Fuck sister on her date

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Hello everyone, I got a privilege to fuck my sister last week, following incident took place with me .
Summer vacation were going on, it was a hot night as the temperature was at it’s peak here. Me &my sister share same bed room having different beds. That night my sister seems to be excited. I turn the AC on & then ask her the reason of excitement. She said the tomorrow she is going for a date. We share everything with each other, private stories, incident, etc. I was jealous of her first as, i found her attractive, she has fair skin, curvy butts, hanging melon size perky boobs, her juicy wet lips. She is 21 old, with hot & magnificent figure, 5’6″ Tall, always dress like a modernistic trend, i never seen her wearing indian dresses, she wears shorts, & v-shape T-shirts were one can get complete view of her cleavage. She looks damn hot in saree, her milky navel, curvy shaped hips is sight if attractions for me. But she wears saree only on diwali occasions,which left me desperate for her navel view for a year, but i always get a chance to admire her through a washroom door whenever she baths, i secretly watch her from hole as we share same bedroom. She didn’t hesitate to come in towel rounding her body after bath. But i feel Ashamed so, i left room whenever she comes after bath.

So, i said her,” Enjoy ur first date sis,if u need any tips u can asked me.”
She said,”look i will not hide anything from u bro, its not our first date, we have met several times before, but this time its totally different as we r going to have some intercourse & i need a private room for that, i cant trust anyone as u can see various MMS r leaking on social media. But i only trust u as u r my brother, please can u find a safe room for me& him.”

I was tensed for a while as my sis will have her first mating & she will no more be a virgin. (I always wanted to take my sisters Virginity as she deserves a better partner like me i used to thought)
Then i said, ” Don’t worry sis, i have a secret room for u both, i will provide u keys tomorrow morning.
She asked, “from where u will get a room, so fast.”
I said,” I often went to my friends flat, with my girlfriend, he has two flat for rent but no one stay there, so u can go & have a great day.”
She smiled , thank you bro i am so delighted to have u as my brother.

She kissed me on my chins, & hug me usually a good night kiss.

I was in a incest mood & various ideas where coming in my mind, i want to see her naked & listen her moans during fucking. So i planned to set a camera near bed. Next day i wake up early & went to flat & set a camera near the bed, the complete view was getting on my mobile. I came home &she asked me for keys, i dropped her to flat no. 601 & said, i am in the next following flat no 602 . U can call me if any emergency case took place. I entered the in 602 room & she enters in 601 . I started my mobile Bluetooth & i was getting complete view , she was on bed waiting as her boyfriend was yet to come . I was furious to see her . She was busy in her mobile phone as seems she was calling her boyfriend, it was 1 hour since her boyfriend didn’t made to flat, she seems to be tired &suddenly she threw her phone on the floor & started crying, i can see her through camera. I desperately wanted to go there & wanted to ask her what happened, but was afraid as she will asked me how i came to know . But i can nit see my sister like this, so i went to her flat having a duplicate key i opened the door & went directly to bedroom. She stopped crying &
I asked ,” Is everything ok sis, i was waiting outside flat to see ur boyfriend since an hour , but no one came so i was worried for u& i came to watch u.”

She came & hugged me tightly, i can feel her boobs was touching my chest her nipples were erect seems that she hasn’t wore a bra .she was continuously crying. We sat on bed & i locked the door so that no one could listen us. I asked her,” What happened sis.”
She said,”we broke up just now.”
I didn’t asked her further reason for break up as i don’t want to hurt her feelings. Then i asked her let’s go home know . She refused to come, i got angry & pulled her from bed & pushed her against the wall pressed her both hands & started kissing her. She refused it first & trying to break the kiss but after a min later she was Enjoying it. I was doing this all so that she could forget what happened with her . I break the kiss after few second, it seems that now she was totally involved in my game, she was coming forward & forward to catch my lips & kissed me again. Now i didn’t waste a second i knew she was desperate to lose her virginity. Also she got stuck in worse situation as her boyfriend didn’t came.
So i want to her pleasure & take her Virginity. I removed her top, & hold her
Up against the wall & kissing her upper body. She moaned,” Aahahhhhhhhh, uuuhmmmmmmm, ”

We were kissing madly her pink nipples & fleshy Milky boobs was catching my attraction. I was my sisters sex partner now & wanted her badly. I took her to bed & removed her jeans, she was wearing red panty. I removed my clothes & started licking her juicy nipples. Slowly i reach near her red panty , removed it& got a magnificent view of her pink fleshy pussy. I was in bad mood & wanted to take it roughly. I lick her pussy & bite it several times.

I inserted my big cock in her pussy opening, her hymen broke & blood spread on the bedsheet. I was not bothering about that, but than i spread her legs & stroke harder. She was moaning,”Ahhhhhhhhhhh bro, it big ooooooooooooo please take it slow , aaaahhhhhhhhh bro please slow, oooooooooo.”

I said while stroking,” That’s all u wanted haaaa, to lose ur virginity,haaa sis, r u enjoying this, aaahh.
Bro, i am Cumming,aaahhhhh i am Cumming, oooooooooooooo just like that yeaaahhhhh it’s feeling good, aaaahhhhhhh oooooooooo so deep bro, it’s deep aaaaaahhhhhhhh.

I said, ” That’s all u got sis, cumming in 10 mins only, haaaaaaa wanted more.”
Bro, aaaahhhhhhhhh it’s pleasurable, oooooooooo feeling awesome, aaaahhhhhhhhh ur cock is so hot, feeling hot inside my pussy, bro, oooooooooooo.

I cum deep inside her pussy , so that she could remember her first date fucking.
I sets her in missionary position & was penetrating my cock even harder. She got mad & moaned dirty,”oooooooooooo bro, fuck yesss fuck ur sis, yesss like that deep yessss, aaaahhhhhhhhhh my pussy is on fire, yeessss fuck me,bro.”
We lasted this for 30mins . After this i was feeling ashamed of myself that i fuck my own sister. But she came near me & convinced me,” Oooo bro that’s not ur fault u were helping me thats it & this happened. This will remain secret between us for lifetime promise me i got more fascinating to see her nude body.

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