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I do exercises daily in the morning in my home balcony which was in the third floor. I like to keep my stomach flat and I am maintaining it even at the age of 35. There was a girl named, Niharika, stayed in a flat beside mine. Niharika must be 19 years old. She was studying in her school. She was fair skin, lean frame, sharp black eyes-always her eyebrows and eyelids were filled with mascara and that made her eyes look sexy.
Her nose looked perfect and it added another attractive feature on her face. Her pink lips were thick and looking like orange slices. The most important attracting thing about her was her hair. Her hairs ran till two inches above her waist. The thick black hairs were straight till they touched her shoulders and then they have been curled to look wavy till the end. It made her look attractive. I have considered her as a beautiful young girl and that was the only thought I had about her in my mind till that day. Since I was her neighbour, I happen to see her almost daily. I was good friends with her mom and dad.

Niharika stands on her balcony which is just opposite to my balcony and drinks her morning coffee. Sometimes my exercise timing happened to clash with her coffee timing. We exchange greetings and talk some casual stuff like about her school or movie. I continue to do my exercises when she sips her coffee. One day I saw her when I was doing exercises, staring at me like she wants to drink me, just like that coffee.
I initially didn’t give much thought about that. In the following days, her coffee drinking timing was clashing with my exercise timing. She stands on her balcony with her coffee mug wearing her pyjamas looking at me doing exercises after our initial greetings and other petty talks. I don’t have muscular body but I have a charming, good-looking face. Some of my friends say I don’t look like 35 rather I look 30. Maybe she likes me or maybe not.


Since these staring and peeking was going on for some time, I thought that maybe Niharika is infatuated with me. In that age, it’s normal to a girl liking something that stirs her feelings and imagination. So I didn’t give much thought about her this time too. Also, I liked the fact that a beautiful girl like Niharika was infatuated with me. We all crave for others to like us irrespective of how old we were. I wasn’t different either.
One day, I was doing exercises but Niharika didn’t come to the balcony. I kept looking at her balcony but she never came. I couldn’t finish my exercises properly as my mind was constantly going back to think about Niharika’s absence. I stopped my exercise and took a sip of water from the water bottle when I saw a curtain in one of the windows moving. I saw someone was leaving the room and I was sure that it was Niharika watching me from her bedroom. She must have thought to check whether I have interest on her or not.

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One day, my pregnant wife and I stood on the balcony. We were discussing about our yet-to-be-born baby and I kissed on her belly. My wife smiled. I was in good mood and I kissed her cheeks and forehead and finally on her lips. I felt like someone is watching. I don’t know how. Call it human instinct. I looked at the window in the home opposite to my balcony. I didn’t see any curtain movement. There were no lights on in Niharika’s bedroom. Even if she stood behind the closed curtains I can’t see her but she can see my balcony through her curtains.

I was sure that Niharika was standing behind the curtains and watching us or at least it felt like that. It turned on me. I kissed my wife on her lips even though she was so reluctant to kiss me in the balcony. I don’t know what happened to me? Did I fancy Niharika? I have no idea. It’s not like I don’t love my wife. I love her and we had sex regularly even during her pregnancy. But Niharika was doing something to me. I kissed on my wife’s lips with more passion as if to show Niharika that this is how I would kiss her. I had sex with my wife that day but Niharika’s body and face was on my mind throughout our sex.

Sometimes, Niharika stand on the balcony in her school uniforms. Her school uniform was blue colour shirt with white and blue striped skirt that ends well above her knee. Her shirt tucked in tightly inside her skirt, giving her boobs an enhanced look. Her boobs were slightly bigger than any girl at her age. She leans forward, resting her elbows on the fence- four straight bars placed horizontally at waist height to protect someone falling down.

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She keeps her leg on the lowest steel bar. On that time her skirt slightly goes up and forms gap between her thighs. Sometimes it’s hard to resist this. I look at her thighs lustily. I even sometimes wished that her skirt goes up little more. She is bad, very bad. She is working me. Sometimes she wears pencil tight jeans and tops that ends just exactly at her waist. She lifts her hands if I am around her to show me her sexy waist. Her waist was free from fat and I loved it.

Two more months have gone with these kinda teasing and flirting with Niharika. My wife has gone to her hometown for the delivery. I didn’t have sex for the last two months and my wife not being there, deprived me of anything remotely related to physical contact with a woman. It was very evident to me that Niharika is infatuated with me. Should I have to make use of this infatuation and benefit from this or should I be loyal to my wife? I wasn’t sure. One shouldn’t do anything when he wasn’t sure. And I did nothing, till that day.

One day, her father threw a party at his home as he has been promoted in his company. He got a well-paid, high position in his company. I was invited to the party. I have gone inside her home on the party day. I was surprised to find at least hundred people inside their home. I met her father and congratulated him. I saw Niharika in black glittering one piece, tightly covering her thin, slender body ending well above her knees, showing small amount of her voluptuous fair thighs.

The word gorgeous was an underrated word for how she looked on that day. I saw her soft tender boobs standing up to take a notice at them. I didn’t fail to notice them. She smelled nice. I complimented her looks and she blushed. I had few glasses of whiskey in the party. After sometime in the party, her father came to me with a favour. Since we were good friends, he asked me whether I have some good liquor bottles at home as he didn’t expect these many people would turn up and finish his liquor collection. Luckily, I had two bottles of good whiskey at home.
I was about to leave when Niharika insisted to come with me. She informed her father that ice cubes were over at their home. We both left her home and reached my home. She was walking very close to me and sometimes her soft body rubbed against my body. I could feel the warmth of her body. We were inside my home. I had kept the liquor bottles on the kitchen shelf located well above my head. I put the stool and tried to climb on it to take out the whiskey bottles. I couldn’t do it as I was slightly high due to few glasses of whiskey. Niharika asked me to hold the stool and she climbed on it.

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She put her knees first on the stool and then placed her soft hands on my shoulders. I felt something inside my body. Then she straightened her upper body and placed her feet on the stool. Then she raised her body to stand straight. Her pussy was staring directly at my face. I could see her naked thighs and slender long legs with perfectly manicured toes. It aroused me. My face was few inches away from kissing her pussy. I couldn’t think straight. I was unable to hold the stool properly. I looked up to see what she was doing. I saw her boobs from under and they obscured her face. I was completely aroused at this time. I told to control myself and not to do something stupid. She took out two bottles from the shelf. She put her hands on my shoulders for support. Then she collapsed her legs and placed her knees on the stool. She got down from the stool.

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