SEX WITH SISTER: Our lustful consequences – part 1


SEX WITH SISTER: Thrilling one?, Imagination come true?,
Unforgettable one?, Unending fantasy?, Never letting go? , wanna more?, The answer of all those question is being answer by my elder sister last night to me.

The incident took placed like this with me . I am a pervert boy. Always stalks at the women or a girl elder than me. I am very much fond of their inner &mature body. The girls of my age or younger than me are interested in me, but i do not pay attention to them. I always wanted to take someone virginity who is elder than me. I was very frustrated that my friends have loose their virginity. I was the only one who was waiting. Due to this i started pervert activity to watch my own elder sister.

She is 22 , having charming face, sexy curvy butts, with round pair of breasts. She maintained her figure so perfectly by spending time in gym. In the last few months her boobs size increased a lot. Her figure was maintained as it is though . I heard my mom was asking her about her boobs size is increasing day by day , they were discussing about it & i was secretly listening to their conversation.
Khushi said,” Mom i want to purchase bra please can u lend me some money.”
Mom said,”but honey it has been less than a month since u have purchase a pair of new bra & panty.”
“Yeah mom i knew, but my size is increasing day by day so what can i do for that.
“I would suggest you to wear pushup bra from now onwards honey”.
” Okay, mom i am ready to wear pushup bra.”


The conversation ended,&i went to my room. she went on to purchase bra for her meanwhile one pervert idea came in my mind . I was having one HD secret camera which i purchase just a month ago. I secretly went to her room & fixed that camera in one corner, so that every movement of her can be recorded & can be watch live. I fixed it perfectly that no one was able to see it . Now i was waiting for her to arrive. After few minute’s she came & lock her door. I was nervous & anxious as first time i gonna watch a girl getting nude live & that girl was non other than my elder sister.

She placed a bag on her bed & started getting underdressed. First she remove her jeans . My god what a milky of thighs she is having & wearing black net panty ,while bending down her rounded butts can be seen. I am having a room just beside her bedroom but watching herself through spy camera was amazing. Now by both her hands she removed her t-shirt. Oh my god , i was stunned for a while even she is in her bra but i can see those milky boobs, then the moment came she unhook her bra & placed it on the floor. She was totally nude now, & so i can see her rounded milky boobs Her nude figure was damn tight & as she goes to gym. Suddenly she went to the table where i had put a spy camera. I was getting a deep view of her boobs & her pink erect nipples as she bends to take something from drawers. She took something & went towards door to ensure that it was lock properly& went to bed facing spy camera. I got a boner now & wanted to jerk. So i lock my door & went to bed. Suddenly what i saw have blown my mind. She was facing spy camera & slowly she pull her panty down,”wow heaven”, my mind block & unbelievable seen of her shaved pinkish pussy. She was rubbing her pussy & fingering it. Pressing her boobs, was the reason may be her bra size was increasing day by day.

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“O wait , she pulled out a long dildo & penetrating it IN and OUT & was moaning, ” Oooooooo, honey aaahhhh yaaahhhh me.”
I was ready to cum now after her moaning, i was jerking my cock too fast & i suddenly stop before cumming& a cruel idea came in my mind. I was thinking that she is desperate to have a sex & i am finding for a partner who is elder than me to loose my virginity. It was great chance to fuck a virgin tight sister.

Our bedroom are just next to each other having same long balcony but different doors to enter the room. I went in my balcony in shorts & wearing nothing in upper body just having a perfect cuts & abs, as I regularly practiced martial arts. Her window was covered with curtains, but guess what the door of her balcony was opened. I slowly went in her room& lock the door. She was unaware of me now. I saw the mole on her neck & not even a second i couldn’t resist myself to touch her or think even twice that she is my sister,because the pervert nature in me was at it’s peak.

I grabbed her from behind. The dildo was still in her pussy. She was unable to react what was happening with her for a while. I started kissing her neck & pressing her boobs, rubbing her thighs to raise craziness in her. I remove the dildo & was fingering her slowly & slowly . Suddenly she pushed me & raised her hand to slap me,but i resist her & pushed her against the wall & placed my one hand on her mouth so that she won’t shout. In a cheap manner i said to her

” Don’t try to be smart khushi i know what were you doing since last few minute,putting that dildo in ha, i have all the recordings & If you told mom about this i will show all the recording to mom. ”
She said,” Please don’t do that , i will listen to you, i promise “.

I grabbed her from her waist & started licking her pussy . Her body aroma was nice,don’t know which perfume she has
applied. She hold my head & was guiding me. I wanted to fuck her as soon as possible. After eating her pre-cum i stood up &kiss her lips. It was my first ever kiss believe me her lips was too juicy as if i was eating chocolate jelly. Now the time was to exposed my cock. I pulled my shorts down, my 7inch hard cock was erect like a rock . She got surprise as it was big than her dildo. Wasting no time I hold my cock & straight away guided in her pussy. I pulled her close to me & giving her hard strokes.

She said , ” Bro, we don’t have any protection please pull it out please.”

