Routine check up : doctor’s love : part-4

Hello friends,
A married & matured lady is in physical relationship with a gynecologist as our three meets have turned romantic,it’s my fourth one and as Bina,a 28 years sexy lady with white complexion as well as tall figure of 5’7 feet is going to meet him today evening,my desires are on peak and so as my hubby left for his office on time,i starts thinking of evening meets with him and now i booked a cab as i am sitting on sofa,now i screamed louder”have a cup of tea for me
[maid responded quickly] sure madam.”and while i am watching t.v ,my mind is on doctor’s clinic and than a cup of tea is on table as i am drinking it,so my mind is getting hot like an oceanic wave rising and falling in sea and than i put empty cup on table as i walked towards my bedroom,so opened the wardrobe as i took out a black little dress,want to give doctor a hot look as in last three meets,i have had put a traditional as maid is cleaning floors,i am waiting for him to leave home as i want to have bath while shaving my little hairs on vagina as well as armpits .

So i walked to dinning space and it’s 10:35 am as maid completes her house hold works and left ,now i locked the door as i walked towards my bedroom,so removed my night gown as i get nude and now walked inside washroom as i sits on my legs while have my hair remover cream tube as well as body wash tube on floor.


Bina is nude as she is sitting on her legs and now she put hair remover cream on her armpit as little water have made it wet,so now both armpits got some foams and looking towards my vaginal area,i put little water as i took cream on my palm,now rubbed it on it’s surface ,so it’s a hot cream as i am feeling it’s heat on my softest part of i stand as opened the tap to fill bucket with water and so i sits again as i hold one mug of water and leaned my head,so pour water on it as i made my hairs wet and so took a bottle of shampoo as i am using it on my hairs,so as i am rubbing shampoo on hairs,i am waiting for 4-5 minutes to clean my armpits as well as vagina as hair remover cream take 5 minute to remove hairs and i use it twice in a month,so as my hairs are well covered in shampoo with vagina covered with foams and armpits getting creams,now i hold one mug of water as i put it on my neck,so water is making my body wet as i put water again and than as my body got wet,i started putting body gels on it and after a while,my whole body is covered in foams and now i am rubbing my armpits with my vagina also with my palms and sooner,i have hold my boobs as i am rubbing body gel on it and so as i felt hair coming down from my vagina and armpits,i opened the cascade as water is flowing on my nude sexy body and i am enjoying my bath as i am moving my both hands on body,so after a while as my body got washed with hairs removed,i am too wet and now i hold bath towel as i am rubbing my wet body with it and with other towel i put it on head as i covered it hairs,so i walked nude to bedroom as my body is glittering like diamond and than i started rubbing my hairs to dry it,so i am well exhausted while having bath and now as my body is dry,i hold one robes and put it on my body,so just want to cover it with no undergarments.

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After a while,i have my breakfast and so days passed as i took my lunch and slept on bed at 03:15 afternoon,so last night was full of romance as my hubby have had a physical love with me,so my exhausted body with upcoming romance have made me sleep i wake up at 05:15 evening as i took refreshment and than walked towards kitchen as i am preparing coffee for me and there my mobile starts ringing ,so i walk to dinning space as i received the call…………’

‘hi anish
[anish] are you still sleeping,have go to clinic as cab will come after half an hour
[me] no anish,i am preparing a cup of coffee and so please come at 07:15 to pick me otherwise i will feel bore.”and now our conversation ends as i walked to dinning space with cup of coffee and while sitting there,i am having it and so time is near and than i walked to my room as i removed my robes and put a black push-up brassiere on my boobs as it makes boobs little hotter and than put a full size panty on my waist as i want to cover my sexual organs with it,so my little black dress can make it well comfortable and now as i put it,i am standing in front of large mirror as i am looking my body there,so my half portion of thighs are nude and i know i will give doctor a nice look of my inner as i sit opposite to him in clinic.

So i took my purse as well as mobile with my medical files and now waiting for cab to come,as in last three visits ,i have booked cab twice and after a while as my mobile starts ringing,it’s the number of cab service and i walked out of home as i locked the door and now moved towards ground floor via lift,lastly i am out of appartment’s gate as i can see a black car standing near roadside and i walked ,so as i looked inside,driver smiled as he opened the back door of car and i frisked inside,looking at me driver smiled,as i can recognise him ,he have been with me twice earlier on,so he moved the car and as i am sitting on right direction of seat,i can see him looking in mirror,so his young charming face is nice and he said……………’

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‘madam,do you recognise me?
[me] sure,last time also you have picked me
[looking back at me] yes mam,on both occasion i have picked you.”

and so car is moving towards indirapuram as it takes 35-40 minutes and while sitting,i have put my head on seat’s back as my eyes are closed and lastly as i opened my eyes,i feel car on a wrong path and it’s too deserted,so i asked………..”mr.,which path you are moving
[He] it will take less time with no traffic.”and as i can see some fields there,i am looking out of car as it’s a nice evening and after a while,car stopped with some sounds on wheels and looking at me,driver said…………..”let me see what happened, ”and he walked out as i am sitting there,feeling bit scared as well as sad while driver have approached a different path and so i can see him looking to car’s engine as bonnet is open and so i opened the door as i walked to him,while putting a high heel sandals on legs with a black little dress,i am looking like a porn-queen and as i stand behind him,looking back at me,he smiled…….”mam,sit inside i am checking the problem
[ I put my hand on waist] oh i see, but i think my appointment with doctor is going to be a distant dream
[He] sorry madam,but what i can do,please let me see it.”

And so i walked away as i am walking behind car on a deserted path thinking of car’s problem as well as my meet and after a while,i can see driver washing his hand with water and now as he looked at me,i asked………”madam,problem is minor but not going to be solved here
[Me] oh than how i will reach my flat or doctor’s clinic
[He] i am going to call my friend as he will come here with his cab and than you will be back home or in clinic,as you wish.”so i can see him calling as i am standing with my back on car and now he put his mobile in his pocket as he walked to me…………”mam,sit inside,he will be here in 10-12 minutes.”and i opened the car door as i leaned myself to enter inside and there,driver hold my waist as he pushed me on seat and closed the door in hurry,so doors as well as windows are closed as i fell on seat with my little dress going up to pelvic zone and like a hungry wolf he have hold my waist as i am shouting”bastard,what are you doing ,leave me otherwise i will shout
[He] in last two week,i have jerked ten times thinking of your sexy body,so please give me your body for an hour to love
[I am bit scared as i am sitting on seat’s left side] listen you young guy,you will get it but not today,i have to meet my doctor
[He is unbuttoning his shirt] you are a patient,looks like a hot model.”

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And as he removed his shirt,now moving towards me,i am too afraid but as i am in a locked car,i have no option other than giving him my valuable he have hold his zip of trouser as his hand have hold my breast ,now i shouted……..”stop you bastard,you will get what you need but don’t took out your cock

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