The 36 years old virgin

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The 36 years old virgin … Hi, this is ashutosh again. I hope you all enjoyed my last story ‘Helped friend getting pregnant

Well I must admit that extra marital relationship with megha which happened by chance gave me some respite from the tense marital life that I had and it made me bold also. Now mentally I was ready for any such excursion, rather I started craving for it. But chandigarh being a small city and you being socially known to people it can get a little risky at times and of course that did bother me at times. So although I wanted something of that to happen but I was not myself actively doing anything in that direction.

But after the incident that I am narrating here all the inhibitions are gone and now I am game for it and any females looking for no strings attached, discrete relationship or one night stands can get in touch with me at [email protected].
Through this story, I am going to narrate another incident which happened a few months after the one night stands with Megha and she played a crucial role here also.

Megha got pregnant and as per the ritual she came to her parent’s house in chandigarh in the last 4-5 months of her pregnancy to deliver her baby here. Megha’s mother is no more, she expired about 8-9 years back and apart from her father, she had a brother and his wife (sister in law). Megha’s masi would often come to stay with her. I used to frequently visit her to ask for her well being and would often accompany her to doctor and all. After all I was the father of her child and somehow I felt connected to her.

Megha has a very close friend named aditi (name changed) who is about 2 years elder to me. We are in the same profession and know each other and I used to address her as aditi maam. Megha and aditi were in the same office and sort of best of buddies. So aditi also used to come to megha’s placed very often and would even stay with her at her place at times.

Let me describe aditi first. She is very short, may be about 4.5 feet or 4.8, with short hair and attractive figure and medium sized nice boobs. Though I had never seen her in revealing clothes before our encounter I had always noticed her ass which looked very sexy in tight trousers. She is unmarried and comes across as a very profession oriented girl. I had never heard about her being involved with any guy, so I, as such did not have any such feeling towards her.

On many occasions when I went to meet Megha, she would also be there and we would have some normal chit chat, talk about profession and other random thing but only briefly. After few week I started noticing little change in her attitude towards me. Earlier it was more formal but she was become more casual with me and even flirted with me couple of times. Initially I thought that with passage of time she is become friendly with me but then a thought crossed my mind.

What if Megha has told her about me and her and that the child is mine? So, I decided to just wait and watch and understand her behavior. She was more friendly, casual and physical gesture like patting, touching my hand or shoulder or standing very close to me was become the norm.
So, I finally asked Megha about it when Aditi was not around and she said ‘yeah, of course she knows about it. She is my best friend, she had to know.’. I was zapped with the casualness with which she said all that as if it was no big deal. But at back of my mind I was excited also and my heart was pumping hard and brain was full with all sorts of things. I kept looking at her with surprise. She said “She won’t tell anyone, so don’t worry.” with a wicked smile she said “She knows everything that happened between us and she knows how good you were in bed.”. I was speechless. These girls are really difficult to understand, especially for a person like me.

I mean, she knows about it all? Would she she have thought about me? What impression would she have of me now?
Megha: she understands everything Ashu. She knew in what state I was then. I desperately wanted to be a mother.
Me: what else have to told me Megha?
Megha: I told her about your married life and that you too are passing through difficult times. Its ok Ashu, in fact, she really likes you and appreciated what you did for me and till date you are here with me, helping me and my family.

This child is not your responsibility but still, your are there for me. I was a one night stand for both of us but we found closing bonding in it. So just relax and take it easy.
It took me some time to gather my thoughts and calm myself down. Then all her gestures started playing back in my mind and I thought to myself that she knew about it all throughout and her actions might be deliberate and might be interested in me. I mean, who knows. I was excited with all these thoughts but little reluctant to play on the front foot.

