was quite poor and he knew that his daughter would not experience the financial restraints that he and his wife suffered. My grandfather received a substantial sum of money, a dowry in reverse, for his daughter. My father paid for everything, purchasing the most expensive traditional Indian wedding costume possible for my mother. The whole event being the most grandest seen in the area. A year later I was born, the first and only child of Pradeep Desai, which made me something special in his eyes.

From what I remember as a child he treated my mother fairly well, I don’t think he was violent towards her, I can’t even remember him raising his voice. However apart from their wedding day he refused to allow my mother to wear his first wife’s jewelry. Also he made her look after the house, by doing all the housework and cook all our meals. Even with his extraordinary wealth, where he could have hired housekeepers and cooks, he kept my mother tied to the house. It was only later I realized he was afraid that if my mother had time on her hands she might find interests outside the estate, and have an affair and run off with a younger man.

As I grew up I was sent to all the best private schools where I would meet likeminded pupils, up until I was ten years old I thought all kids lived like me. I just thought it was normal, never realizing I was living a luxurious life. My views on life began to change when I was ten because at that point I was allowed to wander off the estate on my own to explore the outside world. I knew there was a river close by, but first I began to explore the roads close to the estate, and learn their names, which was when I realized that everyone didn’t have the same life as I had.

After a week of exploring the local roads I headed for the river, a ten to fifteen minute walk from our front gate. It was fascinating. Along the bank there was a five mile stretch consisting of a few shops, a restaurant, and jetties belonging to a sailing club with small yachts moored out in the river. Past the commercial area there are woods and bushes encroaching right up to the river’s edge, and during my exploration I found walks along the bank, as well as very secluded spots where lovers hang out in the evenings.

There was a down side, during one of my expeditions in the woods I ran into a group of boys, obviously from the poorer side of town, and without warning they attacked me beating me to the floor. When I got home all blooded, my mother asked me what happened and just said that I fell out of a tree. The next time I saw the boys I ran for my life, that time they didn’t catch me, but there were several times when they did catch me and got the best of me. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to take a beating, some of them should also feel what it’s like.

I was big and strong for my age, so the next time I bumped into them I didn’t run and gave them nearly as good as they gave me. This happened twice before realizing I was hitting the wrong kids, so next time I ran into them I pointed to their leader and said.

“You’re going down.”

Immediately I jumped on him, knocking him to the floor, and was pummeling his face, before the rest of his gang realized what had happened, and pulled me off. I took another beating but this time there was more blood on my hands than on my face. The paths in the woods were narrow so the next time we met they passed me by in single file. Not a word was spoken neither did we look at each other, things were looking up. The next time we bumped into each other, the same thing happened they passed me in single file, not saying a word, except for the last kid in the line. He stopped in front me and asked my name, I told him “Remi” he nodded and walked on.

Unbeknown to me the next time we met under these circumstance would be the last. As each kid passed me he said my name, Remi; Remi; Remi; Remi; Remi; Remi. Once the last kid had passed me I turned and shouted “Stop” They stopped and turned. “You all know my name but I don’t know yours.” Starting with the leader each stepped forward and said his name, then stood looking at me until the leader said.

“We’re going fishing do you want to come with us?” I nodded and fell in at the back of the line behind the smallest kid, and from that point we became friends. I wasn’t accepted as a gang member because of my situation, but over the years we spent a lot of time in each other’s company.

I was 17 when I became sexually attracted to my mother who was at that time 36. I would constantly watch her movements as she moved around the house, enjoying the jiggle of her breasts beneath her saree or the sway of her ass as she moved. Obviously at that age I did nothing about it because of the presence of my father who was at that time 67.

At 18 I left high school intending to go to college, but my father had other ideas, he wanted me to join him in his business. He said those four years in college would be wasted, because in that time he could teach me to run the company. He began to confide in me that his senior salesperson was defrauding the company, and my father wanted to dismiss him and take over his responsibilities, which meant he would be traveling quite a bit. To do that he needed someone to run the company, and who could he count on more than his own son. So I joined my father and began to learn the ropes and became head of the company in his absence. At first his travelling lasted a day or two which wasn’t too bad, then it became a week then two weeks.

Opportunities began to present themselves when I was 20 years old. My father announced that he was going on a four week business trip and that I would be in charge of the business, with the help of a couple of trusted associates. He left for the airport on the Monday morning giving me a few days to come up with a plan. I considered asking mother to have dinner with me Saturday evening and thought about the restaurant by the river. Afterwards I planned to take her for a stroll along the river bank where the lighting is very poor.

With just the two of us alone in the house, Tuesday morning when I came downstairs, mother was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I walked up to her put both my arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck.

“That was nice darling what was that for?”

“Just to remind you that I still love you.”

“You’re so sweet.”

Thursday evening on my way to bed I said goodnight and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Your father wouldn’t approve if he saw you do that.”

“I know mom that’s why I don’t do it, but he’s not here. If you object to me kissing you goodnight then I’ll stop it.” She looked at me and never said a word. I turned to leave but then turned back. “Since dad’s not here and he usually takes you out,” which of course was hardly ever, “If I book a table at a restaurant would you like to have dinner with me Saturday evening?” I waited nervously holding my breath waiting for her answer.

“Yes darling that would be very nice.”

Saturday evening I waited nervously at the bottom stairs, hardly recognizing her as she made her way down the stairs. She was a vision dressed in a light green silk dress showing a little cleavage and the dress just long enough to cover her knees. Her hair was longer than I ever imagined and swept across her head to cascade down across her right shoulder to fall across her breast. Never had I seen my mother dressed in the western style, she always dressed in traditional dress. She took the hand I offered to assist her down the last step.

“Mom you look fantastic, you are so beautiful.”

“Thank you darling, you look very hansom too.”

She took my arm when I offered it and we strolled out to my sports car. I opened the car door and watched as she eased herself into the low seat. Her dress rode up above her knees making it impossible for me to take my eyes off her. Transferring my gaze to the little cleavage visible, I could just make out the swell of the top of her breasts. I stood transfixed at this vision until she interrupted my thoughts.

“Remi what are you staring at?”

“Err nothing, I was just thinking that you have never ridden in this car with me before. In fact I don’t think that the two of us have ever been in any car by ourselves without someone being present.” She just looked at me and smiled.

