Hubby’s friend Iqbal

It’s a nice weekend as it’s holiday but my hubby Ankit have left early morning for official tour with his rima is alone in home with no households work to Rima,a 26 years married lady with her figure of 34-28-36 ,as her whiteish complexion and height of 5’6 makes her attractive,my sexy buttocks have always been a central of attraction as it’s round dome shaped and it vibrates fast ,when I walks fast ,esp.

When it’s a G string on it rather than a full sized round soft boobs are nice with long browenish aerola and after my marriage,I have been with my hubby Ankit only,even I have lost virginity to him on first night but my hubby have surprised me with his gift as it’s his friend Iqbal ,who have made me a dirty whore one night in presence of Ankit (read story'”hubby surprise gift“).so as both are in love for years,once I have been with a stranger Rashid ,as we two got introduced in a shopping mall (read story'”Stranger’s long cock” & it’s parts),so as I got addicted to penis ,I never looked back as I want to enjoy my life upto the as my maid is cleaning utensils in kitchen,while drinking coffee,I am thinking about my day’s affair,so I took my mobile as I called Iqbal………


“hi Iqbal
(Iqbal)Hello bhabhi Jaan ,how are you?
(Rima)fine and you
(Iqbal)fine but I came to know from official staffs that Ankit is in official tour
(Rima)yes ,so feeling bored as I called you for talk
(Iqbal smiled)just talk Rima,nothing else
(Rima)you are making me like a naughty lady ,isn’t it
(Iqbal)oh I see ! than is there any plan for us.”

And made him my master for a day and night,left myself to him as he told me to be ready after an as maid left my home ,I locked the door from inside and than walked to kitchen as I prepared light breakfast for getting ready to enjoy some nice time together and walked towards my bedroom,so I removed my night gawn and opened the wardrobe to choose something different,lastly chosed a little black dress as it’s my favourite dress.

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Now I am nude as I frisked inside washroom and started having my bath under cascade,so put body shampoo on my whole body and than washed it with water,so my bath finished soon as I rubbed my wet body with a towel and than walked out of I took my brassiere and panty as I put it on my boobs & waist,looking like a hot blonde ,I put little black dress on my body.It’s a dress to reveal everything as my boobs cleavage can be seen easily,it’s my boobs making a imagination like peak of mountains on chest ,going down to thighs,as I am standing on ground ,little dress have covered upto my inner thighs,so it’s my sexy legs to thighs that are vulnerable and my buttocks are under cover but I know if I will sit on chair or anything else ,my little dress will give my panty’s visibility I have my breakfast soon and than took my purse as I took my mobile to call Iqbal,I can hear door bell ringing ,so walked to door and opened it as I am bit surprised with Iqbal’s standing there……….”come inside ” and Iqbal came inside as I can see his official bag in his hand,so he sits on sofa while I am standing there and he smiled”oh I see! I think you were going to enjoy shopping or meeting someone else
(Rima)sure Iqbal ,I will meet soon but can you tolerate my lover
(Iqbal bit shocked)oh who is he ?
(Rima)have 2-3 more lovers like you but I know all have love for my curvy and sexy body ,so .”

And Iqbal in bit shock as he stood and hold me tightly,put his arms on my back as my sexy boobs are brushing on his chest and he started kissing me as my lips are burning on his face to neck.He is a young guy in his early thirties ,as his long thick cock have made me satisfied once,I love his way of enjoying sex with our sexual affairs started as he hold my neck and than started rubbing his lips on my lips ,now our lips are locked as he is sucking it and his hand is on my sexy bum as we both are standing on ground in my Iqbal’s mouth is sucking my lips ,I took it out and than started licking his lips with my tongue,he opened his mouth and took my tongue as he is sucking it our sexual activities have started as his hand is moving on my buttocks,I am too horny as my tongue is in Iqbal’s mouth with his fingers rubbing my ass my legs started shivering ,eyes are closed ,he is making me hot and after 3-4 minutes,I pushed his face back as I freed my tongue .so we both are looking at eachother and than sits on sofa.

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My little black dress have gone up as it’s on my inner thighs and I have put my legs wide on ground,looking at me ,he opened his bag and took out a bottle of wine as I walked to kitchen and came back with glasses,so he is pouring wine & soft drinks in glasses as I started unbuttoning his shirt.Iqbal is a smart guy as his tall figure of 6’1 feet are nice,I always loved his sexual skills as he made me too hot and horny and than fucked me for a long time but there my hubby Ankit was a as we started drinking wine,Iqbal took out a packet of cigarette as I lit it and than as his shirt have been removed ,I give him the cigarette and while drinking my first pack ,my hand is on his removing it fastly and his hand have hold a glass as well as cigarette I removed his trouser and his bulge is hard on undies as I put my hand on it and started pressing it with my hand.He is smiling at me as he put empty glass on table and than started lifting my little black dress,it’s going to waist as I helped him with my ass slight up on sofa,he lifts it upto neck ,so took out my dress as I am sitting closer to him .

Looking too sexy in black brassiere and panty,Iqbal hold my back as he make me sit on his lap and now it’s my arms holding his back and he started kissing my lips to I knelt on his lap ,my sexy boobs is on Iqbal’s mouth and he put his hand on my back , opened the strings of brassier as my lovely boobs are nude,he hold it and put it’s front portion in his he is sucking my breast as I am screaming”oohh uuhh Iqbal don’t put your teeths on it uummm”and as I have hold his hairs tightly ,his mouth is sucking my breast hard and his hand is on my back,my vagina is getting touched and I thought to remove as Iqbal took my right breast in his mouth to suck,I put my hand on waist and unhooked my panty, so it fells on sofa as I am nude and there Iqbal pushed his long finger inside,so while sucking my breast ,he is fingering my vagina and I am shouting”oohh uuuhh it’s great suck it hard”and after a while,Iqbal is licking my boobs as his tongue is rolling on my long browenish my vagina is too horny as my hand is rubbing his back,later on I left his lap as I sits on ground on his legs ,looking at him,I removed it’s skin as penis is in semi erection ,so putting my lips on hot cock as my boobs are getting pressed ,I kissed his penis and than it’s glans is on my a lady putting lipstick on her lips ,I have put it as I am rubbing hard to make myself horny ,so my mouth opens partially and I swallowed his half of penis ,now sucking it hard with my face still and Iqbal is screaming in pleasure

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