Days passed by and her involvement with me become was getting more interesting. Now we were meeting at Megha’s place like almost daily and spending 2-3 hours at her place. She would be there whenever I am there. But I still used to call her ma’am.
One day we three were sitting in Megha’s room discussing our professional lives.
Me: I would be going to Delhi coming Sunday, will have to stay there until Tuesday.
Aditi: Oh, I am also traveling to Delhi during that time but may be only for a day.
Megha: you both are going then who would look after me?
Me: you are a big girl now, you can take care of yourself.
Megha: (with an evil smile) Hey, why don’t you guys plan it together, I mean you will save money.
Me: (looked at Aditi and Megha with surprise) I am not paying from my pocket, the client is gonna bear the entire expenses.
Aditi: same here, its a professional trip. All expenses to be borne by the client.
Megha: even better, you guys share your trip expenses and charge the client. Sahi idea hai na.
Me: what share? Flight mein janaa hai, hotel mein rehna hai kharcha to utna hi rehega. Do jayenge to double kharcha.
Megha: share the hotel room na. Book a good 5-star room and you both can share the room, simple.
Me: (trying to play cool but little nervous from inside) I don’t have any problem if maam is ok with is an idea.
Megha: she won’t have any problem, I know her (looks at Aditi and smiles and Aditi smiles back)
Aditi: yea, I am ok with it.
Me: (after remaining silent for a some time) ok, I too won’t have any problem if she is ok with it but I am staying there for two nights.
Megha: aditi will also stay back and come back with you only. I’ll manage here don’t worry.

I could just nod. I did not know if I should get excited or nervous. I came from her house but my mind had all sorts of questions and dilemmas. I knew where it is all heading now. It was just that it happened too quickly. I had already cheated my once but was still not prepared for another incident but I definitely was aroused and mere thinking about Aditi would give me an instant hard on. I was eagerly waiting for my trip to Delhi now.

Next day I got a call from mehga.
Megha: are you ok staying near cp. I am getting a good deal for Lalit hotel.
Me: yea, its fine with me.
Megha: ok, I have their membership card so I’ll book a nice pool view room.
Me: (didn’t know what so say) ok as you wish.
Megha: I am booking 11 o’clock flight for you guys.
Me: 11? Its too early, my conference is at 7, you can book the last flight if seats are available.
Megha: no, I am booking 11 flight only. You guys will reach hotel around 1 and then you can relax and just enjoy each other’s company. Thoda comfortable ho jaoge ek doosre ke saath.
Me: megha mein shaadi nahi kar raha uske saath. Mein meetings attend karne jaa raha hoon vahan, koi vacation enjoy karne nahi.
Megha: you never know sweetheart (laughs). Meine jo batana tha bataa diya. I am not asking you just telling you that I am making the bookings, bye.

I realised that I was already hard while talking to her, may be the anticipation of what was coming my way.
So, on Sunday, I packed a pack of condom in anticipation of what I might get that day. Picked up Aditi and headed to the airport. All throughout our journey we were talking casually and freely. I would steal glances of her firm boobs and her nice round ass. I was already feeling horny but I maintained by distance and decided that I wait for her to make the first move.
We reached the hotel and at the reception Aditi said we have a booking in the name of Mrs. And Mr. Ashutosh Sharma. (wow) but I did not react and maintained my cool. It was decently big room facing their swimming pool and the wash room had a glass wall. The exiting was building up we both were behaving normally as if nothing has happened. Went to the loo and I was visible outside as there was no wall. Foolishly I decided to pee by sitting on the toilet seat like ladies do. I saw Aditi smiling at me from the room. Then Aditi went to the loo and though I was not facing that side deliberately from the corner of my eye I could see that she removed her trouser and sat on the seat and all that while she was looking at me and I was pretending that I was surfing the tv.

The bathing area has a semi-transparent shower curtain. It was like the person taking shower will be visible but not clearly.
The hotel staff came and placed our luggage and since it was already lunch time, we decided to go to their restaurant to take lunch.
We came back to the room after lunch and she asked me what time would you leave for your meeting. I said its nearly so even if I start at 6:30 I’ll reach in time. So she said, “So we can just relax till then” and she opened her suitcase, took out her casual clothes and went to the washroom to change.
I was pretending to watch the tv but was curious if she will change her clothes behind the shower curtain or not. To my little disappointment, she did go behind the curtain to change and came out after 5 mins.
I was lying on the bed and watching tv and she was putting her clothes in the closet and was telling me, you also change if you want to relax.
I looked at her when she was unpacking and putting her clothes in the closet and oh man. She was wearing yellow hot pant and a short white cotton t-shirt. Her flat waist was visible and her small nice ass was facing me. I got an instant hard on. She turns towards me after some time to say something to me and then I realised that she did not wear any bra. She was wearing thing white short t-shirt and her nipples were clearly visible in the t-shirt and were erect as that time. She was saying something to me but I was busy admiring her hot and sexy body. My junior was struggling to get out of my underwear and I was feeling super horny.
She came close to me and said go and change and she pulled me up from the bed and simply obeyed her. I also decided to play bold and took out my boxers instead of my shorts. I also went behind the shower curtain and changed and when I came out, my bulge was visible. I looked at me and then at my bulge and kept staring at it. I also instead of going towards her starting unpacking my clothes and put them in the closet and all that while I was completely erect.