Since it was a warm night I had top down. As we drove along the road the breeze whipped her hair about so it looked like it was lashing her breast. I could see the other breast bouncing around as we sped across the roads uneven surface, and with the hem of her dress pulled up above her knees I could hardly keep my eyes on the road. When we arrived at the restaurant I helped her out of the car, and enjoyed the view as she exposed a little amount of leg, which she didn’t seem too concerned about. Again she took my arm, letting go only when we reached the restaurant door, which I opened, before placing my hand in the small of her back, to usher her through. She stood close to me, our arms touching, as I spoke with the receptionist who confirm my booking and summonsed a waiter to show us to our table.

My feelings for this woman as she sat in front of me looking so beautiful in the subdued lighting was increasing by the second. Several times she looked up from the menu and smiled at me, a smile that could easily be interpreted as sensual. The waiter returned and we selected various courses from the menu.

“Would you like a glass of wine or perhaps a soft drink?”

“A glass of wine would be very nice, thank you.”

I knew my mother’s preference for wines, since it was the same as mine. “Two glasses of white medium to dry house wine if you have it.” The waiter nodded and left. There was very little talking while we ate although I did ask her why I hadn’t seen her wear a dress before.

“Your father likes me to wear only our traditional dress.”

By the time we had finished our meal the small dance floor, which I didn’t know about when I booked the table, was crowded. It was an opportunity to good to miss, officially allowing me to press my body against my mother’s, hoping she would find the touching of our bodies acceptable. I stood up, held out my hand.

“Would you like to dance?”

She looked at me, I thought she was about to decline my offer, instead she took my hand, stood up and said. “I would love to.” She never withdrew her hand from mine as we made our way to the dance floor. It all started off respectably, with me holding her in the traditional ballroom style, and a respectable gap between us. But with all the bumping and jostling our bodies were soon forced together. The way we held each other also needed to change, my mother wrapped her arms around my waist with mine wrapped around her shoulders. We were close, very close, and for the first time I felt my mother’s breasts being squashed against my chest. My arousal was obvious, I’m sure she must have felt me pressing up against her, but neither did she say anything or pull away.

After a couple of dances we made our way back to the table had a coffee, talked a little then back on the dance floor for some more canoodling. It was early when we left, early the next morning, we were one of the last to leave almost getting thrown out of the restaurant because they were waiting to close up.

I persuaded mother that it was such a beautiful evening we should take stroll along the river bank. As we walked, occasionally our arms would touch, so when she never increased the space between us and the touching persisted. I slipped my arm behind her and around her waist, resting my hand on the top of her hip. The feel of silkiness as she moved causing her dress to glide across her underwear was the cause of my erection. And the feel the waist band of her panties only intensified my arousal.

We came across a wooden bench seat and she asked if we could rest a while. We talked in general mainly about work until I asked her.

“Why doesn’t dad like you wearing dresses, I also assume that it applies to skirts and blouses?”

“I don’t really know darling he has always been the same. I’ll let you into a little secret, when you’re both at work I change into a skirt and blouse and wear them for most of the day, only changing back before you get home. Be honest with me Remi, now that you’ve seen me wearing both a saree and a dress, which would you prefer to see me wear?”

“If you have other dresses and look as beautiful in those as you do in this one, a dress every time.”

She intended to pat my thigh and give it a squeeze, she gave it a squeeze alright but it wasn’t my thigh. It took several seconds for her to realize what she was holding before she gasped and quickly removed her hand. Embarrassed, she turned her head away from me.

“Oh Remi I’m so sorry, what have I done, please forgive me, I never meant to do that.”

“Its ok mom there’s no need to be embarrassed, I liked that you did it, I wanted you to do it, I love you; I’m in love with you.”

All the time I’m talking to her I reached up and cupped her chin and turned her head back to face me then kissed her on the lips. Not a passionate kiss but certainly not the way a son should be kissing his mother. She allowed me to kiss her a second time, whether it was out of guilt for touching me or whether she just hadn’t recovered from my first kiss, I couldn’t say. I began to stroke her cheek then her hair at the side of her head. As I stroked her, each stroke was lengthened until I was stroking the full length of hair as it cascaded over her shoulder and down to her breast. Before mother realized it, I was cupping and squeezing her breast.

She seemed unusually calm about my holding and squeezing her breast, all she said was. “Stop it Remi you’re not supposed to do that I’m your mother, what would your father say if he found out?”

“You are my mother, but you are also a woman, a woman I love, a woman that I want to make love to. Tell me does my father still look and feel about you that way. He’s getting old, does he still touch you and make love to you?” She didn’t say anything, just looked at the ground.

“I didn’t think so, come on I’ll take you home.”

When we got home she said goodnight and headed for the stairs. I said to her.

“Wait a minute don’t I get a goodnight kiss for taking you out?”

“I think you’ve had your fair share of rewards for tonight, don’t you?” I just stood there watching her turn away and walk up the stairs, and waited to hear her bedroom door close.

Whatever you think, that Saturday night our relationship did change. Sunday morning and every other morning after that I would come down stairs put my arms around her waist and she would automatically decline her head so that I could kiss her neck. She would say. “Good morning darling.” Each night when I went to bed I would kiss her on the lips which she would return and say. “Goodnight darling.”

I wondered what I could do for the following weekend and came up with the brilliant idea to take her to one of my secret secluded river bank spots I found as a kid, and have a picnic. I asked her Wednesday evening if she would like to go on a picnic with me, she said “yes.” She seemed excited about it because according to her she had never been on a picnic and asked. “Where are you taking me?” I told her she would have to wait until Saturday and find out when we get there.

The hamper was already in the car when I called up the stairs to ask if she was ready, “Just a minute,” was the reply. There was a stirring in my pants when she stopped at the top of the stairs and twirled around. “How do I look” she said. I was taking in a vision wearing a short, red flowery, strapless sun dress, with the hem just above the knee.

“You just get more beautiful each time you put on a different dress.”

We walked out to the car arm in arm and I have no guilt at ogling my mother as she got in the car. I could have stood there watching her for weeks, just looking at her legs, and the top of her breasts, with the added advantage, because she was sitting down low, glimpsing the top of her purple bra cup.

