Loving my married sister Tony

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It’s not a fantasy or imagination to get my sister’s nude sexy body as Mohit and Tony have done it several times but prior to her marriage ,she was too cautious as Tony was scared of getting pregnant with my semen in her cunt but there we both took a safe path as putting condoms on penis and fucking is not pleasurable for me but my hot sexy sister was frightened while putting my nude penis in her vagina and so a pill “Today “which have to be inserted into vagina prior to intercourse was used and than both starts our journey of love ,sex and sin.she was just 22 years old as her little hole get fucked with my hard cock and I was a 19 years guy than but as she get married ,we two can’t make love frequently and I know readers have enjoyed my previous stories of “Bikini babes Tony ” ,” Married lady Tony & her sexy body ” and it’s her fourth year of married life as she is living with her hubby ,a engineer by profession in IOC but I know her hubby have never fulfilled her sexual desires as she have revealed it also.

So Mohit ,a 23 years guy is in sister’s home as her hubby is posted in Lucknow and my married sister Tony ,a 26 years beautiful lady have made me always too hot as her sexual abilities with sexy body and figure are dying for and it’s a month of November as sunrays are not so uncomfortable for us and I have reached her flat in the evening as she live in gomti Nagar and my night passes normally as I got sound sleep but what happens to me as I was snoring ………

I was on bed as I felt someone’s hand moving on my chest and it’s a month with some cold weather as I have put a muffler on my body with a pyjamas on waist and a brownish vest on upper portion of body as I was too tired due to journey on bus ,so I am in sister’s guest room as I felt a soft touch on my body and as I am sleeping soundly ,it seems I am in dream but as soft palm is moving on my chest and than I get a hard kiss on my lips ,I felt bit scared as well as excited and than I opened my eyes as I can see my elder sister Tony in a sexy lingerie and she just smiled as I put my hand on her back .

Now Mohit sound sleeps vanishes as his eyes are looking at her face and than in a room ,as green night bulb is making dim light I just looked at watch ,it’s midnight 00:50 and now I pulled my married sister Tony as she tells on me .so she is too bold at this moment and now she starts kissing my face to lips as my palm is rubbing her soft butts and her boobs are on my chest as it’s a soft round boobs with long brownish nipples on it but for last 6-7 months we both have never touched eachother as Tony is in a short robes ,covering her half thighs and as she starts dominating me while putting my lip in her mouth ,my hand is going towards butts and as I felt it’s round dome shaped butts nude ,I starts rubbing my finger in her ass parts as my finger is slowly going inside her anus hole and than as I starts fingering her ass hole fast ,she left my lips and kissed my face

“you have been raped if I have mixed a sleeping pill in your milks
(I lifts her robes to waist)no need to do it sexy ,I am always ready for love
(She)oh I see !can’t believe as you have not asked me for it in the evening
(Mohit)bus journey made me tired and I thought to love you after getting refreshed.”and as my penis is erecting while my finger is rubbing her less wider hole ,she than said “leave my hole Mohit “and than I took it out as she get laid on bed beside me ,so I starts squeezing her breast on robes attached transparent brasserie and Tony is looking too sexy in her yellow night robes .

Mohit is bit hot as he started kissing her lovely face to neck and she is rubbing my back as my cock is dying for it’s independence and as I opened my mouth after kissing her lips ,she pushed her long tongue as her hand have hold my neck and while sucking my sister’s tongue ,I am in sensation and my eyes are closed as our breaths are fast but it’s her lower sexy portion that’s getting my hand touch and she is enjoying my suck as her face is looking reddish and than she pushed my face as she took out her tongue.she is bit shy but I am now too aggressive as I put my hand on her shoulder and starts removing her robes ,it’s a single piece clothes from her neck to thighs and as I pulled it out of her head ,her nude boobs is going up & down with her heavy breathing and now I hold my sister’s breast as I starts kissing it hard and she is screaming

“uh ah um Mohit ,suck my boobs
(Me)will get milks also
(She)no ,milks for my hubby only as I have mixed sleeping pill in it also
(I laughed)it’s not fair baby .”and I swallow her breast as it’s bigger in shape after her 4 years of marital life and while sucking it hard ,I can feel Tony’s hand pulling down my pyjamas as I am too aroused.

So I left her breast but took other one’s to suck and my bum is nude as my erected penis is hitting her vagina’s upper portion and she is rubbing my back with her both legs trying to make friction on eachother and she is shouting “uh Mohit ,I will cum soon , please love my glory hole it’s too hot and itchy”as I left her breast but starts licking it’s long brownish areola with my tongue and than I starts moving down on her tall figure of 5’6 feet with my lips loving her lower chest to tummy and waist.so she is now fully aroused as I left her soft sexy body and now I hold a pillow as I pushed it under her butts ,like a shameless lady she have stretched her legs and as I hold her one thigh to kiss ,she removed her G string as she is rubbing her hole with fingers ,it’s a hot night in a unplanned manner as both are enjoying physical love on bed and after kissing my sister’s thighs ,I put my hand on her waist as my face is in between her thighs and now I can smell vagina’s natural fragrances but starts kissing it soon and Tony is now looking for love as her crossed fingers widened her hole and my tongue starts licking her vagina and she is screaming “uh oh um Mohit ,go ahead need fuck only fuck fuck me whole night “and as I felt my tongue hitting her clitoris ,my cock have become hard and roaring like a tiger as he need a deep cave.so I am hearing her voice “uh ah it’s cumming “and I took her labias to suck as I got my sister’s fluids in mouth ,now I left her cunt as she walked to washroom and I followed her.

Tony & Mohit are nude as I put my hand on sister’s waist as we walked to our room ,so as I sits on bed’s corner my sexy sister knelt Infront of my legs and than she hold my cock as it’s foreskins have been removed and looking at me ,she is licking my soft round glans as I am rubbing her black long hairs gently and looking at me ,Tony swallows my penis and now starts spinning her head as my hard cock is growing little bigger and it’s a penetrative weapon right now as I am willing to fuck my married sister after a long span of time .so my mouth is sounding louder “uh ah Tony ,it’s in fuckin mode ,so let it leave baby “and she is going hard but soon ,she accepted my request as she just came on bed and knelt there ,as her heavy butts are on beds corner ,my long cock is just inches above as it’s straight and than as she looks back ,I smiled “put your butts bit up baby “and she just put her front parts of body on elbows as she made her butts straight to my penis ,now I hold my penis as I starts guiding it in her wet cunt and she is too wild as my half cock have made its way as she pushed her butts back and Mohit is holding her waist hard ,so not going to keep my sister in wait as I fucked her hard and little bit of screams

“uh oh yes ,it’s hard fuck fuck me whole night
(Giving her cunt a hard fuck)sure baby ,it’s not a wider vagina that can’t get tired as lady like you can stretch their legs whole night and dozens of cock can fuck you
(She starts swinging her butts)yes Mohit ,it’s your opinion but it’s not a sexier version as I think hours of fuck is pleasurable but lot of cocks for night ,I think lady will die in pain “and as my penis is fucking her glory hole with speed and power ,she is just looking at me as I hold her breast and it’s only 5-6 minutes as her cunt is a hot tunnel but I know she needs more time in fuck but I am feeling my pre – cum on glans ,so I starts giving my cock in a much more speed as I screamed “yes baby ,can’t tolerate your hot cunt for more times ,have it “and than my penis ejaculated semen but Tony sucked my cock also as she tasted it’s cum…….

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