When I turn towards her she was still looking at my boxer and then she turned and went near the window and started looking outside.
I knew this was the moment and she could not have given better hints of what she wanted from me. So I also went near her and stood just behind her.
She did not move. I watched her from behind for few moments and then slowly put a hand over her visible waist. I wrapped her waist with my hand and gently hugged her from behind and lowered my face near her ears.
She still did not move and just put her hands over mine. I started gently kissing her near ear and neck and at the time I sucked her earlobes. Her breath was increasing slowly and her grip over my hand was tightening.
I kept kissing her neck and ear on both right and left side and she also was moving in the rhythm. I started moving my hand up over her waist and reached her boobs.

Wow, perfectly firm boobs she had and firm. I cupped her boobs and pressed them and she started to moan. I was gently massaging her boobs and kissing her and she put her right hand over my hair and was moaning.
She turned her head little bit and I kissed her on lips. Her lips were so soft and juicy and her perfume as acting as a perfect catalyst.
I kept kissing her and my hands were busy squeezing her boobs and pinching her nipples and her hands were on my head.
I held her breast with my right hand and starting massaging her nipple and slowly mover my left hand and slid in her hot pants. She was not wearing any panty and had shaved her pussy. My hand reached her pussy and it was dripping wet. Now with one hand I was squeezing her right boob and my other hand was massaging her pussy inside her hot pants and I was kissing her lips and her hands were on my head. I started feeling pressure on my head and she was virtually melting in my grip and started moaning hard. I knew she was nearing her orgasm as she started shivering.

I increased by the movement of my hand on her wet pussy and my rough finger was making her crazy. I kept shifting my hand from one boob to the other, they were so soft yet firm. In a few minutes, she came and my hand was all wet. It was long orgasm and all throughout we did not break our kiss. As she calmed down and her moans got little softer, I rotated her in my direction. Now she was facing me and we again kissed like anything. I removed her top and had a good look at her milky white boobs. Her nipples were pink. Neither my wife nor Megha had such nipples. The boobs were looking so inviting and yummy and full of juice, like a ripe fruit.
I just could not control myself and pushed her against the window glass and bent on knees and started sucking those juicy boobs. I was least bothered if anybody would see us from outside as we were standing right at the window. I sucked one and pressed the other one hard and she would moan.

I’ll take her nipple in my mouth and such it like a baby and then would swallow the entire boob and she will moan in sweet pain “Ouch”. ‘do it gently, I am not going anywhere’, she said. But I was in no mood to give it any heed. She was looking at me and then kissing my forehead and I would too look upwards into her eyes while sucking her boobs. After sucking her boobs for good 15 mins or so, I got up and again gave her a deep kiss. I brought her near the couch and indicated her to get on knees. She understood and took my command like a slave.
She knew what she had been asked to do.

She pulled down my boxer and pulled out my dick. She kissed it to tip and looked at me and pulled its foreskin and licked it. We were looking each other in eyes and she was licking my dick. Then she slowly took it in her mouth and sucked it hard once. Then she took only the tip of my dick inside her mouth and sucked it had again. I wanted it so badly. I hadn’t had a blow job in a month and therefore, I was in seventh heaven. She was doing it slowly but hard, exactly how I like (she later told me that Megha had told her about it).

Then she would keep only the tip of my dick in her mount and suck it a lollypop and with a pop sound, she would bring it out of her mouth. That was so addictive and I just wanted it to continue. I grabbed her short hair and she continued doing and increased her speed and in between sucked my balls. After some time I was about to cum and I told her that I am going to cum but she continued to suck me at the same rhymed and after some time and came in her mouth. I emptied all my load in her mouth. She didn’t drink it and spit it in the wash room but gave me the best blow job of my life.

I followed her into the bathroom and as soon as she cleaned her mouth I kissed her again and sucked her boobs. I lifted her in my arms and brought her to the bed. We started to cuddle and kiss each other. I again targeted her boobs and sucked them to my heart’s contents. She was moaning all the time. Suck them, hard baby, oh Ashu it feels so good. I, thereafter started moving downwards and kissed and locked her flat tummy and played with her navel. She was moaning all the time. I slowly unbuttoned her hot pants and pulled it down and there her pick pussy was waiting for me, to be enjoyed by me.