I parked quite deep in the wooded area and mother followed me to my secluded spot on the river bank. We laid a blanket on the grass and placed the hamper on top. Mother knelt on the blanket for a few minutes, watching the river as it flowed past. We decided not to eat straight away so she decided lay down and stretch out and I laid beside her. Her eyes were closed as I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her close as I bent over to kiss her. She kissed me back and for the first time her arms encircled my neck as she pulled me in closer.

Our kissing became passionate, I was pressing my groin hard into hers, while she pressed her breasts into my chest. We made out like that for about ten minutes before I slipped my hand between us to fondle her breast. Even through her dress and bra I felt the hardness of her nipple, she moaned as I tried to squeeze it. “Maya.” I called her name for the first time.

“Maya, Maya,” she opened her eyes, “Maya I love you.”

“Remi darling you shouldn’t say things like that, I mustn’t be unfaithful to your father.”

“Do you love him?” She shook her head.

“Have you ever loved him?” She shook her head.

“Do you love me?” She nodded.

I kissed the exposed top of her breasts, and began to slip my hand up her dress. She clamped her legs tight.

“Please don’t do that, you shouldn’t treat your mother that way.”

After we had eaten and drank a half bottle of wine, I lay with my head resting on Maya’s thighs, while she stroked my hair. We started to make out again kissing and cuddling, surprising me just how passionate she could be. Maya must have been aroused because she allowed me to slip a hand inside her bra cup and we continued to kiss as I rolled her hardened nipple between my thumb and finger.

“Darling what shall we do next weekend? You do realize that the weekend after, your father will be home and everything will be back to normal.”

“I don’t know I haven’t given it much thought, and yes I do realize my father will be home.”

“Are there any other restaurants you could take me to?”

“There is one, but it’s not appropriate for you.”

“Why not, what’s wrong with it?”

“It’s not the sort of place that you take a nice Hindu lady.”

“Come on tell me all about it you have me intrigued now.”

“Maya you will not like it. It’s for sexually motivate couples, it’s renowned for its food, drink and drugs. There are no table’s only secluded booths, in which you can’t be seen. In the booth there is a table of course and a padded leather bench seat more like a sofa, big enough for two people to lie on. Get the idea. There is a dance floor and when some of the girls get high they take their tops off and dance topless.”

“It sounds interesting couldn’t we go and see it, we could pretend we are a couple?”

“No you still can’t go because there is a dress code. Women are only allowed in if they are braless. They can wear some sort of top a blouse or sweater, they must also wear a mini skirt no longer than 14 inches. If there is some doubt on what a woman’s is or isn’t wearing they will measure and check what they need to check.”

“Alright darling book a booth for Saturday.”

“You haven’t heard a word I’ve said, are you sure this is what you want?”

“I’ve heard every word, and this is exactly what I want.”

Her appearance at the top of the stairs that Saturday evening, stopped me in my tracks.

“Fucking hell.”

Raising her voice she said. “Remi don’t use language like that, I’m coming down.”

As she clipped down the stairs in her stilettoes, I watch as her breasts bounced around under a tight off the shoulder white silk blouse. It looked two sizes too small for her, displaying the shape and size of her nipples. Her red mini skirt couldn’t have been more than 13 inches in length and flicked up every time she took a step down the stairs. Whether it was deliberate or not, she was displaying her pink satin thong she wore beneath it.

“I think you approve, but do you think I’m suitably dressed for the evening, is my dress code acceptable?”

I swallowed and nodded, not having regained my composure or voice. If I had seen this woman dress like this, in any other public place, I would have said she was a slut.

We had no problem gaining entrance to the restaurant and were shown to our booth quickly and efficiently. From the menus on the table we selected our meals and pressed the button to summons the waiter. Having finished our meal and had everything cleared away we laid down together on the sofa.

Leaning over Maya I kissed her, she kissed me back wrapping her arms around me as I pulled her close pressing my groin against hers. I watched her face as I brought my hand up to fondle her breast, and found it surprisingly soft without the hindrance of a bra. She mouthed “I love you” as I grabbed the top of her blouse and pulled it down beneath her breasts, seeing them in all their glory for the first time. I cupped a breast in my hand, gave it a little shake and watched the ripples chase each other across the soft flesh.

Moving down I began to kiss the top of her breast and squeeze her nipples. Sucking and drawing on the soft flesh in my mouth, I left my mark on her, love bites on both tits. I could feel her hand on the outside of my pants, caressing my manhood. When I tried to slip my hand up her skirt she clamped her legs together and whispered “Not here let’s go home.” I didn’t need asking twice.

When I paid the bill the waiter asked. “Is everything alright sir?”

“Better than you could imagine,” and gave him a hefty tip.

Back home Maya took my hand as we climbed the stairs, leading me to hers and my father’s bedroom. I had been in their luxurious bedroom numerous times, envious of the carved furniture and the matching four poster bed. The bed had a silk canopy, and drapes around the three sides which were always open, and secured to the bedposts. This time the drapes were closed making it look like a Bedouin tent.

Briefly separating the drapes, Maya pulled me onto the bed and laid down, with me lying beside her. We kissed, a soft loving kiss, she put her hand behind my head and pulled me down, we kissed again. I placed my hand over her breasts and squeezed.

“Darling, you certainly do like mommy’s boobs.”

“I love them and have for quite a while.”

“I know darling, I’ve known for more than a year that you liked to watch them bob around as I moved around the house.”

“And how did that make you feel, knowing I was watching you?”

“It excited me, but I became frightened when you actually squeezed my boob when we were sitting on the bench after our meal at the restaurant. But thinking about later when I was lying in bed, it excited me even more. Darling please stay with me tonight, love me any way you want, touch me any way you want, but don’t leave me. I want you to take my blouse off and kiss and mark my breasts and body the way you did at the restaurant. When you put your hand up my skirt I have a special present for you.”

We continued to kiss, time was unimportant, our kissing became longer and more passionate, lip crushers, and at times forcing our tongues into each other’s mouth. At the same time I would roll and squeezed a nipple between my thumb and finger with some force. Maya spread her legs as I slipped my hand up her skirt, causing both of us to become excited when I touched and stroked that satin thong which concealed my destiny.

