My physical love inside campus

My first and last encounters with my lover Kunal have given me a new and erotic experience as I got the guy’s cock to suck and touch.I am not a 15-16years gal going to leave that pleasure in backburner as my nights passes thinking about our physical love session,it’s a weekend as two days are going to be tough to spend it alone and as Sunday evening came,I lost my patience as I called Kunal…………..

“Hello Kunal ,how are you?
(Kunal)fine and you baby
(Rima)fine but only thinking about you
(Kunal)so it’s natural as we both are in love.”

and our talks ends soon as my mom walked to my room ,now as we family members have dinner together,I have slept on bed after it,putting my rooms locked with my mobile on hand,now going to satisfy myself as I started watching a porn video of Sunny Leone with her boyfriend,sunny is having her bath in his washroom as she is nude with her legs apart,putting her fingers inside her widest vagina and fingering it fastly while cascade is on and she is having her her boyfriend enters washroom as he is completely nude and his long thick cock is semi erected as he hold sunny in his kissing her neck to face as his penis is pinching on her waist and I lifted my gawn upto waist as I started rubbing finger on my soft vagina.she is in joy as her boyfriend have put his fingers in her cunt and started fingering it,my finger have vanished in cunt as both are getting wet and I am screwing my dry thinghs changed as sunny sits on her legs infront of him and hold his penis to kiss.oh god!she is smelling it hard while putting it’s glans on her nose and than she swallows his dick as my vagina is in fire ,I am screaming”oohh aahh give me your penis to suck you macho men”and as my cunt is going ton release juice soon,I walked nudely to urinated and took refreshment as I started watching it again while lying on bed,my finger is moving fast inside smooth path of cunt and it’s juicy after a I took out my finger from it as I sucked it,wet finger have given me taste of my vaginal night passes as I slept soundly.


Next morning,I wake up on time as I took refreshment and than walked to dinning space as mom and dad is sitting there,I sits beside them and maid came after a while with cup of tea for me as dad left to have bath,I started drinking tea and than mom have left me to prepare breakfast for I walked towards my room as I took out a yellow coloured frocks from my wardrobe,white brassier with G string will cover my sexual walked inside washroom as I started removing my gawn and than while sitting under cascade,I made my body wet before putting gels on it,I started putting gels on my sexy boobs to waist as I put some in my back,now massaging it properly with my hands,than looking downwards to my sexy thighs to legs with my sexy vagina,I took gels in my palm and used it on remaining parts as I started rubbing it’s hard,so it’s my vagina which is feeling the heat with my horny body going to get loved but I have not described my plan to Kunal but sometime it happens as eyes and face shows your after my breakfast ,I took my note books with purse on my shoulder as I put sandals on legs and my elder brother is going to drop me at college gate,so we walked to car as he is driving it slowly in a highly traffic convention.He left me at college gate as I walked inside ,now moved to my classroom as my eyes are searching my loved I frisked inside classroom and sits on chair with my friends Shaifali as well as Sonali,as our lectures started I can’t see Kunal in classroom as my dreams are turning just like an imagination and feeling sad as well as our three classes completed ,it’s a lunch break ,so I walked with my friends towards college canteen as I heard my mobile ringing,so I took it out of my purse,Kunal is calling me ,so I don’t receive the call and frisked inside canteen,as we three friends have snacks and coffee together,I left them giving excuse of I walked towards lady toilet and than called Kunal………..

“Hi Kunal ,you are not in college
(Kunal)but I am in college premises
(Rima)oh I see
(Kunal)will meet you in the abandoned building ,see you .”and my legs started shivering as my heart beat is on rise,but I walked towards the end of college premises as abandoned building is like a lover’s point for college I reached there as I can see from ground ,Kunal standing on first floor ,so I moved to upstairs as Kunal greets me with his smile on face and we both moved inside a classroom but classes are different as we are going to love we are in classroom as sitting in last bench,our face are opposite to eachother as our legs are on Kunal,moved closer and hold me ,pressing my boobs harder on his chest made MeV horny .so he started kissing my neck as my crop-tops strips are going out of my shoulder and its lower than it’s usual and he is kissing me wildely .as his lips are loving my face,he is rubbing my back and now I sits on his lap with my legs stretched as he started lowering my strips of tops at other end ,so his lips are on my lips and my tops have gone down as he pulled it to my boobs are in brassiere as it’s sounds nice while I am pressing it hard on his chest and than Kunal opened his mouth as I pushed my tongue in he is sucking my tongue while his hand is rubbing my nude back hard and I am feeling too horny with his hand on the hooks of my 32C feeling bit scared but hot,I felt my boobs nude and he sucked my tongue hard as my boobs are I stand infront of him ,while bench is between my two legs,my boobs is facing his mouth ,so he hold one and took it’s 2/3rd parts in his mouth ,as he is sucking it hard with pressing other ones ,I am screaming in joy

“oohh no aahh don’t put teeth on my boobs uuhh”and he is well aroused as he took my other breast to my sexy boobs have become reddish as he is massaging it hard and I have hold his hairs tightly ,just trying to push my whole boobs in his feeling on top of world,his love have made me a dirty gal as I left my shy and scared.He left my boobs as I put my tops on place ,now sitting on bench ,I smiled………

“Kunal last two days were like days in cage
(Kunal)I know it “and he put his hand under my frock and hold the strings of G panty,let him removed my panty as love on it will make MeV too horny but giving my virginity to him is not in my he removed my G string ,he lifted my frock upto waist and now I slept on bench with my legs down on earth ,but it’s in opposite directions as he put his both hands under my buttocks ,just pushing it up and than he put his face on my vagina as he smelt it hard,so his both hands are busy as I felt his lips kissing my vagina and than my fingers distracted my labias as Kunal put his long tongue inside it,licking my cunt fastly as I am shouting”oohh aahh fuck my vagina fast aahh you see a clitoris there ,suck it.”but like a hungry wolf ,he is licking my vagina and than my hot vagina have become dry as he took clitoris in between his lips and sucked it,I am like a dirty gal lying on bench giving my body to Kunal to love.kunal sucked my labias also and than he put my ass on bench as I am sweating as weather is hot and humid,now he is like a hot guy, unzipped his jeans fast and I wake up as I sit on bench while kunal stands.kunal’s long cock is in my hand ,as I started rubbing it’s glans on my lips and than opened my mouth to suck it,it’s a hard cock that is moving in my mouth fast as I have hold his waist,my mouth is jerking it hard and he is murmuring”oohh my sweety you are too good in sucking it aaahh”and it’s glans is hitting on my deep throat ,now Kunal took out his wet penis as I hold it and started licking it with my long reddish tongue.feeling horny and wild,as my vagina is hot ,I am not going to enjoy fuck but vagina is demanding for it,it’s a cock that can satisfy my vagina but not going to do I took his long cock in my mouth and started sucking it ,while Kunal hold my hairs as he idc fucking my mouth fast and sexy voice

“uuh uummm aahh”is making room hot and lastly I got the taste of precum as I took out his penis and started masturbating it fastly, after 2-3 minutes his penis sprayed semens as it’s on my face to lips and hand.He forced me to taste his cum ,but I don’t ,so I washed my face and hand there.we put our dress and than back to classroom.

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