Sex with sister: Our lustful consequences – part 2

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Sex with sister: our lustful consequences – part 2… Thrilling one?, Imagination come true?,
Unforgettable one?, Unending fantasy?, Never letting go? , wanna more?, The answer of all those question is being answer by my elder sister last night to me.

The incident is continued after the long session. Still if you haven’t read the part 1 you can go through it now.

So while bending on her knee she was giving me blowjobs after the whole lustful session. We still hasn’t finished up yet. We both wanted to take another round. It was 2 am. I went downwards for drinking water, she went in the bathroom . I went towards hall to see TV so that could take a rest before next round . She came by rapping a towel on her body. I was nude & was not feeling shy . she sat on my lap i cuddled her& hold her from her waist & took a blanket as it was cold ambient. Than small conversation took place between both of us…….

Khushi said,Hey baby “I like it when you touch me this way.”
” You are so damn sexy khushi, your body is like a heaven to explore”.
“So bro , you have to explore it even more or you are done right now.”
” I love that mole on neck it makes you more hornier .”
“I get so hot when you bite my neck,
My clitoris is too sensitive for that kind of touch right now. Could you touch me like this bro!”
“It turns me on to hear you moan that way.
I started rubbing her Clitoris, she keeps on moaning Ah…. Ah….. Ah…… Yesss……. Right there… Ah….. Ah…. Uhmm…… Uhmmm……. Oh…. You are so good…. Baby…. Oh…..

I was ready for the next round, but this time i wanted as rough as it could be to show her how man enough i am to give her orgasm in every position. I wanted to try standing Doggy Style, just in front of a huge mirror which was in our hall opposite to the window. I wanted to reach her G-spot & give her that intense lusty feeling. I remove the towel & ask her to stand up.
I stood behind her & hold her by hands , inserted my penis in her vagina deeply.I was stroking hard & hard ……
She was moaning louder than before

“Oh fuck, yes , oh my god fuck yes yes… yes… yes… yes…
Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. Fuck.. Ah… Ah… Ah…. Yes… yes…. yes … Oh fuck baby Ah… Yes… Yes… Uhm… Uhm…. Fuck… ”
“You are making me cum again baby.”
The hall was mesmerized by her louder moaning & striking of our laps .
She said,” Baby i am cumming yes.. Ah. Fuck.. I am cumming……

I hold her close from her boobs & penetrated my cock harder in her pussy. Her pussy was feeling damn tight in standing position. Finally i make her cum before mine. Earlier we both cum at the same time but this time i shown her what is man power! I was not in a mood to stop at least for while i wanted to gave her orgasm again. From the mirror i can see her red hot face may be she was feeling pain through my stroking. Her round melon size boobs were bouncing in every directions as i can see those in mirror. I was cruel & selfish at that time , wanted to last till my ejaculation in her pussy for the one last time before going to bed.

Her moaning was getting louder & louder , thank god that all door & windows were closed.
It was the moment when almost 15 mins after her cumming & 30 mins of our standing doggy style i was about to cum.

“I am Cumming khushi, ah… Uhm… I am Cumming.. ”
“Bro cum on my face na, please cum on my face……”
I cum half in her pussy & then i pushed her on the sofa . Her face was still red due to long session & my multiple stroking . The area around her pussy also turned to red from pink which was indication of my harsh & rough fucking to her since half an hour….
“Sorry for this harshness khushi,but it was awesome to have you in that position, your vagina was feeling even tight ”
“It’s ok, You can have me any way you want me baby.”
I spread her legs & dunk my tongue in her pussy &simultaneously talking to her..
“I could spend all day between your legs khushi.”
“I love what you’re doing to me right now bro.”
“Mmm… you taste so good khushi.”
“I feel so sexy when I’m in your arms, bro.”

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