I Love My Mother, A son explains his relationship with his mother

I Love My Mother, A son explains his relationship with his mother… Shaun and I have been friends for a few weeks. Not dating, he lives in the building I just moved into, and we became friends right away, despite my being almost twice his age.

Our friendship has that easy, comfortable feel to it that usually takes a long time to develop. I am thankful for that, for I have no other close friends here, and no family to speak of.

We have been sitting in his apartment, sipping wine, snacking on cheese and crackers, talking about our families. We shared a similar love and history of large family gatherings, traditions for the holidays and such, but that where the similarities ended.

“I envy the openness you had growing up.” I meant it. My family household was prude central.

“Yea, we were very open, no closed doors, no topics off limits…” he mused, “If mom was getting dressed to go somewhere and I had a question or needed to talk about something, I did, and she dressed or undressed while I watched, no big deal. If mom walked in my room to wake me up and I had an erection, as most males do in the morning, I didn’t try to hide it, it was a natural thing. I hadn’t been conditioned to think it was something to be ashamed of.”

“I can’t imagine… but I admit, I am a little jealous of the closeness you all share.” And I am, it would be wonderful to grow up in a home with family that didn’t judge, didn’t hide their sexuality from each other.

“It’s just how I grew up, all perfectly natural, normal for us.”

“I’ll say it again Shaun, I am jealous.” I laughed, but I truly did feel that I had missed out by having such a closed off family.

I took another sip of wine. Silence permeated the room for several seconds… the air seemed to grow heavy with anticipation, but I was unsure why it felt that way.

“I love my mother.” he said, rather simply.

“Of course you do Shaun.” I replied. “It’s obvious from the way you speak of her. She must be a wonderful lady, look at the son she raised.” I said with a wink.

He laughed, but it was quickly erased, he looked at the glass in his hands, then at me…

“I mean… I really love my mother.” he said again, the emphasis clearly in his voice as well in the look on his face. That handsome face, almost boyish, except for the strong set of his jaw and determined look in his large, brown eyes.

The implication of his words became clear and I took a deep breath. I fiddled with the hem of my shirt and glanced out the window… buying time to collect my thoughts.

“Do you find that disturbing?” his voice almost a whisper. “Because I really feel safe telling you this but I need to know that you’re okay with it.”

I couldn’t answer him, I couldn’t find the words.

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“Gayle?” he said a little louder, “Does it disturb you? I need to know… please.”

I slowly released the deep breath I hadn’t realized I was holding.

“No Shaun, it doesn’t. It’s just… unexpected I guess.” I tried to choose my words carefully. “How did it start? When?”

He scrubbed his large hands over his face, then over his short cropped, brown hair. Clearly trying to do what I had just done, gathering his courage and thoughts. He began slowly…

“I was… nineteen. I had been injured playing football, broken collarbone. I was in excruciating pain. I was propped up on pillows in bed for a week, hardly able to move my upper body at all. I needed help with everything.”

He was staring at the wine glass in his hands, eyes unfocused, lost in his memory.

“I needed help in the bathroom. Mom was the only one home. She came in with me to help.” his brow furrowed slightly. “It was just a mother helping her son. After all, she’d changed my diapers.” he grinned, the became serious again.

“When she slid my sweat pants and underwear down, I became erect. She had seen me with an erection before, but this one… she was so close. I was suddenly embarrassed, didn’t know what she would think. I didn’t know what to do. It was … different.”

He stopped talking and looked at me, his eyes searching my face for a sign of understanding. I nodded, he swallowed, took a deep breath and started again…

“She noticed my erection of course and said it was okay, not to be embarrassed, that it was natural… and then…” he paused, ” She said if I was hurting, she could help me with that too.”

I sat in stunned silence, gripping my wine glass so hard I feared it would shatter. I was taken back, but also… aroused.

I adjusted the way I was sitting, tucking my feet under me.

He took a sip of wine, “She used her soft hands to pleasure me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before… wonderful, and natural, but at the same time, forbidden. I think that made it all the more exciting.”

He was smiling now, more relaxed since I had not been shocked or judgmental about his confession.

I was still unsure of exactly what my thoughts and feelings were about it, but I knew that this was something he was trusting me with, and I didn’t want to betray that trust.

I moved closer to him, placed my hand on his arm, “Please continue…”

“She took care of me that whole week. Until I was recovered enough to have some mobility and could fend for myself.”

“She pleasured you more than once?”

“Yes, several times.”

“It ended after that?” I asked.

