My Mummy Joins My Friends and Me

Sex storie: My Mummy Joins My Friends and Me My name is Rahul and I am studying in the final year of school in Kotturpuram, Chennai, India. During the summer season, it is sweltering hot and sweaty inside the house as we don’t have air conditioning. Hence I go up to the terrace to study … Read more

Mom Son Vacation

This is my story about real incident. Please forgive me in case of any mistakes. I’m Harsh, age 25 and Mom Asha, age 49. Mom wears traditional attire at home and loves to wear modern dress such as Tees, shirt, jeans,shorts, skirts,midis during vacation and parties. I have been an ardent fan of My Mom. … Read more

Mother and son play lovers in a play

Josh was not a typical young man. He worked hard on weekends and part time thru the week at a gym as a personal trainer. During the week he attended classes at the local college. He had lots of women interested in him. He was exceedingly handsome. His 6’2″ frame was like a sculpture of … Read more

The son replaces the father in the marriage bed

The son replaces the father in the marriage bed.. I was the only son of a wealthy family. My father was a business man and we lived in a six bedroom mansion with a pool and tennis court, in its own secluded grounds. Mother was my father’s second wife, his first died childless at an … Read more

Mom’s submission: Sex with son ,part-6

Hello readers, It’s great to say you all my feelings as well as the truth of my life and my story-cum-incidence that happened in my life,in last five parts as i know readers have enjoyed it a lot,it’s my destiny to have physical affair with my own son and to be very true ,i have … Read more

I Love My Mother, A son explains his relationship with his mother

I Love My Mother, A son explains his relationship with his mother… Shaun and I have been friends for a few weeks. Not dating, he lives in the building I just moved into, and we became friends right away, despite my being almost twice his age. Our friendship has that easy, comfortable feel to it … Read more

Indian mom son fucking (Amateur video)

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