Helping Hands Part 2

I hope uh like the part one if anyone interested to Get a free massage 😉 can contact me . Coming back to the story, lil rewind in the 1st part i could get nice hairjob from her silky hairs also was able to shave my dick in her ass through clothes… As she was

Sex with sister: Our lustful consequences – part 2

Sex with sister: our lustful consequences – part 2… Thrilling one?, Imagination come true?, Unforgettable one?, Unending fantasy?, Never letting go? , wanna more?, The answer of all those question is being answer by my elder sister last night to me. The incident is continued after the long session. Still if you haven’t read the

Raining outside fucking my lust inside

I never thought that i would get a chance to fuck my own charming & sensational looking mom. I always saw her in my wet dreams, but never ever thought she is gonna be mine one day . This incident took place with me last year in rainy season. I am 20 year old guy

Fuck sister on her date

Hello everyone, I got a privilege to fuck my sister last week, following incident took place with me . Summer vacation were going on, it was a hot night as the temperature was at it’s peak here. Me &my sister share same bed room having different beds. That night my sister seems to be excited.

Neighbor’s lust consequences part -2

After our let night fuck, i slept in her(khushi) home (Read prev stories Neighbor’s lust consequences part -1 ) . Next day her mother in law knock her bed room door at 8am , we were sleeping nude suddenly khushi told me to hide in cupboard & she rolled a towel on her body &

Neighbor’s lust consequences part -1

Hello guys, here i will be telling u guys a fucking fantasy that happened between me & my neighbor. I wake up early in the morning at 6 & goes to terrace everyday for watching her. She practices yoga everyday on her terrace. We have houses cling to each other their is no gap between

Erotic bed time with blonde sister

Hello everyone, this is true incident which took place between me &my sister ,so lets began. I am 5’10” tall ,handsome with fair skin, weight 65 ,having pleasant personality, age 20. My sister has god gifted face wow, she looks hottest in the town believe me, she is 19 , 5’8″ Tall, her pink lips,

Fuck mom 2

Hello friend’s hope u have read my story fuck mom . This is part of it, this incident is continued after honeymoon room in shimla with my mom. I told u in the previous party that my mom is lingerie mode. So Admiring her body was my dream since i was 15 &i got chance

Rainy day fantasy with mom

Hello everyone ,i hope u all have read my 1st incest story “passionate fucking with beautiful sister” , if haven’t yet then just go through it …….. my sister (earlier i had sex with )& my dad both went to chennai for 1week as my sister was having competitive exams…. so my mom & me

Passionate fucking with sister

Hello everyone reading there, i want to share my personal sex experience so wasting no time lets the experience begins ………. I am a student &still a virgin . I stay together with mom ,dad and my sister . my sister is 4 year younger than me she is student as well , my mom