“Yes… and no. It wasn’t until much later that we became… lovers.” he looked into my eyes again, expecting to see a sign of what I was thinking.

“Tell me everything Shaun… I want to hear it all. I want to understand.” What I didn’t have the courage to tell him yet, was that this was turning me on…

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He continued, “I had moved to the city, several hours from where we lived. I wasn’t on my own for the first time, but I had lived with room mates before. It was the first time I had actually lived by myself. It had been a difficult adjustment, lonely. It was my birthday, and mom had come for a visit.”

I topped off our glasses, just out of the need for something to do. Nervous excitement now thrumming through my body in anticipation of the rest of his story.

“It was a typical visit at first. We spent the day shopping, she purchased some furnishings for my apartment. The new couch had been delivered, and we were sitting on it, talking about the usual stuff.”

The words flowed from him easier now… and I could tell he was becoming aroused by the memories.

“Mom being the inquisitive mom type, asked me if I liked the city. Was I lonely? How was finding a stable job going? It had been a while since I talked to her about any girls. She asked if I had met anyone, and I blushed. She said she knew most of the women I had been with were mature, but that “No girl compares with dear old mom.” so I blushed a little more. She speaks up again, saying she will always be there to help me if I am hurting… and in my head, I immediately flash back to when I was younger…”

I notice that though he still held his wine glass in one hand, his other is curled into a fist and pressed tightly against his groin.

He continued, “I was speechless. She keeps talking, very comforting in her lovely voice, saying she knows how I must still feel, how the women I like have always been like her, and she takes my hand and is caressing it. She giggles a little, with that softness in her voice that I love, and says I’ve grown up to be a handsome young man who any woman would love to be with, but that she knows I have thoughts of one special woman.. and she stands, and leads me to my bedroom.”

His voice is becoming hoarse, his breathing shallow. I know he has an erection, I can see it straining behind the zipper of his jeans.

I can’t deny my own arousal… I am wet, and I know my face and chest are flushed.

“I had seen mom undress plenty of times before, nudity wasn’t a private thing in our home. But this was different… knowing she was undressing for my pleasure… I was so speechless, and admittedly, very nervous.”

He took a drink of his wine, adjusted himself, trying to make room in his now too tight jeans.

There was no use trying to hide his erection from me, he was well endowed, and it was quite obviously becoming painful.

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“It was a beautiful day in May. I remember the dress she wore so fondly… it was a lovely lavender color, it showed her cleavage. The sun was setting, the rays of sun through my window were painting her beautiful body. She asked me to stand up and kiss her. She began undressing me, and I still remember her whispering in my ear “Play with my titties baby.”

He was stroking his straining cock through his jeans, and I was grinding my pussy against a foot I had tucked under me. I was breathing heavy, Shaun had beads of sweat forming on his brow.

“After a bit she lay back on the bed, and I entered her.”

He was panting now, clearly trying to control the lust his memories had conjured up.

“Shaun…” I whispered…

“Fuck, Gayle…”

He was on me in a flash, our hands everywhere, clenching flesh, tearing at our clothing. We couldn’t get naked fast enough. We managed to make it to the bedroom, leaving a trail of discarded clothes.

We were both frantic, the story had driven our lust to fever pitch.

Shaun grabbed my hips and pulled me to him, and with out apology, slammed balls deep into my waiting pussy with a loud growl.

I raised my hips and met him stroke for punishing stroke as he slammed into me again and again.

Both of us groaning, grunting… taking from each other what we needed to satisfy our own desperate need.I gripped his shoulders, my nails digging into his flesh… his arms were under my shoulders, curled over to gain purchase and hold me in place against his vicious thrusts.

This was not love making… this was a coupling of pure, primal need for release.

“FUCK! SHAUN!” I screamed as shock waves raced through my body, arching me off the bed even with Shaun’s weight on me.

I was shuddering, my pussy clenched around his shaft, milking him hard as I continued to ride the spasms of my orgasm.

“Come on my tits Shaun! I shouted, “Cum on them like you do your moms!”

Shaun’s body suddenly stiffened, he buried his face in my neck and with a yell I felt his cock get even harder before he flooded my pussy with spurt after hard spurt of hot cum, still thrusting against me, wringing every ripple of his own release, until he finally rolled from me, spent and boneless.

We lay there for several long, silent minutes. Our ragged breathing the only sounds in the room.

I spoke first, “I hope to meet your mom someday.”

He laughed a little, “She will be here in about an hour.”

“Really?” I replied incredulously.

“Yes, and she can’t wait to meet you.” he whispered.

Oh yes, this was going to be a very interesting weekend…

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