Bengalee Film Queen 15

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Episode : 15

As Surindar followed the Mature heroine to the bathroom, Mustaq turned his attention to the teenage heroine…… he approached the girl and began stroking her cheek lovingly. Speaking in a low tone, that only she could hear…. he continued, “No need to be frightened Sweety…. between you and me… I am not going to hurt any of you and your mother. Mostly I am annoyed with your father.”


Rajnandini flashed a smile which he noticed….. now seemed that the aspiring Tolly actress was feeling some relax by his soothing tone. “Tell me now, a pretty girl like you….you’re not really a Virgin…. are you??”

Rajnandini found herself basking in the compliment. Guys her age although liked her, they never told her she was extremely beautiful. Inexplicably she found herself wanting to tell this man the truth. “Well not exactly”, she said with down cast eyes.

Mustaq took her chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. “This is an opportunity for you to live out all your fantasies. Any thing that is going to happen tonight can easily be justified by you that you have no choice. You just have to do it by compulsion. And for that no one will ever hold anything you do tonight against you. Right now I am going to be mean to your father. He could easily help you to comfort you both. So why don’t you go…. curl up in his lap and watch me doing Fulsajjya with your sexy mother? I know you like to watch porn…. everyone loves that, but a live-show, I think, would be even more hot because it is your own mother, Isn’t it Sweety”

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Rajnandini was appalled… and intrigued both. Did she really want to witness the rape of her mother? Part of her did. The idea of watching an unknown antisocial having sex just feet away from her, held some kind of sick allure.

Then there was the matter of her old-valued father. She loved and respected her father very much and after watching her father to fuck her mother few days ago, she always felt a taboo-crush towards him. Oh God! The circumstances now forced her to sit in his lap while he was naked and his beautiful cock was started to twitch often.

Why was she getting wet thinking about these wicked things? How sick was that? Still Mustaq’s words echoed in her ears, ” Any thing that happens tonight can easily be blamed on… “I had no choice”.

With an almost imperceptible nod, Rajnandini rose to her feet and walked to her father. “I am Sorry Baba,” she mouthed as she settled onto his naked lap.

Meanwhile Indrani had been in the bathroom with Surindar getting herself “Ready”. She had shaved few months ago during her audition for a film when Kader asked her to remove her pubic hairs and that was a long time ago.

Having to shave now, in the presence of a stranger, had been humiliating. She had done it largely because she wanted to get back into the bedroom. She did not trust Mustaq alone with her Daughter and Husband.

At last when she emerged from the bathroom…. shaving her pubic mound, she was surprised to see her Daughter sitting in her naked husband’s lap. The blush on Rajnandini’s face indicated that it had not been her idea.

“That bastard sure have compelled her daughter to do so”, Indrani thought. “Mustaq is a truly sick individual”.

“So let’s see your handiwork Indudevi”, Mustaq boomed with mock enthusiasm.

Blushing furiously, Indrani removed her hands from her privates to reveal a cleanly shaven pussy.

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