Taking Care of the Neighbor’s Dog

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Taking Care of the Neighbor’s Dog…. Erica has big brown, sexy eyes. Her hair is very dark and long and she has a wonderfully sexy body. She has 34d breasts and long beautiful legs. She keeps her hot pussy shaved all of the time. Her neighbors were going away for a month, and asked her if she would feed their dog for them. She agreed.

After her mom and dad left for work, she went next door and entered the yard where they keep Bruno. He is a large black lab. After she fed him, Bruno picked up his favorite squeak toy. He wanted to play fetch. Erica picked up the toy and tossed it.
She felt rather strange being outside because she had just gotten out of the shower. All she was wearing was her short bathrobe. She took the toy from Bruno and tossed it again. This time the toy landed in the bushes. Bruno stood by the edge of the bushes and whined. “Damn”, she thought, “he won’t go after it”. Erica bent forward digging through the bushes looking for the toy. She hiked her leg as she leaned further into the bushes.

Suddenly she felt something cold and wet against her thigh. Bruno had his nose nestled between her soft dark thighs. She felt his long wet tongue as he licked as it swept against her shaved pussy. She tried to push him away, but the large dog was persistent. As his long wet tongue moved across her clit, it began to turn her on. Realizing that other neighbors could see her, she ran into her house and Bruno followed her.
She sat on her couch and widely spread her legs apart. Bruno immediately thrust his long, dog tongue against her spread wet, shaved pussy. “God, it feels so good,” Erica thought, as she held his large black head against her moist pussy. Bruno’s tongue licked hungrily at her wet cunt. “Mmm, yes, oh God, yes” she moaned as her climax hit her. Bruno could smell her excitement and licked even faster. Erica’s young body began to shake and quiver as her pussy juice gushed into his mouth.

She finally pushed the large dog away. Her clit was so sensitive. Bruno continued trying to wedge his way between her legs. “He must really love the taste of my hot pussy,” she thought as he firmly fought her to lick her some more. Erica pushed the large dog away and pushed him to his back. His large pink doggy cock was fully exposed. It was probably 7 inches long. She looked at it closely. She grabbed Bruno’s pink wet cock into her hand and lightly squeezed it.

The dog didn’t resist as she began stroking his large dog cock up and down. She grabbed the huge knot at the base of his cock. His cock throbbed furiously. “What the hell,” Erica thought as she leaned down and took it into her mouth. She began moving her mouth up and down his swollen pink cock. Bruno thrust deeply into her mouth. She licked it hungrily with her tongue.

She stroked and sucked the dog’s large cock a few more minutes and without any warning she felt the warm stream of dog cum as it shot into her mouth. She gagged momentarily, but realized that it wasn’t much different than a man’s. She gobbled up all of Bruno’s dog cum as it shot into her mouth. She sucked him until he quit squirting.

Her pussy was on fire. She began rubbing her clit furiously. Bruno once again buried his face into her crotch and licked her pretty shaved pussy with his long dog tongue. She got on her hands and knees and raised her ass high into the air. “Come here boy,” she yelled. Bruno quickly pounced up on her. She could feel his hard doggy cock as he thrust against her ass. He pounded away at her missing her cunt by a good foot.
Erica reached behind her, and grabbed Bruno’s large swollen dog cock and guided him against her very wet pussy. Bruno thrust firmly and his cock entered her pussy.

“Mmm, God” she moaned as he deeply thrust into her. He fucked her pussy fast and hard. Her pussy clinched his large dog cock firmly. As he thrust deeply inside of her, she felt her oncoming orgasm. She began moaning loudly, and thrust her ass against the large dog, driving him deeper inside of her.

Suddenly she felt a searing pain unlike anything she ever felt. It felt as if someone had just shoved their fist inside of her tight pussy. She realized that his huge knot at the base of his large doggy cock had just entered her. She tried to pull away, but he was firmly wedged inside of her. It hurt so bad, but she felt her pussy juices gush as she came. Bruno was jerking very fast. His doggy cum exploded inside of her. “Mmm, yes, fuck me Bruno” she moaned. Bruno furiously pounded away at her pussy. His cum continued bursting into her.

Erica came again as she felt his doggy cum fill her pussy. Suddenly, she felt the swelling of his big knot start to go down, and he quickly withdrew from her soaking wet pussy. Erica quickly jumped up from the floor. She watched as the hot doggy cum poured from her pussy. Bruno’s long tongue once again began licking away at her pussy. Bruno licked both of their juices from her hot pussy. “Good boy, she said as she patted Bruno on the head. “Too bad one of my neighbors doesn’t have a pony” she laughed to herself. She looked at the large dog laying in the floor licking himself, and thought to herself , “God, I get to have him for 3 whole weeks, how wonderful”.

Erica fed Bruno and watered him. She decided that she would just let him stay in her house until his owners came home. Erica flopped down on the couch. Bruno once again began to lick her hot pussy. “God, he is totally insatiable,” she thought. She reached beneath him and grabbed his swollen doggy cock. He began to pump furiously into her hand. Her pussy was still a little sore, but she knew that he would once again be putting his large dog cock inside of her later that night. “Not now, Bruno, later, I promise” she told him. Almost as if he understood her, he lay down on the carpet and went to sleep.

Erica also napped on the couch, dreaming about being fucked by that large black lab. In her dream, her best friend Janet appeared and they both shared the dog; what a hot dream. When she awoke, she called Janet.

“What are you doing tonight?” she asked.
“Nothing that I know of, why?” asked Janet.
“Wanna come over and see something really cool?” Erica asked her friend.
“Sure, what is it?” Janet asked in return.
“It’s a surprise, but I think you will be pleased she said.
“Ok, I will be over about 6:30”
“Cool, see you then” Erica said as she hung up the phone. She tried to figure out how exactly to bring up the subject of fucking the dog, but she decided she would just play it by ear.

Erica couldn’t wait until 6:30. ………….

Added by T. Ruck

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