A Morning Quickie with my sister

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I was hard again. 11:00 AM, and I’d just calmed myself down. My phone beeped beside me. [I haven’t showered yet,] it read.

[That’s fine,] I replied. [It won’t take long.] Another moment passed before she responded.

[K. She said she’ll be back in a few hours.] I heard the front door shut, and leapt to my feet. I opened my door and Jess was walking up the stairs, a small, knowing grin on her face. She motioned casually to my bedroom. “Come on.”

I can’t really go into details about the very first time I’d ever fucked my sister. It was a very private, intimate moment, hours after she’d first offered it. “I know how… stifled you must feel since mom took you out of school. I feel like you’ll really miss out on a lot of things, being homeschooled.” She was right, of course. My friends from high school went to parties with people I didn’t know, they kept me up to speed with their steady march towards the final frontier of all high school boys: actual sex with a real girl.

I was perfectly okay with the irony that I’d now had sex several times, but could never tell a soul.

“Hang on,” Jess protested as I eagerly turned her body around and began moving her panties down. “Give me a second to… get ready.” She turned back to me and lowered herself to her knees, admiring my rigid manhood with something like pride. She gave the tip a hard peck with her lips. “Do you just want this, or do you want more?” Her hand moved up and down my shaft gently as she asked the question, looking up at me with her big, green eyes.

“I want to fuck you,” I answered, taking a deep breath as she stroked me, “but I’d never say no to your mouth on me.” She giggled lightly, as if she knew that’s what I’d say, before wrapping her lips around the tip of my cock. There was a faint, wet pop as her mouth began bobbing up and down my dick, and I sighed with pleasure as she worked. Both hands gripped my hips as she fucked me with her mouth, and I could feel pre-cum leaking out across her tongue. “I’ve been horny since I woke up,” I warned. “I don’t know how long I’m gonna last.” She pushed her head down as far as it could go, her nose brushing my abdomen for a few seconds before she withdrew entirely.

“You know this always gets me going,” she said, giving my thigh a playful slap. “Lay down.”

The seconds of anticipation, I always thought, were probably a huge turn-on for Jess. She liked the brief moments of me squirming with barely contained urges while she pulled the headband off her head and removed her shirt, shaking her hair back over her shoulders and causing her ample chest to wag tauntingly over me. She always mounted me this way, and then, she’d close her eyes and exhale as she eased herself onto me. The physical heat inside her was always such a rush. Her warm, wet lips would wrap lovingly around me as she slowly lowered herself, and she’d sigh happily when her hips touched mine. Then, she’d look down at me and grin as she slowly, deliberately lifted herself back up, and then ease down again. Again and again, steadily moving faster as she rode me. When she was really into it and not just helping me out, she’d close her eyes and let out husky, open-mouthed sighs, and one hand would usually stray to her own breasts, or guide my hands there. She told me that she didn’t really care where my hands went, but I know she preferred them on her ass, pulling her cheeks apart while my cock stretched her pussy to its limits.

I began to sigh audibly as she rose and fell. I could feel the cum churning; the first tightening of my dick that told me I wouldn’t last much longer. “Oh, my god,” I whispered. “You feel so good.” She smiled down at me and raised an eyebrow.

“You gonna cum, baby?”

I hesitated before answering “Do you think you can? Really quick?”

She did one of those coy, sidelong “Hmmm” faces, and then shrugged. “Why don’t you stand up,” she prompted, dismounting. I sighed in pleasure and dejection as her pussy slid off of me, but stood nonetheless. She bent forward on her knees and elbows, arching her back and pulling her hair over one shoulder. “Fuck me like this.”

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