“Pull your skirt up show me my present.”

I watched as she lifted the hem of her skirt, exposing more and more thigh until a strip of pink satin appeared. Higher and higher the skirt rose until all the thong was exposed and the skirt beyond her waist. I run my fingers up and down the damp satin, watching it crease as it delved down into her slit. Maya’s eyes were closed her mouth open and her breathing becoming heavy.

“Darling slip your hands inside the thong and touch me,”

I did as she asked, her body was slick with her own natural lubricant. “Please Remi put your fingers inside me.”

I slipped two fingers inside her and tried to work them in and out but the thong was restricting my movement.

“Take it off, take the thong off. I bought it for you so you could see what I looked like in it, and for you to keep it in your bedroom as a reminder of our time together, when your father’s home. I will even wear it for you sometimes in the evening when you’re both here.”

I knelt between her legs and grabbed the elasticated waist band and pulled down over her hips and ass, as she lifted herself off the bed. Maya lifted her legs straight up in air and I slipped it up her legs and off over her feet. With my head between her legs she rested one on each of my shoulders, allowing me to run my fingers along her slit, sometimes working them inside her, sometimes slipping down to stroke her little rosebud. Knees bent, legs spread she lowered her feet to the bed, presenting me the very reason for my existence. I worshipped her, I worshipped it. I bent down and kissed my very existence. Changing position I lay on my stomach my mouth close to her slit. Kisses were not enough so I began to use my tongue. Maya tried to force herself onto my face as I began licking and slipping my tongue in and out of her. Writhing in ecstasy, she became very vocal.

“Darling, go faster and harder, oh god, mommy wants it faster and harder, please baby do for mommy, put your fingers inside me as well.” I couldn’t work my tongue any harder or quicker than I was, my jaw began to ache as I flicked my tongue back and forth inside her. So, I concentrated on licking her clit, hoping that my fingers could work much faster and harder to satisfy her, and that she would accept them as a substitute for my tongue. She began to gyrate moaning and groaning as she forced her body up off the bed trying to get more of me inside her. Then came the scream as she arched her back high off the bed, then suddenly collapsed with no further movement. I began to panic, thinking she had convulsed.

I quickly moved up the bed and leaned over her, placing my ear close to her mouth to see if she was breathing, her eyes were closed her breathing labored. Placing my hand over her heart I heard her say. “The things you’d do to get your hands on my breasts.” When I looked up there was a big smile on her face. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me down until our lips met, and we kissed. “I think you had better finish undressing me and pull my skirt off, then you can take all your clothes off.”

I did as she asked, unzipped her skirt and pulled it down her legs and off, then I undressed exposing my erection to her. “Darling that looks nice bring it over here.” Both naked and lying close, she wrapped her hand around my manhood and started working it up and down. Your father used to enjoy me doing this.”

“What else did he enjoy you doing?”

“I only did this.”

“Really, didn’t you work him off between your breasts or with your mouth?”

“No your father wasn’t like that.” All the time we were talking my fingers worked her slit and my thumb her clit. Her breathing became heavy.

“Darling mommy’s ready for you to make love to her, lay on top and put it inside me, but don’t cum inside me.”

It felt so warm and silky as I slowly slipped it in and out of her, she was becoming impatient demanding that I do it faster. I told her to be quiet I would do it at my own speed not unless she wanted to pay a forfeit. “Mommy want’s it harder and faster, so tell me what I must do.”

“I want you to tell me what I said when I was at the bottom of the stairs, and you appeared at the top.”

“I don’t remember.”

“Okay never mind, we’ll just carry on as we are.”

“Come on Remi don’t tease mommy, go faster.”

“You know the go faster words, I want to hear mommy say them.”

“Alright, alright, ‘Fucking Hell’ there are you satisfied now?”

“That’s a good girl, you’re still daddy’s baby.”

Her second orgasm wasn’t quite as severe as the first but it was good enough, and better she said, than anything my father achieved. I pulled out just in time, shooting my sperm over her stomach and breasts. Exhausted, we lay in each other’s arms knowing the creamy liquid trapped between our bodies would dry as we slept creating a bond between us.

Dawn was breaking, I could see the first of the light reflected in full length dressing mirror. There was no clock to be seen so I didn’t know the time. I turned to look at Maya, she was lying on her back, naked as was I. My head was telling me that I should let her sleep, my cock was telling me different. Her voluptuous breasts were still very prominent, probably a little more rounded due to gravity. I leaned over and sucked a nipple into my mouth, my hand wandered down to her mound, where my finger began to massage her slit slightly spreading those delicious lips. Although she wasn’t fully awake, I could feel she was aroused, very aroused.

Rolling on top of her, I slipped my hands beneath her shoulder blades. She placed her hands either side of my face and pulled me down, before wrapping an arm around my neck, locking our lips together. The other arm she slid between us, taking hold of my cock to guide it inside her. I supported myself on my arms, initially to relieve the pressure on her body, although it was mainly to watch her tits thrashing back and forth, like a pendulum, as we made love. Maya was moaning, pushing herself hard against me synchronizing her movements with mine.

“Come on baby give it to mommy, mommy really wants it hard.”

I eased off my aggressive love making. “You’d better pay the forfeit then by telling me what you want.”

“Please baby don’t do this to mommy just love me.”

“It is a part of our love making so say it, you’re not an innocent little girl now, you’ve committed adultery and you know what that would mean if anybody found out. You belong to me now, I am your master, even though you are married to my father, you will do as I tell you.”

Maya began to realize the seriousness of what she had got herself into, it was something she could not back away from. Not that I thought she would want to back away from it, because she was being seduced by a younger man, who was treating her as she wanted to be treated. Although she hadn’t realized it yet, Maya was becoming herself, being allowed to dress and do things she liked to do, intent on pleasing her young lover and master.

“Fuck me baby, fuck me hard I’ll do anything you ask of me, providing you continue to find ways for us to be together so you can fuck me over and over again. We can fuck every night when your father goes on one of his trips, and every opportunity between them.”

The way she was talking was turning me on, encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster.

