A neighborhood guy blackmailed me : showed my nude MMS

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A neighborhood guy blackmailed me : showed my nude MMS

How it happened ? ,I am completely shocked as well as surprised as one MMS is in my mobile’s inbox and as I opened it ,my eyes are much in disbelief as I am nude under cascade as it’s a scene of a washroom and I can’t find that Ruhi is not in her washroom as shown in MMS clips but my nude body was filmed and my mobile number received it also . I am completely in shock that how my nude body got filmed in my washroom as I am living in Indore and it’s a society as my flat is on first floor but now it’s not an issue as I have to find it’s solutions as I am afraid while thinking of my nude MMS getting viral and Ruhi ,a 23 years married lady is living her personal life with her hubby in Indore as we are happy couple but who is looking for my sexy body ? It’s not in my mind but I than choose to talk about it with my elder sister Juhi as it’s a hot afternoon in the month of may and Juhi received my call

“hi Ruhi ,how are you ?
(Me)fine Didi and you
(Juhi) enjoying my life
(Me)I am in bit trouble Didi
(Juhi)so what happened to you ?
(Me)I received a MMS on my mobile as my nude body is getting the bath
(Juhi)oh I see !how it’s possible to filmed your nude body ,it’s really a shocking truth
(Ruhi)I don’t know but how I will solve this problem ,I am too afraid of my hubby
(Juhi)listen me ,I think you can know sender’s mobile number as you can guess also
(Ruhi’s mind stuck)sure Didi ,I am sure that guy who is stalking me for last 3-4 months have done it
(Juhi)but your mobile number ,how he got it ?
(Ruhi)I will talk to you later ,let me talk to him first.”and than I looks in inbox as I can see mobile number as it have been sent from respective number.so I starts ringing the number but my call was not received ,on the one hand I am feeling relaxed but if MMS goes viral with my face also than what will be the outcome ! Ruhi ,while sitting on sofa in dinning room is thinking of that bastard and as my mobile starts ringing ,I received it “hello
(He)yes ,to whom you want to talk
(Me)I don’t know your name but I have received a MMS from your mobile number
(He laughed)oh ,you looks so sexy ,can’t believe as I am in love with you
(Me)really ,want to meet you as your love is alone in home
(He)but I don’t know your address madam
(Ruhi in anger)what the hell you are talking about ,you even know my mobile number and have filmed my nude body but don’t know where I live
(He)sure ,I can meet you soon “and I know my sexy body will get loved as he will fuck me also while blackmailing for MMS but I have made my mind cool and it’s 12:50 afternoon as my hubby is in office and I am alone in home.so I moved to my bedroom as I opened the wardrobe and took out a short tops with a miniskirts as I removed my clothes in hurry and than put my dress as my goal is to crush his mobile phone but if he have stored it (MMS)in laptop or other mobile ,than my action will make me more unsafe .so while thinking of it ,I sits on sofa as I am waiting for him to come and show his sexual desires as I am willing to fulfill it but only once but if my proposal gets rejected and he makes my MMS viral or just do it frequently ,than ! I am confused of my action but have to do something unethical to get it (MMS)back.

So it’s 1:20 afternoon as door bell starts ringing and I am bit afraid while facing a stranger but walked to door as I opened it and there I can see young guy ,a stalker as I asked him “come inside “and he is not a matured men as his age seems to be in early twenties ,so he get inside as I locked the door and he sit there as I am standing near him ,my sexy thighs to nude part of tummy and belly is getting looked as I am feeling too shy and uncomfortable ,so he smiled

“come near me baby
(Me)you have filmed my nude body but what’s your demand to destroy it
(He looks innocent)nothing baby ,just show your nude sexy body and I will destroy it
(Me)ok but you will not touch me ,what’s your name ?
(He)Vinit Narayan .” and I moved to him as I just lifts my miniskirts to waist as black thongs have covered my vaginal zone and looking at me ,he smiled “no need to show your thongs ,just remove it baby
(Me bit afraid but pulled it down to legs)look it dear ,never seen hole of any gal or lady
(He laughed)make your thighs wider ,let me see how your cunt looks like
(I widened my thighs)now it’s ok.”and as he asked to put leg on sofa ,I am compelled to do so and than Vinit starts unbuckling his jeans as I am feeling nervous to show my cunt to a stranger and than he made his lower parts nude as showing my resistance ,I put my face towards other direction but he shouted “you bitch look at me “and my eyes are on his 6-7 inches long cock as pubic hairs are dense ,so Vinit have hold his cock as he is jerking it slow and now he said “baby ,remove your tops and be nude soon
(Me bit shy )Vinit ,I have shown you my lower parts , please destroy the MMS
(He stand in front of me)no touch ,no sexual molestation but will show you my hand giving cock a fast jerk “.

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So we both are standing as I put my hand on tops and removed it ,so my boobs are in black straps brasserie as I am eyeing at his cock ,oh god !how to get physical with him as he is just looking and showing his nude body as Vinit removed his shirt also and my nude brasserie is on legs .now Ruhi is nude as I am fulfilling his desires but my dirty mind is hot as it’s thinking of his love and looking at me ,Vinit smiled “too hot baby ,so sexy and beautiful ,really your hubby is lucky but I am a bastard guy in your eyes
(Me)now you have seen my nude body
(He)now sit on sofa with legs on it as knees should be bent
(Me)you are crossing your limits
(He)no way ,go and do it.”and as I sit on sofa with my legs wider with knees bend ,I am eager to get his cock in my hole but his desires are too exceptional and while sitting near me ,Vinit is looking at my sexy shaved vagina “now you will finger your cunt as I will jerk my penis
(Ruhi showing her resistance)no ,I can’t your desires are going high and
(He smiled)Ruhi baby ,start fingering your cunt and see how I masturbate my cock”so as I pushed my long finger inside hole and starts fucking it fast ,Vinit is jerking his cock but it’s really a tough time for us as no one have even touched either but I am now impatient as my hand moved to his cock and I pushed his hand away as I hold his cock ,so inches closer and now starts kissing his face .

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