I removed her shorts, I looked at her and she too was looking at me and widened her legs. Her pussy was visibly swollen and I simply planted a nice warm and wet kiss on her and she left a deep moan. I started kissing her white thighs and folded her legs and placed my lips right over the very pussy entrance. First I started licking it like a dog. I would slurp and lick it from bottom to top and she would move along with the movement. After doing it for some time, fixed my face right on it and started inserting my tongue into her pussy and eating it and sucking it. I could feel that Aditi was getting out of control. Her moans were getting louder and louder and she was lifting her body with each suck at her pussy. I found her clitoris and started playing with it with my tongue and she held by head very tightly. The more I was eating her, the more she was pressing my face into her pussy. I increased my head movement and was sucking her clitoris and playing with it with my tongue.
Her body was becoming stiffer. I pressed her boobs with both my hands and her boobs had become harder than before. With a loud moan, she came and again it was a long orgasm. I continued to suck her while she was cumming and as she completed her orgasm she pulled my head up and brought me up. She kissed me on my lip and said ‘I want you inside me’. I kissed her and was about to get up when she said where are you going. I said ‘condom’. She said ‘no, do without it, I am safe and if required I’ll take the pill but I want it without a condom’. I said ‘Sure baby, whatever you want.’

I again kissed her as I was lying over her. As I was trying to position my dick in her pussy, she pulled my head towards her and whispered in my left ear, ‘be gentle and do it slowly, i’s my first time’. For a second I could not believe what my ears just heard. I pulled by myself little back and looked at her face in surprise. She smiled at me understanding my question and with a simple nod and yes, she again said ‘I am all your to enjoy Ashu, take me and make me a woman’.
‘wow’, I had never expected this, I mean she was two years elder to me and she was still a virgin.
Well, I then got up and positioned myself properly so that I do it gently. I placed my dick on her pussy and started to enter her. She was very tight but slippery due to orgasm. I enter the tip of my dick and then laid on her and put my lips on her lips. With some more pressure I inserted my whole dick in her and she hugged me tightly. I could feel that she is feeling pain but I simply kept lying for some time with my erect dick inserted in her virgin pussy.

When I realised that now she is ready, I started to move slowly and gently. I did not increase my speed and continued fucking her on that pace only and she had now started enjoying it. She gripped my waist with her legs and hugged me tightly while I continue to fuck her at the same speed. I asked her, ‘do I increase the speed’. She said ‘this feels do good, just do whatever you want’. I increased my speed and I could her grip tightening around me. I was fucking her in missionary style and with full force and she was virtually screaming now. After some time I could feel that she was ready to cum again but I was not and kept on banging her. She said I am cumming now and she came but I still needed some more time and kept banging her. She was freely screaming now without worrying about her voice going over to the next room. After some time, I also came and off loaded by cum inside her pussy only. I kept lying over her and we kept lying hugging each other.
I do not remember when did I fell asleep and it was only when Aditi woke me up and said its already 6:00 in the evening. When I opened my eyes, Aditi’s face was right above mine and she was trying to wake me up. I just pulled her face and started kissing her lips again. I was hard in an instant. I adjusted her position so suck her boobs and while sucking them, I removed the blanket to expose my dick which was fully erect now. Aditi took it in her hand and started stroking it. I softly whispered to her ‘suck it’ and she happily obliged. She went down and started sucking it nicely. After 5 mins of sucking, I asked her to come on the top.

She came and took my dick inside her pussy and started riding her. It was a magnificent view as I could see her juggling boobs. I grabbed them and started squeezing them. I would get up I between to suck those juice balls and we will resume our fucking. I realised that it was taking time so I decided to go for other position. So I made her bend and inserted from behind in doggy style. I was banging her with full force and she was screaming like ooh, aah, oh baby. This time also she came first and I came little later.
After fucking, we kissed and went to the washroom to take bath as I had to attend my meeting. She also joined me and we had a bath together.
That’s all friends for the time being. There is a lot more coming in my next stories as we had about two more days of fun there and a lot of fucking sessions. It became a sort of honeymoon trip as we fucked like rabbits. She was obviously excited as it was her first time and I didn’t want to waste even a single moment of this golden opportunity.

That’s how I ended up fucking a 36 years old virgin.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Any females looking for no strings attached, discrete relation or one night stands can also get in touch with me at [email protected]

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