Mom’s submission: Sex with son ,part-6

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Hello readers,
It’s great to say you all my feelings as well as the truth of my life and my story-cum-incidence that happened in my life,in last five parts as i know readers have enjoyed it a lot,it’s my destiny to have physical affair with my own son and to be very true ,i have never felt guilty or ashamed of it.Nancy,a lady in her mid thirties is a hot and bold lady with modern thoughts as my body got some extra flesh on it,so my big breasts are in great shape as my fleshy tummy with sexy belly is making me hot,my round dome shaped bum is wild and i am addicted to wine as well as cocks,so as my hubby have satisfied me a lot on bed,now a days he looks not interested but i am still young for physical affairs as i am still in great sexual relationship with a younger guy of 28-29 years but as once my son,Rohan ,a 20 years guy have pleased me on bed with his sexual abilities,i am not looking towards the outsiders and our sexual affairs have took a new height as we both enjoy oral sex in home even it’s a day time and one afternoon,as my son have not moved to college,we two are alone a our household maid have left home and i am feeling too horny after a break of 4-5 days,as my vagina got periods and i was lacking energy ,so i have made myself distant from him but as my period vanished,my vagina started getting itched and it’s a sign of fuck as i need it soon,so as it’s an afternoon we both mom & son have had their breakfast and now i locked the main door of home as i am bit i walked to my bedroom as i am in a traditional wear of salwaar and kurti,so i opened the wardrobe as i picked up one sexy dress for me,it’s non other than a robe with brassiere and a panties for my sexy body as i put my inner on sexual organs,i put robe and than put laces of robe now as my robe is up to my knees,some parts of thighs are nude and i walked towards my son’s room as i stand near his door while looking inside as curtain is there and i can see him sitting on chair as his face is in opposite direction,so may be he is studying or writing ,so i walked inside his room as i am putting my nude legs on earth like no sounds get louder and as i stand behind him,i leaned my face and kissed his face,so he is well surprised as he look back to me………..

”oh no,i was really surprised at your move
[Nancy]o k ,just come in my room as i need your assistance .”and rohan wake up as he is looking at my robe to my sexy face as he moved closer………”a nice dress,who have gifted you sweet heart
[Nancy put his hand on rohan’s chest]no one loves your mom,so i have bought it.”and than rohan took me in his arms as he kissed my neck to face with his hand on my sexy ass………”I am in love with you,my sexy mom.”and he is bit romantic as he is kissing my soft face to lips and like a submissive lady i am in his hand as i started kissing my son’s our illicit affairs started as he is rubbing my sexy ass and my lips are on his lips as i took it to chew,so sucking my son’s lips as my boobs are brushing on his chest,i am feeling bit horny and rohan,hold my hairs as he freed his lips and now starts licking my lips with his long i took out my long tongue as we both are licking each other’s tongue and it’s making us hot and rohan’s hard hand is pressing my fleshy ass,so when he will open my robe,i have to do it,i don’t know and so as our tongues are licking,he pushed it in my mouth and like a dominant lady,i am sucking my son’s tongue as his hand is lifting my robe but it’s tight on my body.

Nancy and Rohan are standing on ground as they have hold each other in arms ,so as rohan pushed my face and freed his tongue,i am shy lady and i put my head on his shoulder as my hand is moving on his ass and than as my son is holding me tightly,he pushed me and i fell on bed with my legs still on ground,so my boobs are looking hotter as it’s going up and down with my heavy breaths,so looking at my son as he hold my both legs and put it on bed to make me sleep there,i am on bed with my legs straight and he came near me as looking at me,he hold my soft breast and said………..

”looking sexy in a robe,but is it for making me hot?
[Nancy] sure,i love to be loved and dominated on bed
[Rohan pressing my softer breast] oh i see,but why you don’t make your hubby so hot with your dress or capabilities
[Nancy]oh ,you can’t understand it my son,your dad have made love for last 21 years and we are not interested more,so i have selected you for my physical satisfaction.”and he is massaging my breast as he hold the laces of my robe and now opened it,so robe is into pieces as my sexy body is semi he leaned on my body as his face is on my face,he kissed my lips and this time,he took my long tongue as his hand is under my head just to take my whole tongue in his mouth and as he is sucking it hard,my hand is on his bermuda and i can feel his weight on my body but you have to hold it for love as he sucked my tongue for a while and than left as he started removing my robe,i am showing my resistance but it’s just for show not in real and truth lies inside my brassier and he have made my tall figure semi nude as my height of 5’7 feet with 36dd boobs and fleshy tummy are so hot,you can’t keep your cool while looking at them,now my son have leaned on my top as he is kissing my neck to face and this time he is more in aggression and he is now kissing my upper parts of boobs as he have hold it in his hand tightly and as his lips are burning on my boobs,i am too horny ,so i said……..