I was not bothering about that, but the most important for me was that i was no more virgin now. The dumbness to fuck a girl was very high that i forgot to whom i was touching that was too my elder sister. But still i keep on stroking without any protection. Due to against the wall position my cock was not going well deep in her pussy only half of it was through in her, but still she was feeling orgasm in her.
She was moaning , ” Aaahhhh bro, oooohhhh it’s so big aaahhhhh ur cock is so satisfying than a fucking damn dildo. It was 10min & more than that we were fucking, i was yet to cum even she wasn’t.

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Suddenly mom knock the damn door & called khushi, “Hey khushi open the door.”
My cock was still in her pussy, & was feeling damn hot in her hole. But khushi answered in unstable condition,
“mom i am changing my clothes please wait for a while.

She was begging me,” Please bro, let me go or else we both will get caught.”
I was so cheap that even she was begging me to leave her i was not in a mood to do so.

Mom called her again , this time she applied force on me & pushed me on bed & rapped towel on her nude body & told me to leave her room from balcony or else she will open the door. I wear my shorts & ran from balcony to my room. As i reached my room i jerk my cock & cum by imagine her hot figure. I was afraid that khushi will tell the incident to my mom , so i was watching through the spy cam but , she didn’t & after that small mating session i slept. It was 7 in the evening i wake up & immediately started the spy cam to see whether she is in her room or not?
I went downstairs to see her & was hesitating little bit to face off with my mom as if khushi could have told her about that incident.
“mom,where is khushi?”

“She went to gym, don’t you know about her workout timings honey what happened do you need any help from her.”
“No, nothing mom just asking .

I was in great relief to hear that she hasn’t spoke about that incident to mom.
It was 9 in the evening , (My mom is a doctor in hospital , she left home exactly at 9 for her night shift & comes at 9in the morning & my dad is lawyer by profession, he comes home at weekend only). As soon as i opened the door, i saw khushi in gym track suit. The suit was open between lower parts of her boobs & upper part of her hips flaunting her wet stomach & belly button. The sweat was still running from her stomach even after her workout. This made her look even hotter with the milky skin tone. I was in my shorts & not even wore my underwear i got a boner after seen her again. She saw my erect cock& blush. Her face was red like an apple. She was in Door & we both were eye’s up. Suddenly khushi threw her gym bag & hugged me , i locked the door & lifted her up against the wall & we both started kissing madly, she cuddled me & her hands were around my neck. Her boobs were touching my chest, the kiss broke after 5-6mins wow what a taste she got ! She stood on the floor & hold my one hand & was guiding me to the stairs upward to bedroom. While climbing the stairs her butts through her tight track pants were flaunting like a water melons. I stopped on the porch between the stairs & kept a hand on her open stomach & kiss her again. I was moving my hand on her belly to kept her hunger alive. It was like a film seen we were having fantasy.

My cock temperature was rising due to her hot body, i remove my upper& shorts & forcefully thrash her head towards my my erect cock & put my bare cock inside her mouth. I hold her from hair & was stroking my cock in her mouth in & out simultaneously.
What a blowjobs she was giving me on the porch ! My cock was hard & big to enter her mouth but still from 7inch it was nearly 5 inches of it was in her mouth. The saliva coming from her mouth was dribbling now on the porch. I don’t wanted to cum in her mouth so i pull it out after 15 mins of blowjobs .


She said,” Fuck me bro, i want your hot rod in my pussy right now, don’t you
want to satisfy your virgin sis, bro?”

“Yeah, khushi u are so hot & fit just wait & watch how your younger brother satisfy your wants.”
I lifted her & took her to my bedroom. I knew we have whole night to spend with each other. I was nude, she removed her track suit. She was not having tan mark of her bra & panty. what a perfect tight shape body she got! I took her to bed , i always wanted to fuck a girl in a missionary position. I put my cock in her shaved pink pussy, in missionary position her pussy hole was damn tight . I intially was stroking slowly & simultaneously pressing her round melon size boobs. Even she was enjoying. After a while i wanted to give her orgasm, i started stroking hard & putting my my bare cock inside her pussy deep &deep.
She was moaning,”yeeeeeaaaahhhh, ooo oooo ooo,fuck yesss just like that baby aaaaaahhhhahhh uuuhmmmmmmm.
She said,” This is what I’ve wanted, more thrust it in me more oohhhhh baby.”
I said,”hey khushi your Pussy is twitching( contraction in muscle) wildly……….
Yes baby , coz your cock is so huge & wide, i think it’s gonna tear my pussy as well. Oh yes…my pussy is going crazy baby aaaaaahhhhahhh fuck . Your cock is hitting me very deep inside…….
“O khushi, your pussy is damn tight”…….
“Yeah baby, keep going my pussy is becoming even more wet & sticky inside , oh fuck aaahhhhh.”……….
Her boobs were moving up & down was making her even more horny . It was since 20min i was exploring her pussy . Suddenly Khushi & i both utter the same ….

” I am cumming baby”.

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