“That’s it baby talk to me like that. I love the way you talk and never realized that you could ever have these sexual desires and be so licentious.” We continued to kiss and make love and this time I had every intention of shooting my load into her. If she became pregnant it was just too bad. I knew father would accept responsibility, being his only son and heir, doing as he asked about joining the firm and not going to college, I was the apple of his eye and could do no wrong.

Her orgasm was so intense that she cried out. At the same time she wrapped her legs around my body, trapping me inside her. Her crying out turned into a scream, berating me when she realized I had cum inside her, terrified that she would become pregnant.

When we both calmed down from our state of arousal, Maya’s turned away from me annoyed at my indiscretion, lying on her side concerned about the future. Moving in close behind her, spooning, I slipped my hand around her waist and applied soft kisses to her shoulder. She placed her hand over mine and brought it up to her breast then manipulated my hand so it was squeezing her breast. I became aroused partly because my hand was on her breast, partly because she backing into me wriggling her ass to maneuver my cock between her cheeks. With her hand between us she spread her cheeks and push my cock into the widened valley and forced herself backwards. I couldn’t prevent myself from pushing against her, as she moved her ass against me, knowing this was a prelude for us to eventually have anal sex. She must have achieved her intentions of causing me to cum, hoping that she would feel me shoot my load up her back, as it happened it also coated my stomach. We stayed that way until we both fell asleep again.

Sunday morning, I was in the twilight zone, neither awake nor asleep, dreaming I was having sex with my mother, but concerned, that at my age, I was in the throes of having a wet dream. As I became fully awake I could see Maya leaning across me further down the bed, and realized she had my cock in her mouth working me for all her worth. I assumed that she had taken my dried sperm coated cock into her mouth and was about to swallow a fresh load. “That’s it baby you give daddy a good sucking,” I pushed her head down for her to take more of me in her mouth. With her hand wrapped around my cock, working me in conjunction with her mouth, it was only seconds before she received my creamy load.

In a highly eroticized state I grabbed her hair and pulled her up the bed and fell on her forcing my lips against hers determined to taste myself. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and turned me over, pinning my arms down on the bed, sliding up and down on my body, swinging her tits back and forth just out of reach of my mouth but flopping across my nose and forehead. A misjudgment in her movement allowed me to catch a nipple in my mouth at which point she stopped her toing and froing and crushed her tit against my face. “That’s it baby you give mommy’s tit a good suck before you fuck her.” I loved the fact that Maya’s vocabulary was becoming degenerate and wondered just how raunchy I could get her to become.

We showered together before breakfast, which ended up more like brunch sitting out by the pool, but only after we had made love again. In the afternoon we laid on our large double sun loungers shaded by a canopy. Maya wore a skimpy red bikini consisting of minute triangles of material which just about covered her embarrassment. She said she bought the bikini last week, which only goes to prove that she had every intention of letting me see her body and for us to become romantically involved. We lay there making out, me with my hand on her breast her with her hand inside my swimming costume.

“Darling do you like mommy’s body, I think you enjoy my tits?”

“I love your body and worship your tits. Did you and my father ever make love in the pool?”

“No. Our love making was never very adventurous or exciting at the best of times, it was pretty mundane.”

I stood up held out my hand to help her up, then hand in hand we walked down the wide steps into the pool. Once the water was up to the underside of her breasts I pushed her against the side. As we kissed I loosened the ties holding her bikini top on and threw the top out of the pool, then squeezed, kissed and sucked those voluptuous tits. Dropping beneath the surface I loosened the ties of her bikini bottoms situated over each hip and dragged the bikini back between her legs. I kissed her mound and pussy before coming up for air. Removing my swimming trunks, Maya massaged my cock to an erection, while I fingered her pussy, all the time our lips and tongues were working each other. Finally she spread her legs allowing me to move close to slip inside her.

Gripping my waist with her legs, my beloved bounced up and down on me causing the water to boil around us, sending small tidal waves across the pool. Maya was hugging me around my neck, her head bent forward, her lips locked onto mine forcing my head back, her tits rubbing on my chest. We were both grunting and moaning as we neared our climax.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, you cum inside me, but I don’t care any longer because I want your baby, I want you to make me a mommy again.”

Still wrapped around me I carried her through the water and laid her down in the shallows on one of the wide steps. Releasing myself from her we both stretched out, facing each other our lips and bodies pressed tightly together. We continued to kiss and make love until the heat from the sun began to fade, forcing us to take our romantic interlude up into the bedroom.

Monday morning when I came down for breakfast, Maya was still in her short satin nightgown. I put my arms around her waist and as she inclined her head so that I could kiss her neck. I moved my hands up to her breasts, she turned within my arms and we kissed passionately. The rest of the week was similar, I would kiss and fondle her in the morning, at night we would sleep together and make love.

Friday, our last evening together, we lay on the sofa making out when Maya excused herself saying.

“There is something I need to do upstairs, I’ll be back shortly.”

It was some thirty minutes before I heard her coming back down the stairs and when she entered the room I was shocked beyond belief. Maya was dressed in her silk wedding saree, the complete outfit, jewelry and all, exactly as her wedding photograph showed. I had never seen her wear this saree before, in fact I didn’t know she kept it. The jewelry now that was a different matter, she must have taken the case from my father’s drawer and was wearing all of it. Every piece was gold, loaded with precious stones, I have never seen jewelry like it. Literally adorned from head to toe with a massive necklace set, nose rings, bracelet and bangles up both arms, with a ring on every finger and toe.

Bare footed she walked across the room, turned on the CD player with the strains of a sitar she began to dance. Gracefully she began to remove her jewelry, the nose rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and the rings from her fingers. Only the toe rings remained. As she continued to dance Maya began to unwind her saree wrapping it across her arm as she took up the slack until the saree was completely removed. Beneath she was naked and continued to dance erotically in front of me until the music stopped. Maya sat on my lap placed my hand on her breast, kissed me passionately and said.

“Now I belong to you, do with me as you wish.”

The whole sequence was strange, but in her mind I think she was, not divorcing my father, but un-marrying him, acting as if they had never been married in the first place. Maya considered she was throwing the jewelry back in his face, and discarding the ceremonial wedding dress she wore on that occasion. In the bedroom we spent our last night together, not knowing when our next opportunity to be together this way would arise. Our fate was in the hands of the gods.