”oh my son,remove it first”and than as i turned my body for a while,he unhooked my brassier as it comes out of my boobs,so rohan smiled and he is holding it as his tongue started licking my brownish nipple with his whole body on my top,i am feeling hotter and than he opened his mouth as he put my boobs middle parts in his mouth an starts sucking it,so i am rubbing my legs on bed as i can feel the sensation in my vagina and i hold his hairs as i am screaming in joy”uh ah oh my son,suck your mom’s boobs,hard like a tough guy.”and he is sucking it hard as my hand is on his bermuda.later on he left my right breast as he hold my left one and now opened his whole mouth and swallow it’s maximum part,so as he is sucking my breast,my hand is now pulling down his bermuda as i love to have my young son nude on my nude body,my legs are just rubbing on bed as i have hold him harder and as i pulled his bermuda down,his nude ass is giving my hand some relief but it’s his long thick cock which is hitting on my i am rubbing his back as i am shouting………

”uh ah um now leave your mom’s boobs,vagina is waiting for you.”and he wake up as his bermuda is out of his legs and he removed his both mom and son are nude on bed as i can see his long cock slamming me hard and i hold his penis as i started rubbing his chest………”now it’s my turn you young guy [son] sure my hot mom as you wish but i want to see your red tunnel first [mom]o k you may.”and now i slept on bed as my legs are in opposite direction,so he sits near my waist and like a horny lady i put my sexy bum upwards of bed as my both legs are in air,i have hold it as i have stretched my legs wider and my son than hold a pillow as he put it under my heavy ass and now he put his face on my vagina and i can see him widening my hole with his fingers and he is still looking inside and lastly i asked…….”oh my son,what are you looking for inside?
[son]it’s depth my mom,it’s perfect cock for fuck.”and he put his long tongue in my vagina as it’s flexibility with depth have swallowed it and he is rubbing my ass as it’s just above of pillow also,so holding my legs and putting my buttocks up to make him comfortable while loving my glory hole,he is rolling his tongue in my cunt as i am sounding sexy”uh ah yes fuck fuck it hard my son,i am whore till evening and i will love to be fucked again with your friends”and he is voiceless at the moment as his tongue is fucking my cunt and so,i can feel my hot dry vagina as it’s in full sensation,now he took out his tongue as his two fingers is moving inside,but my vaginal flexibility is at maximum,so i am not in pain or discomfort,so he is fingering my vagina as i can feel his tongue also licking the upper surface of vagina,god bless him with a delayed ejaculation as i wish him always,but it’s my selfishness so as his finger is screwing my vagina fast,i am shouting……..

”oh uh my son,oh you dog,fuck fuck hard i will cum cum soon.”and as he heard his mom’s version ,he took out his finger and now he hold my both labias as he took it in his mouth,i know his capacity of love on bed but he is young for me and as my vagina is going to cum,he is sucking it hard and than my sexy voice”uh it’s cumming ”and my vagina ejaculated cum as it’s in his mouth as he tasted it and now he is licking like a stray dog and lastly,he pushed his finger in my wet cunt and took out it as he pushed his finger in my mouth to taste my vagina’s own we both are bit exhausted and we are in a short break.

I walked to washroom as i urinated and washed my cunt,so he came and took refreshment,his erected cock is making me horny but i know it’s my own as my son’s cock is my sole property an no one can have ability to take it from me till he get in love with some gal or get married but it’s a nice experience as i pushed him on bed and now sitting near his waist,i hold his cock,so i smiled and said…………

”son ,will you cum soon or will enjoy for 15-20 minutes
[son]i can’t say’s upon you how you suck it an for how many minutes [mom]I will suck it till you cum .”so i removed its skin as i am putting my lips on it,kissing it hard as i put it’s glans on my nose to smell and than i felt little hungry as i swallow his cock in hurry,so his legs are straight as he is lying on bed like a king with a porn queen like me,so i have put his whole penis in my mouth to suck but my face is on hold,so i want to grow it bigger as well as harder and i can him too hot and he starts screaming……..

”oh sexy do do it hard but give your face a jerk,don’t keep my penis like it in your mouth.”but i am a deaf whore as i am sucking it and i am feeling its growing harder in mouth,so he wake up slightly on bed as he hold my hairs and now started fucking my mouth while giving it a jerk from below and i am feeling like a dirty whore as my eyes are closed and sexy voice”uh um ah”is sounding and room is hotter as we two are,so after a while,he stopped giving my mouth a jerk and now i took out my son’s cock as it’s wet with my mouth’s saliva and so put my tongue to lick it as he is massaging my breast hard and i licked it for a while as i left his cock and than my son rohan laughed…………..

”what happened to you my sexy mom,my cock is still erected,so where is the cum
[mom]leave it you bastard,now fuck me.”and he sits in between my thighs as he put his glans on my hole and he pushed it hard as his 2/3 rd cock is in my vagina and so he fucked my cunt hard again and i shouted”oh yes,it’s hard and hot,fuck fuck me you mother fucker”and i know rohan is a mother fucker as i am a dirty whore needs son’s penis daily,so he is fucking me hard and now he leaned on my top as he is fucking my cunt with speed and power,so i hold him in my arms and started bouncing my sexy bum as sexual affairs is on peak,i can’t say when my son’s cock will cum,but he is penetrating my cunt hard as his chest have put pressure on my saggy boobs and he is fucking me like a matured men as i am bouncing my ass and now my vagina is too hot as i am begging for his cum……….

”son rain soon,rain your cum,your mom’s vagina is in fire
[son] sure you hot lady i will cum cum soon.”and than his 9-10 more jerks made my vagina a wet tunnel where cum is full and it’s out also but he is still lying on mom’s hot our love cum sex ends…………………..

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