Stepmom’s sexy body

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It’s a nice morning as family members have left their bed,so I am still on bed and under blanket I am sleeping as my stepmom Cathy came inside room and shouted”Garry,it’s 08:00 morning ,wake up soon”,but I opened my eyes and smiled “let me sleep for more” as she sits near my waist,I have closed my eyes again as I want to have sleep for another hour ,Garry have watched a porn video till late night and than masturbated his penis twice,so feeling too tired as I am sleeping .

Garry ,a 18 years guy is smart with tall figure of 6’0 feet and physique seems attractive ,our family consists dad,mom and sister with me but it’s my stepmom Cathy ,who is here replacing my mom Maria,dad have divorced him as he married Cathy last year.

So we both brother & sister is missing my mom Maria and we are now forced to accept Cathy as our mom,she is much younger to my dad,a 28 years lady with hot figure and round dome shaped buttocks with pair of boobs are as Cathy is my stepmom,we both brother Garry & sister Lili have never accepted him and as I am still sleeping on bed,Cathy came inside and started shouting

“Garry,it’s 09:00am ,wake up ,even your dad have gone for some work and Lili have gone to her friend’s house”,so I opened my eyes and Cathy is sitting near my waist.It’s a winter season making our life cool and my mom pulled the blanket as I am in hurry to put my bermuda on waist,she have looked my cock as she screamed louder”oohh you bastard,have been nude”and than Cathy walked away.while putting my bermuda ,I frisked inside washroom and after refreshment ,I walked to dinning space ,Cathy my stepmom is sitting there as she is watching t.v and sitting beside her,I asked……….

“mom,need a cup of tea
(Cathy in anger)go and prepare ,you are really a dirty guy.”

And she moved towards kitchen as her sexy buttocks is swinging while having frictions inbetween their sitting on sofa as I am thinking of mom’s looking of my penis,I am bit shy and as she came with cups of tea , leaned forward to put it on table,I eyed her boobs inside her tops,it’s deep necked ,so her boobs have given me a nice look and as I started drinking tea with him,she is gazing at my bulge but I am bit afraid of Cathy as her complain about me to my dad can make my life as we both are sitting on sofa with cup of tea,my eyes are looking her boobs and she showed her anger

“Garry,your indecent behaviour is of course not new for me but what will happen if I will say to your dad” and I am voiceless as I put empty cup on table and inched closer to him.she is bit scared and I put my one hand on her shoulder as I put other hand on her boobs, pressed it hard and she screamed louder”oohh aauch leave it”and she pushed me back as she ran fast to her bedroom,I followed him as she is trying to lock her door and I pushed the door as I entered inside and Cathy is on bed .she is too afraid as I am on bed,now my hand moved to him and I hold him tightly,Cathy is in my arms as I have put my both arms on her back, started kissing her neck to face as she is pushing me away but my strong arms have made him little while holding her neck,I started kissing her lips and she is screaming

“oohh Garry you are like my son ,don’t do it
(Garry)like your son ,not your son Cathy” and my lips have made him little horny as I can feel her reluctant attitude but it’s my lips burning on her lips to charming face,so holding him to make her feel like hot and horny she have surrendered himself as I pushed him on bed and she is lying ,her skirt have gone upto her inner thighs as her crop-tops strips are down on shoulder, so I hold her boobs and started squeezing it hard.she is screaming in pleasure”oohh aahh uumm it’s in pain ,do it with soft hands”as my cock is growing harder,I leaned on my stepmom’s face as I started kissing her lips,so as she is under my control I am too agressive ,so it’s her hand rubbing my back and now our sexual affairs have started,so I started licking her rossy lips and she opened her mouth and I pushed my long tongue in her mouth.

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