Just after lunch father’s car pulled up, Maya and I had already had our last embrace and she had discarded her western clothes for her traditional saree. She greeted my father in her traditional manner which was more respectful than loving. After spending the last four weeks together, Sunday’s separation was agony, several times I went to put my arms around her but stopped myself just in time.

Monday morning at work father called me into his office I assumed to report on the success of his trip.

“Come in Remi close the door behind you and take a seat.” His face was stern as I sat opposite him the other side of his desk. “Your mother told me what you two had been up to in my absence.”

“Do you mean taking her out to dinner at a restaurant?”

“Partly that, but mainly because you two have been sleeping together.”

His accusations took me by surprise, surely mother wouldn’t have volunteered a confession, informing him of our incestuous affair. Ashamed, but not because of my love for her, but because my father knew of his wife’s infidelity. Head bowed looking at the floor, I could only confirm his accusations.

“I’m sorry dad it wasn’t mom’s faults.”

“I know Remi, I never thought it was, you seduced her. When she told me last night about your affair, I was very angry. Most of the night I laid awake wondering what I should do about it, the problem being I didn’t really know how you felt, whether it was just a lustful episode or that you are really in love with her. So if you are in love with her, is it a deep love where you would want her for a wife and spend the rest of your life with her, or is just to get her into bed?”

“No dad I really love Maya, it’s the type where I would like to spend the rest of my life with her.”

“I suppose Remi, in a way I was relieved, over the years my main concern has been that your mother might run off with a younger man leaving us on our own. In a way she did run off with a younger man, you, at least it has been kept within the family, but after this, can we continue to live together? Tonight after dinner we need to talk about this, the three of us should try to resolve this matter. Remi, go home, spend the rest of the day with your mother, talk to her and prepare her for our meeting tonight. Now you can go.”

Maya met me at the front door surprised to see me home, throwing her arms around my neck she burst into tears. While trying to pacify her we walked to the sitting room where I sat her on the sofa and told her about my conversation with father. She was sitting on the sofa trembling terrified about her future, worried about her fate.

“Maya, what is the worst thing you think that father could do to you.”

“Throw me out onto the streets.”

“Well if he does, he will end up on his own, because I would come with you, then we could present ourselves as a married couple. Whatever happens we are not going to come out of this unscathed so let us apply a little pressure. Instead of wearing the traditional costume change into something you prefer to wear, how about that sexy sundress.”

I followed her upstairs, Maya thought the sundress was going a bit too far and decided on the green silk dress she wore on our first date. She laid her clothes out on the bed and removed her saree and underclothes. Standing there naked she was irresistible. Placing my arms around her waist, pulled her backward onto the bed, leaned over and kissed her. Being upset I expected Maya to reject my advances but that was not the case, she kissed me back and brought my hand up to her breasts. She unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants then asked me to undress. As we laid on the bed I had my arm around her kissing and fondling her breasts while she was working my cock up and down, in and out of her slit. It was all very gentle and loving.

“Darling if I use my mouth will you use your tongue?”

I said I would, Maya turned around on me to take my cock in her mouth. She spread her legs so they straddled my head and moved back when I pulled, so I could ease my tongue into her slit. It all seemed very sedate and tender. We pleasured each other for what seemed forever with her bobbing up and down and me licking and kissing, with both of us slurping at times.

“Darling if I let you cum in my mouth would you work your tongue so I could cum in yours?”

As we neared our orgasm the tenderness was overtaken by two writhing bodies trying to force themselves against the others mouth. There was a lot of noise, none of it coherent, moaning and groaning, slurping until both were satisfied. Maya turned back and laid on top of me forcing her lips against mine, our juices mixing in each other’s mouth. We continued to lay there for about an hour, savoring the moment, our bodies touching, sticking together, not a word spoken. Finally we showered together each washing the others body we became a little playful but nothing of any consequence. In the bedroom we watched each other dressing, then together we wandered downstairs with our arms around each other.

Father, on his arrival arrived home, was surprised to see the way Maya was dressed, but made no comment. Dinner was an embarrassing time, not its usual chatty affair, each of us sneakily peaking at the others waiting for someone to begin a conversation. After dinner we entered the sitting room separately, Maya taking her place on the sofa me in an armchair. Father was the last to enter and asked me to sit next to Maya on the sofa.

“When Maya told me about your affair I was angry, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how selfish I had been, marrying a young woman with little or no chance of romance. I’m surprised it has lasted this long. When I asked Maya if she was in love with you and was it a deep love sufficient to want you for a husband and spend the rest of your life together, she said yes. When I asked Remi the same question, he said yes. So I have a proposal to put to you both. Starting tonight Remi can replace me in the marriage bed, I will move to another bedroom further down the gallery.

“We could have a small private ceremony at which I will divorce Maya, then officiate at your wedding. Obviously it won’t be legal but you will know that I have accepted your new relationship. However I have certain conditions for that to happen. One. Having heard rumors that you Remi are considering moving on, you will remain with the company while I’m alive. Secondly. You will both look after me while I am alive, well as long as possible. Thirdly. There are times when I would like watch you make love.”

I didn’t need to think about it, but I wasn’t sure how Maya felt, however when I turned towards her she smiled and nodded.

“We accept your conditions, providing you accept our conditions. One. You no longer dictate your wishes to Maya especially over the clothes she wears, what she wears is her choice. Two. Maya will receive all of your first wife’s jewelry. It’s no good to you being locked away in a drawer, it will eventually come to me who will only pass it on to my wife. Three. Maya likes to cook, so she will continue cooking for us, but you will employ two cleaning ladies five days a week to clean the house. That is no longer a job for my wife. Finally, we will not perform for you more than once a month and the first time will be at least one week after our wedding. I also dictate the conditions under which you watch.”

I could tell father wasn’t happy with my terms, but he accepted them, begrudgingly. Realizing the significance of father’s acceptance, Maya slipped her arm through mine and laid her head on my shoulder, I turned and kissed her. We both helped to transfer my father’s belonging to the bedroom furthest from ours, during which father presented Maya with the jewelry case. Maya helped me move my stuff into the master suite. After everything that needed to be transferred had been transferred, Maya removed her engagement and wedding ring and placed it in the jewelry box. From the box she selected a large diamond solitaire ring which she passed to me asking that I slip it on her finger. Also from the box she put to one side a wide, highly engraved wedding band for when father conducted the wedding ceremony.

