Neighbor’s lust consequences part -2

After our let night fuck, i slept in her(khushi) home (Read prev stories Neighbor’s lust consequences part -1 ) . Next day her mother in law knock her bed room door at 8am , we were sleeping nude suddenly khushi told me to hide in cupboard & she rolled a towel on her body & opened the door. Her mother in law asked her why u r so late to wake up today? & u r only in towel,not wearing anything & whose sandals r those? . I can hear her voice , &thought she gonna catch me. But than khushi answered,” Mom nothing to worry, i slept late last night due to headache & now i was in the washroom going to bath, but u have just called me & therefore i came in towel, & this scandals r of adil ( fake name) he came last night for dinner as his parents r out for 3days. He must have forgotten this. I told u na mom that adil will come for dinner.”
Her mom said,” Oh i see , yah i forgot that, u take a bath & call adil for breakfast.”
She closed the room door & asked me to come out from cupboards.
I came out & said,”wow khushi u have got beauty with brain.”
She smiled & hold my hand & took me to bed & said,”what about a quick session & than we go to breakfast.”
I was nude my cock was erecting slowly. She unrolled her towel & pushed me on bed. She was on top on me (cowgirl position) & guided my cock in her pussy & started up, down motions. I was pressing her melons size boobs. Aahh what a pleasure she gives. I hold near her hips & started stroking harder, she was moaning,

” Ooooooo yeah yeah yeah yeah, fuck me baby yeah yeah fuck.” She was lying on me due to multiple strokes, i was kissing her simultaneously. We stopped after 15 mins , as it was a quick session. She went for bath & i wear my clothes & went to my house from terrace.

After 30 mins she called me for breakfast. This time i entered her house from main door as her mother in law was also there. We had a breakfast & i went to my house. After a while she messaged me,” thank you adil “. We started conversation by messages now. I asked her,” But for what u r thanking me”.
She said,” U r so passionate & knows everything about a woman wants & her desire.”


We started taking dirty & sharing some incest stories throughout the day, than i message her what about tonight plans, shall we meet tonight at mine House. I will order dinner for both of us. She accepted my request . I was excited for tonight.

It was 9 pm i called her & asked her to come from terrace door. she came from terrace door. She had wear black inner & blue shorts& was looking so sexy &bold i couldn’t took my eye’s form her. I have serve the dinner on table in the kitchen, so we directly went to our kitchen. I asked her what about your mother in law. she said, ” I gave her sleeping pills & waited for her to fall asleep & than i came here. I can understand her desperation for mating & intercourse as her husband comes once a year & though he couldn’t satisfy her. We took a dinner & went to hall for watching TV. I know her hunger for sex so i put a Pen drive in TV & started HD porn movies .

I was saw her desperation she was mad about different position in the porn movie. She liked the kamasutra position the most & asked me to fuck her in that position. I took her to my bedroom & started some fantasy kissing with her. I kissed her on neck & lips to arouse hunger for sex even more, she was desperate. I took her short down & rubbed her clitoris starts putting my finger’s in her pussy. She pushed me on my bed & removed her inner this time she was not wearing bra & i got even more fantasized. I removed my shorts as well. We r naked now & her hunger for Kamasutra position was at her peak.
She was near me & i took her in position & hold her hips, she was holding my neck. We started fucking , she was moaning,

” Ooohhh yessss, baby, aaaahhhhhhhh, umhhhhhhhh, awesome aaahhhhhhhh.”

I wanted to do rough sex with her. So i penetrated my cock all the way in her pussy & stroking harder & Harder. I wanted her to beg me to stopped. I started slapping her ass roughly pressing her boobs biting her nipples. She started moaning in pain,” Aaaaahhhhhh baby slow please, its paining , oooooooooooo, baby its hurting inside,aaahhhhhhhhh.”

I was not bothering about her moans & wanted to cum inside her pussy , but suddenly she started crying in pain, i couldn’t resist myself & i stopped for a while she was breathing heavily. She was ok after a mins. I took her in missionary position & banged her continuously for 15 mins & then i cum in her pussy her pussy became so hot due to my stroking. She moaned ,” Aahhh ahhh aaah aaah , ooooooooo god oooooooo.” Her ass was red due to my slapping roughly. After a while i asked,” Did u enjoy this rough sex.

She said,” Oh my fucking god, u acted like an animal for a while i thought u r gonna kill me,but yes awesome feeling by this one, i took her to the bathroom & given her pleasure of doggy style fucking. She was on pills so thank god i didn’t made her pregnant. But still it was memorable experience for me uptill now, i fuck her thrice a month whenever she needs me she call me in my cellphone & we enjoy spending night with each other.