Massage for my Dream aunt

Hi readers its sai very thanks that you all liked my last story . Im up with new story where i am going to share with you please do like and send feedback. It happened few months before, my mum had a friend in bangalore named soumya. She stood 5.3 feet with medium colour complexion with medium sized ass and a 34 size boobs.

I know her from past 8 years from my school. Soumya was a caring woman and treated me so well, i liked her very much, i was so close to her. Her home was just 500 meters from my home. She had two kids studying at boarding and her husband was working in a big Ltd company and was often travelling, me and my mom used to visit her home often as they were thick friends. At my teenage i was so attracted to soumya she is in her early 40’s but still stunning as ever. I would fantasize of me massaging her body thinking rarely, it used to turn me on when i imagined her wearing saree or a leggings.

It happened once I and my mom paid a visit to her home there was no one at home. she served tea to us and she was speaking to my mom inside her room. Her room was opposite to where i was sitting, i was staring at her big booby and a sexy back. I heard her saying that she’s not relaxed and working the whole day which caused her severe back ache, my mom was saying that she too had lots of leg pain but i helped her out applying gel and bands and reducing her pain soumya was happy and said you are so lucky , see me who’s here to serve me my hubby is now abroad. My mom said dont worry my fried i will tell my son to help you out, he is good at it, and called me and said to serve her. I obliged to do it, soumya told no my saon its ok i can take care why to trouble you, i said its my duty to help you aunty, my mom insisted me to stay behind and look after her, My mom left us together, i was feeling shy, she was holding her back , i came to her and “said aunty do you mind if i give you a massage?” she first asked how it is possible son, and do you know how to massage,cause i dont have any idea of how massage feels exactly. I said “I know aunty and i also massaged by moms leg once”(but it is different now) if you agree i will show you what is actually massage ” I told her i’ll be back in a minute and went to nearby store and got a pain reliefing massage oil and returned like a flash. I was shy looking at her thinking how to tell her to change the dress. She looked at me and asked “what happened son you got the oil?


,ok what should i do now tell me”. I said in my strucking voice “aunty….. just be….. in… yo…ur inner we…ars so that it would be ea…sy to massage your back”. she said “is that all you want to say son then why are you scared of telling it” damn she was obeying to my words. I said her that i will wash my hands and came with my hands clean. she was in her inner wears, my blood flowed in my cock it suddenly stood up, i hide it somehow she wore a red colour bra and same colour panty.

She looked at me and pulled me towards her. There was no table in her home so i suggested her to massage on the room bed. I put a extra bedsheet she sat on the bed, I said her “aunty you might feel uncomfortable when you are touched by others rather than your hubby, so i will start massaging your head and come to neck and finally the shoulder” she was feeling restless earlier but my statement made her feel comfortable she said ” you are such a nice boy you understand a woman’s feelings do as you wish ” saying this i sat near her and started to massage her head with a little amount of oil she was feeling her head i told her to feel relaxed there is nothing to be worried about, i immediately came to her neck and started massaging , aaahhhh….yaaaa. there….my son….i feel pain there i poured little more oil and massaged her neck part by this time she was resting, i expect her to say to massage her shoulder, she said” son please massage my shoulders now” aaahhh…..mmmm she was moaning with moans…my sexual fantasy were turning into a massage fantasy, it was really a nice feeling . she said ” you are really awsome as your mom said ” i said “thank you aunty” and i was massaging her fleshy shoulders, she had put on weight recently, i focused on her shoulders for 10 minutes by this time i had already cummed a little in my pants and she was expressing her pains by letting her moans mmmmmm yessss….ohh there… son my penis was hitting her back now and then, she said what is that hard thing son, i said “nothing aunty” and again my torso was hitting her back . Finally i said her to sleep her back , damn wat a flesh she had i wanted to touch it all the day, i poured oil on her, cracked my fingers and slowly started massaging the back i spread the oil over her back, that was the moment she raised her moans aaaaaaahhhhhhh……yyyyaaaaaaaa…..oooooohhhhhhhhh…..mmmmmm there only im feeling pain son . I focused on the paining part and put more oil there and massaged her she was feeling relief it went on for 15 minutes. I was watching her perfect shape. she had already unhooked her bra, i was finished with her back i slowly came for her thighs, accidently my fingers touched her panty and it slightly moved downwards, i saw her she was drowsing i thought it was the perfect time to sneak and spread her legs and opened the panty that was covering her pussy area, wow it was pinkish and still fresh i bent down and slowly parted her pussy lips she moaned….mmmmmmmm…..hhhuuuuuhhhhhhh…..aaaaaahhhhh…

And i started to massage her thighs and finally her legs over her calf muscles which had hairs on it i kissed on her calf muscles and on her sexy shining thighs. I still saw her sleeping and i came to her vagina and licked it slowly …… was so delicious ………she slowly regained her consiousness i immediately took my lips apart and forgot to close her panty. She said “wat happened son ” i said she had gone to her sleep she replied “ohh sorry son the touch of your hands made me sooooo relaxed that i fall asleep she noticed her pussy visible to me and tried to closed it ,my dick was erected by seeing her pussy and i stood near her, when she took her hands to adjust my panty her hand touched my hard dick…. ” what is this son you have hard thing come over here and pulled me towards her she saw my tool standing under my shorts she said ” nin thune yake istu gatti agide” i said nothing with smiling she replied ” istu dappa agide yake tumba kasta biltidiya open madu maga”… i said im feeling shy aunty she saw my face and understood me and started to pull my shorts it was tight she said ” ninu nan maga iru naanu bichtini” and removed by shorts, she saw my dick in my vest, by this time my balls were struggling to get free she said looking at my balls

“thumba novu agtaide na maga and pulled my vest and saw my bully spanking, she said ”

estu channagide nin thune maga nindu chikkadage irute ankondithe istu dappa ide ” and kissed on my cock, it was paining inside my vest but it was feeling relaxed and gained its erection where soumya was admiring me and my assets. I said to sleep straight, her bra was hardly covering her tits, i asked her can i remove it so that i can massage it she nodded her head bitting her lips, i removed her bra and bend down and pulled her panty she had small pubic hairs. I poured oil over her boobs tummy and started to massage from her neck and came down to her boobs, soumya possessed a volleyball size soft pillow all white and only brown nipples which was hard by touch of my hands, her boobs were glittering i bent down, soumya held my back and pulled to her nipples and said “yen nodthaidiya maga bandu nan boobs lick madu mada i did as per her wish and was inserting my fingers in her hole. I was tight but i managed to put my fingers fully and shaked, she immediately let big juices, i was massaging her for 20 minutes and she touched my cock which was already dripping cum. uncontrollably i cummed on her boobs and collapsed besides her. she said “Tumba chennagide maga mate ninu free ya idre bandu massage madu”. Though we did not have sax we were enjoyed the massage. We had a massage session over the evening. She paid me for the massage but i said i did it for pleasure and respect. Still she paid me for the oil that i bought.
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