The day of the divorce and wedding ceremony was something special. The ceremony was held in father’s home office, the items on his desk had been cleared and replaced with bouquets of flowers with more scattered around the room. We both stood there waiting for the bride to appear. Everything had been kept a secret from me, I had no idea of the brides arrangements, knew nothing of what she would be wearing. I suspected she would be wearing her original wedding saree but couldn’t be sure. When she appeared at the door I stared at her in amazement, she was wearing a white satin strapless Cinderella ball type wedding gown which rustled as she walked towards me. In her hand was a small bouquet of flowers

Father presided. First he asked Maya if she was sure that she wanted me to be her husband, she said yes. Then he asked me if I was sure that I want Maya to be my wife, I said yes. Then he began the process of divorce.

“Maya Desai I divorce thee; Maya Desai I divorce thee; Maya Desai I divorce thee.”

There was a short break before proceeding into the marriage ceremony.

“Maya do you take Remi to be your wedded husband?”

“I do.”

“Remi do you take Maya to be your wedded wife?”

“I do.”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

A week later was the first opportunity for father to watch us make love. We had introduced a woodened frame easy chair into the bedroom and placed it against the wall facing the foot of the bed. Initially father was uncooperative and wanted to know the reason why, when I suggested tying him to the chair.

“The restraints are to prevent you becoming aggressive when you watch me make love to your ex-wife. You agreed that I could dictate the conditions under which you would watch. If you don’t do as I ask, then you don’t get to watch. He conceded and I tied his wrists to the arm of the chair and his ankles to the chair legs.

Maya entered the room wearing a tight black satin blouse and her short red mini skirt, she stood in front of father. Moving behind her I pulled her close wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her neck. My hands sought out her breasts and lightly squeezed. Maya pushed her ass into my groin shifting it from side to side to get me hard, as if I needed it. Starting from the top I undid each button, then slightly parted the front of her blouse to expose her tiny red bikini top, which just about covered her nipples. Pulling the blouse off her shoulders and arms, I wrenched it from her skirt, then began tapping each breast alternately to watch it wobble and bounce around.

Intent on displaying the bottom half of her red bikini, I lifted her skirt up above her waist, exposing the tiny fabric triangle, which showed a large spot of dampness. Slipping my hand inside her bikini bottoms it was obvious what my fingers were seeking out. Maya moaned as she brought her arms up back over her shoulders wrapping them around my neck. Having untied the bikini top and letting fall to the floor I untied the bottoms. One hand began to massage her breasts, with my other, slipped my finger inside her. I think father was surprised at just how familiar and openly intimate we were with each other, after the short time we had been together.

Maya twisted in my arms and we kissed, a passionate kiss. I pushed her back onto the bed, her legs draped over the foot, her feet firmly planted on the floor. Kneeling between her legs I licked her clit and worked my tongue into her slit. Her fingers began to follow my tongue it seemed as if they were joined together, when my tongue penetrated her slit, she also slipped her fingers inside herself. When my tongue massaged her clit her fingers also massaged her clit. We continued that way until she was nearing her climax.

“Come on darling its time for baby to fuck mommy.”

Father gasped at Maya obscenities, unprepared for such sluttish behavior. She gave out a little screams as I nipped her clit, then a nipple with my teeth before climbing on top of her.

“You’re such a naughty boy hurting mommy like that, if you want to hurt mommy climb on top and crush me with your body, but put that cock in my cunt first. Oh that’s it baby, oh that feels nice, a little harder, oh god, that’s it. You know you’re fucking your mother in front of your father. I wonder how many naughty boys tie their fathers up and fuck their mothers. Do you think mothers appreciate getting fucked by their son, do you think they enjoy it as much as I do. I’ve always dreamed about you fucking me, but never thought it would happen. Your father can watch you take me any way you want. I’m ready now, harder I want it harder and faster.”

The talking stopped, we kissed passionately forcing our lips against each other’s, Maya crying out and arching her back as she came, lifting me off the bed. We laid there for a few seconds, Maya had been satisfied; I was close but hadn’t been satisfied. I pulled out, moved up the bed, and forced my cock against her lips. Much to father’s surprise she let it slip into her mouth and together with her hand she worked me off until I was satisfied, just as she had done before.

Maya and I had been making love at least twice a night, then again first thing in the morning before I got up to get ready for work. From the outset she surprised me, after some twenty odd years married to my father I never expected her to be so sexually permissive and adventurous. I don’t think she did either. We began to act out our fantasies. It all started one night, I was in bed and there was a knock on the bedroom door. I shouted. “Come in.” In walked Maya wearing the skimpiest nightgown I had ever seen, it just about covered her modesty. I happened to say. “Yes darling, is there anything I can do for you?”

Maya said. “Daddy I don’t feel very well, can I sleep in your bed?” So I played along.

“Of course you can baby” Maya climbed in beside me.

Daddy would you cuddle me until I feel better?”

“Of course baby.”

We cuddled up tight facing each other, then Maya said. “Oh daddy I can feel your thingy pressing into me.”

“Well you are pushing yourself up against me, what do you expect?”

“Please daddy, can I hold it?”

“You can, but I will have to take my PJs off, is that ok with you?”

“Yes daddy.”

Remaining under the covers, I struggled out of my pajama bottoms the felt Maya’s hand wrap around my cock.

“Oh daddy it’s very big and hard.”

“I think thingy loves you baby.”

“Daddy can I see thingy?”

“If you like to pull the covers back you can.”

Maya pulled the cover back and was stroking me up and down. “Oh daddy it’s beautiful.”

She bent over and kissed the top then wrapped her lips around it and was milking me for all her worth. How I controlled myself from blasting everything into her mouth I will never know, but I did.

“What else does thingy like to do?”

“He likes to slip and slide in and out of lady friends.”

“Daddy please show me how.”

“Of course darling but you will have to lie on your back, pull your nightdress up and spread your legs wide, because I have to see if you’re ready. That’s it baby just like that.” I began stoking my finger along her slit, she was ready I could feel the juices running down her leg. I position myself on top of her, and slipped my cock inside her pussy. After a few minutes Maya was moaning and groaning from the aggressive pounding I was giving her.

