Dad’s friend: Aftermath of losing virginity

Hi friends,
I have lost my virginity with a much old guy / men as he is 19-20 years older to me and as dipaali have swallowed his long cock as i come to know its hardness as well as length after it made entry in my red dipaali,a 18 years gal have lost her virginity as her reddish cunt got fucked,she is back home in the evening and now thinking to live away from my mom as my legs are in pain and vagina have got bruises as well as injuries also but i think ,may be hymen have been stretched open as the first time i have a vaginal i walked inside my room as i have opened my shoes in dinning space,i took out my shorts as well as tops and walked inside i removed my dress as i removed my inner also,so i put my hand on vagina as i rubbed it slowly and than i started putting gels on it as i want to clean it inner as it have hold hitesh cums inside for a long as my cunt got lot of foams on it,i started pushing my finger inside as i want to wash its hole with foams,so my vagina got washed and i put lot of water on it.later on i put my shorts as well as tops and walked out,my dream have been fulfilled but i have never thought that hitesh will force me for fuck and i am bit suspicious with second pack of wine as i got unconscious and lost my cool.I think he have mixed some pills in wine to make me bit aroused or to make me horny,but it’s a bitter truth that i have lost my virginity and now i slept on bed as i am feeling too exhausted and after a while,my mom came in my room and said………

”dipaa are you o k ?
[Dipaali] yes mom i am fine but feeling tired after my day long classes
[Mom sits near my legs] i know it but have you attended your classes?
[Dipaali bit afraid] yes mom i have attended my classes
[Mom laughed] I was just joking,anyhow i am going to prepare a cup of coffee for you.”,so she left me and as i have been scared with my mom’s query but it’s a god blessings that i have been not caught as i walked towards dinning space and mom came there with cup of coffee as both are sitting there and having coffee,so mom looking at me smiled………


”Baby for last two weeks,i am looking some changes in your behavior ,isn’t it?
[Dipaali bit serious] no mom i am bit serious due to syllabus
[mom] listen baby,once you have asked me for permission to get indulged in physical relation with my lover Sam,i have denied it so you got someone
[Dipaali] no it’s not true ,i am concentrating hard on my studies only
[mom] it’s fine.”and we both than put empty cup on table as i walked in my bedroom,so i slept on bed as my mobile is near my pillow,now my mind starts thinking again of days affair as his penis look have been caught in my eyes,unexpected but what i can do now?,so my night passes peacefully as i slept soundly till morning,not in mood to go school but it will create more suspicion in my mom’s mind,so i have my routine affair as i have my bath,than put my dress but it’s a last day of week,so i can wear informal dress also,now i put a leggings as well as tops and than have my breakfast as i am sitting on chair and putting shoes on my legs,my mobile sounds like some SMS have been delivered,so i look into my mobile and read the message”come on baby,i am waiting for you on bus stop”,and it’s a message giving me an alert as i know if i will meet him,may be he will fuck my vagina is just like a organs moved towards other level of sex as it’s feeling better ,so i walked out of my home and as i reached the bus stop,hitesh is waiting for me and i felt bit scared but he walked to me and said………….

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”baby,i think we shall talk something serious
[Dipaali] I know it hitesh,leave me alone for a week or so
[uncle] as you wish but i will wait for you till next weekend
[Dipaali] what the wait means? ,you have got your desired parts of my body and i know you will do it again
[uncle] I know you were in lot of pain at that time ,but you will get immense pleasure also next time,so please try to understand
[Dipaali] o k,i will call you later.”and than i left for my school as my normal routine is going on and than weekend made me bit disturbed as i am looking for him again,it’s my mind always thinking about uncle’s physical love session with me and apart from losing virginity as he have forced me to do so,he have always loved me like a lover,who gives pleasure to his counter lastly,i have decided to get laid on bed again with him but want to have pleasure in intercourse,but i will wait till he approach me ,not going to give my valuable assets to him easily and he have to pay for it also as he have gifted me a diamond ring on V DAY,it’s not enough because i know my friends getting precious gifts at the cost of her body but they love to enjoy physical affairs it’s tuesday as i walked out of home for my school but a sexy night wear is also inside it,i know hitesh can approach me soon and as i reached the bus stop,he surprised me as he is there and no call or sms have made me more excited and as he came to me and smiled…………..

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”how are you baby?
[Dipaali] I am fine ,waiting for me or someone else
[uncle laughed] only you ,so come with me
[Dipaali] no not today,if you have made me a call i have arranged for class bunking
[uncle bit shocked] o k,than i will wait for you next day.”and i asked him to give me lift till school and i frisked inside car,as he drive it towards civil lines but as ITO office came ,i ask………….”hitesh,now move your car towards outer ring road
[uncle bit surprise] oh i see,have you changed your mind
[Dipaali] no ,outer ring road have less traffic ,so i can reach school on time.”and than as his car moves to a turning point,i said…………”now take your car towards right direction
[uncle smiled] oh you are surprising me today
[Dipaali] yes,you have also done it first.”

So hitesh is a happy men and i am also in a changed direction towards heavenly love cum feelings.He is driving car as he is eyeing my sexy thighs to legs also but have put my legs crossed and his eyes always seems looking inside and lastly,we both reached the resort as this place have given me lot of pleasure with a new experience i walked out of car with my school bag and hitesh smiled……….”leave it in car,what’s its use?
[dipaali] i have to study with you.”and we both reached the reception as i am now a regular visitor of resort,so not getting ashamed of my illicit relationship with him,now a guy took my school bag in his hand and we are in a room,as hitesh asked him…………

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”you guy,have a bottle of wine,a cane of beer,packet of cigarette with vanilla flavour ice cream.”and he walked away as i am standing,so hitesh walked inside washroom as i put my school bag on bed and sits there as i am waiting for hitesh to come out of washroom.

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