Ella’a day out

The early morning, sun-treaked rays of shimmering light, made its’ way through the evergreen boughs. Birds twittered and the squirrels chattered noisily as they searched for long forgotten, hidden acorns.

Ella looked back over her shoulder at Dennis as he approached her bent over form, his hard, throbbing white cock in hand, aiming for her wet pussy. Ella reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks, exposing herself in delicious anticipation of being penetrated. The look of lust in her eyes betrayed her feelings of the abandoned, wanton passion she held for the strong white man that would soon be fucking his nasty, black bitch.


Dennis almost stumbled on a root that was half buried under rotting pine needles and discarded twigs. Tunnel-vision, he thought absently, as he marveled at the soft, sleek, and shiny skin of his ebony queen.
Pre-cum oozed and glistened at the tip of his pulsating cock as he placed one hand on his little bitches ass, softly pulling her back to him, and began to rub the head up and down at the swollen lips of Ella’s pussy. His eyes fixed on the smooth, beckoning, small of her back which was in itself a huge turn-on to Dennis. Hesitating for just an instant, he began to gently push his manhood into the entrance of her hot tunnel of love.
Ella responded with low, guttural moans, mewing like a kitten with her naughty thoughts of the carnal pleasure she was so close to. The anticipation was unbearable, and with all thoughts of any modesty completely washed from her mind, she lunged backward and stabbed her cunt, unceremoniously, onto Dennis’ knife of cock-meat. Both of them exhaled so loudly at the sudden, deep feelings of lust and satisfaction that it seemed the entire forest quieted, waiting in anticipation for the culmination of the sexual coupling, as if it too were sharing the feelings of love and the pure lust.

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Fuck me, you bastard. Put that cock to me motherfucker,” Ella hissed. “Oh Dennis, you hot motherfucking bastard, give me your hot white cock right where I fucking need it. I’m your hot nasty black bitch and I need a good fuck. My sweet pussy is squirting all over that fucking nice piece of cock-meat.”

Dennis responded with a natural, primal instinct and with both hands now on Ella’s waistline, pulled her almost violently to meet her thrust and plunged the length of his cock deep into her cunt. Together the two lovers found their rhythm and began to fuck, a wet, sloppy, slurping sound emanating from their mid-sections slapping together as they both threw their inhibitions to the winds. Pulling back, until just the bulging, blood engorged head of his cock was barely inside her lips, Dennis hesitated for just an instance before, again, thrusting his hips into Ella’s quivering ass.

In unison, like it had been pre-planned, the two stopped and Ella pulled away. Dennis assisted by helping to spin her around, catching sight of her hard nipples as he pulled her to his wet, shiny-with-her-sweet-love, cock, fucking it into her mouth, hands on her head as he forced his cock to the back of her throat.

“That’s right cunt,” he growled, “suck that white cock, clean your sweet cum off my cock. “Oh yeah bitch, you’re MY little black cocksucker.” With both hands on the sides of her head, he looked down at her as he pushed his hips into her face, effectively fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. Ella’s tongue danced and licked at the underside of the seemingly huge cock that invaded her wet mouth. With sucking, slurping sounds she threw herself into the nasty act like a real pro, or a cheap whore looking for a quick buck.

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“Come up here, you nasty black slut,” Dennis hoarsely whispered, “I need to taste my cock on your sweet mouth,” and with that pulled Ella up to meet his tongue as he plunged it into her face. Their tongues danced and tussled together as each sought to taste and explore the others mouth. Ella reached down to Dennis’ hard cock, bouncing in the cool air, still warm and wet from the hot suck job she had just given him. Gripping it tightly, she began to jerk his cock while Dennis began to pump his hips into the hand that was now fucking him. With his tongue buried in her mouth, she felt him tense, his muscles tightened, and his grip, on her hot, black ass clamped to the point of almost actually hurting. She knew he was close to exploding and stopped pumping her hand on his cock, and held tightly, squeezing her fist around the shaft. At that moment, Dennis lost all control and with a last lunge pushed his naked body into Ella’s, pulling her to him until they were truly as one. Ella held tightly and could feel his cum in her palm as it pumped from his heavy balls into and out of his hard white cock. Dennis let out a closed-mouth groan, moaning breathlessly as his burning, white-hot jizz sprayed onto Ella’s stomach and thighs

Their fierce kissing gradually softened, and became tender and loving. Both felt the mutual love and appreciation and satisfaction that washed over them after the intense lovemaking session. The raw sex, the release, left them both weak and breathless and they fell to the pine needle carpeted ground noiselessly, a tangle of arms and legs. Ella rested her head on Dennis’ chest her eyes closed in exhausted satisfaction.
“I love you, Ella,” Dennis breathed softly, kissing her forehead and hugging her close. In response Ella tightened her slender legs around his and the two drifted into a fitful sleep.

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