“Oh that feels so good. Daddy make me pregnant, give me a baby, I want to cuddle my baby and feed her with my breasts. I want to feed you both with my breasts. While you suck the milk from my breasts I will toss you off until you cum over us.” Maya was close to an orgasm, but I was closer. She was almost screaming at me. “Harder, harder I want to squirt my milk over your cock so you can slip it between my tits.” I shut her up with a passionate kiss, just as I was about to cum, a second or so before her orgasm.

Our second fantasy was slightly different to the way we originally became lovers, this time it all took place in the bedroom. This time there was no father, mother was a widow and she would be lying in bed. Without knocking I would open her bedroom door and enter wearing just my pajama bottoms.

“Remi, what do you think you’re doing just walking into my bedroom like that?”

“It ok mother, since you haven’t been with a man for over two years, we can’t let that body go to waste. So from now on I’m sleeping in your bed so that I can make love to you.”

“Don’t be so ridiculous, now get out of my bedroom.”

I untied my pajamas and let them slip to the ground. “Remi please cover yourself up and go back to your own bedroom.”

“Mother one way or another you are going to be fucked tonight.”

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that, you had better get out.”

I walked around to her side of the bed causing my erection to wave around as I moved. She shied away from me as I grabbed the covers and yanked them off of her. She was wearing a full length white satin nightgown with spaghetti straps loosely draped across her shoulders.

“I see you are dressed for our wedding, you must have known of my intention tonight to consummate our marriage.”

“Stop it Remi, stop it this instant, I’m your mother, there will be no consummation of a marriage, so go back to your room.” She tried to get away from me but I grabbed the top of her nightgown and pulled her back down then knelt across her hips straddling her body. “Please Remi don’t do this, it’s not right I’m your mother your breaking the law.”

Cock in hand I waved it at her. “Come on mommy toss me off until I cum all over your tits.”

“Don’t be so disgusting and get off of me.”

She tried to stop me as I grabbed her tits and squeezed them. The more she tried to push my hands away the harder I squeezed. Things got a little rougher as she attempted to slap my face and caught me once or twice until I moved up the bed and pinned her arms down with my knees. “Please get off you’re hurting me.” I took no notice, instead I snapped the spaghetti straps and pulled her nightgown down to uncover her breasts. I pushed my cock down into her cleavage then squeezed her tits together allowing me to work myself off between them. “You filthy pig it’s not normal to treat your mother this way.”

I sat up, with my arms behind me began to pull her nightgown up. “What do you think you’re doing?” Pressing my hand into the loose satin I forced it down between her legs, surprised as the material became soaked with her juices.

“You’re ready and now I’m getting ready to fuck you, just like you want me to.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

Saying ‘you wouldn’t dare’ to me was like waving a red flag at a bull. I continued to pull her nightgown up until it was level with her hips. I held her wrists and then moved down the bed until I could rub my cock on her mound. “If I rub myself on you like this with no penetration, would you allow me to sleep with you tonight, share passionate kisses and let me suck your tits?” She nodded, reluctantly agreeing to my demands, anything to prevent me from fucking her.

At first as I started to kiss her and rub myself up on her mound, at first she refused to cooperate. However with my arms around her and continual kissing she became more affectionate, and responded to my advances. Eventually I came and shot my load up between us soaking her and the nightgown, I even felt it run down her leg. We laid in that position together for some time kissing, with me fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples until I was ready to go again.

She must have been sexually frustrated because when she felt me get hard she whispered in my ear. “Darling please fuck me, fuck mommy hard, properly this time.” That was it, the fantasy was over, and we were back to normal.

In a later session which involved father I had him stand at the foot of the bed naked and tied hands and feet to the bedpost, in a spread eagled stance. He watched while I slowly undressed Maya and while she undressed me, before kissing every conceivable part of each other’s body. I laid Maya on the bed and worked my way up and down her body kissing her mouth, her breasts, dipping my tongue in her naval and in the 69 position in her slit, particularly concentrating on her clit. Changing position to face father on her hands and knees, I took her from behind slipping my cock inside her as I leant over her back with my hands beneath her, massaging her tits.

Watching us, father almost had a full erection. I encouraged Maya to move forward and take him in her mouth and while I fucked and fondled her, she sucked him, something that he had never experienced before. I’m afraid age was against him and therefore he never got full satisfaction from Maya’s ministrations.

Another time, he was tied to the posts, kneeling naked at the foot of the bed, as he watched Maya and I perform our usual act for him. After while she lay on the bed naked waiting for me to decide how to proceed with our next sexual encounter. Suddenly I grabbed her ankles, spread her legs and pulled her down the bed until father’s head was between her legs, and her legs over his shoulders. I instructed him to lick her slit and clit. Although he had never pleasured her this way before he had seen us do it many times, and so he performed this act for her enthusiastically and eventually satisfied her.

Each month for the next four years we performed for father until his sudden demise, almost to the day of the anniversary of our wedding. I of course was the only beneficiary, and once all the legal matters were resolve Maya and I talked about moving away from the area. Although in our own little world we considered ourselves as husband and wife, in public we were still viewed as mother and son, and that is not how we wished to be seen. To start a new chapter in our lives we talked about selling the company and the estate and moving far away, to somewhere we were not known.

We began to search for property in areas far and wide, where we were unknown, and found what looked like a suitable property on the other side of the country. It was a large coastal country club type complex with a golf course, tennis courts and a large swimming pool by the club house for its many residents. The advertisement was for a luxury beach house set in its own grounds with a swimming pool. Smaller than our current estate, the house and property seemed perfect for us. We hired an environmental company to investigate and survey the area for land and weather issues before we contacted the realtor. Because of our age difference it was assumed that Maya had the money and I was her toy boy. During our negotiations to purchase the property it was realized that the opposite was in fact the case, which made our relationship far more interesting and promoted more gossip. Maya never did become pregnant, nature had taken its toll, and it was probably for the best. We didn’t mind because everybody believed we were a married couple and that was reward enough. Eventually we sold my fathers business and the large estate and began our new lives.

The End

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