Step daughter: Natalie moving back home

I was surprised when my phone rang and the name on the screen read Natalie. It had been over six years since I heard from her.

Natalie and I never got along very well. I was a pretty strict stepfather who wanted the best for her. Unfortunately she clung onto her real father who didn’t care what she did or who she did it with. He let her drink alcohol and do illegal drugs. I even think that his cock was the first inside her young pussy butI just couldn’t prove it.

Don’t get the wrong idea. I always thought that Natalie had a nice body and I imagined my cock into her sweet young cunt many times. but I thought she hated me

However, she was modest but not very bright when it came to the clothes that she liked to wear. She loved those low cut shirts and push up bra. Never realizing almost everytimé she took a nap in her day clothes that her shirt and bra usually got all pulled and twisted. Many times I had to tell her that her nipples were showing. I even jerked off over the memories of her exposed tits that she had to adjust her top and tuck those babies back away.

I also caught her not wearing panties under her loose shorts. I got some nice looks at her pussy by the way she would sit on the couch with her legs open. And my cock got some good self gratificating relief from those memories too.

But anyways I answered the phone. There was very little small talk before the big question. She needed money and I was her last resort or a place to stay until she could get the money to rent an apartment. Apparently she broke up with her loser boyfriend.

I didn’t have any extra money but her room still had her bedroom set from when she lived with her mom and I as a teen. The only difference was that her mom was always travelling with her job.

When Natalie showed up I helped her to unpack her car. By the time we were done we were hot and sweatie in the late spring. I headed to the shower in the master bedroom and Natalie headed to her old familiar bathroom.

I was in and out quick. I could still hear Natalie taking her shower when I sat down in the recliner.

I felt pretty good but somehow dozed off. When I woke I had a little bit of morning wood if that is what it’s called after a cat nap.

I was curious how Natalie was settling in so I got up and knocked on her bedroom door. But no response. I knocked again and called her name but still nothing. I went back into the living room and looked out the window. Her car was still in the driveway.

I decided to knock on her door again. The thing was I remembered Natalie to be a light sleeper and should have heard me knocking. I was concerned and opened the door. Natalie was laying sideways on her bed. She was soundly sleeping. I could hear her softly breathing and see her bare chest rising with every breath.

Natalie was completely naked. I was in aw of her beautiful twenty three years old petite body. I could not see a single flaw. Her C size tits were perfect with light colored nipple. Her belly was flat and her legs were open, showing off her freshly shaved pussy. Her right hand rested on her inner thigh and glistened with a thin coat of what looked to me to be pussy juice. Her wings were open and I could see a milky transparent cream seeping from her hole. I figured she fell to sleep masturbating

My cock was swollen at that point. I knelt down and took a slow deep breath through my nose just inches from Natalie’s young cunt. Her scent mixed with the fresh scent of soap was beyond arousing. All I could do is fight myself from licking her girly looking pussy but I knew that I better not.

I snuck out of her room and returned to my recliner. I slid my hand down my shorts and massaged my cock while fantasizing about fucking my daughter but after a few minutes I lost interest and got up to get me a drink and snack from the fridge.

At that time Natalie came out of her room in search of something to eat. She was wearing a silky red tank top with thin shoulder straps and yoga shorts. She stood in front of me and surprisingly she wrapped her arms around me. I embraced her tightly. I could feel her sobbing and hear her sniffling. Her shampoo smelt so good. Neither of us said a word. I figured she needed a hug and it felt good to have one from her.

She slipped away after a couple minutes and the way she turned away from me my hand ran across her round tit. She didn’t seem concerned.

I took my glass of orange juice and small stack of Oreos to my recliner and Natalie sat on the couch eating an apple.

I could see out of the corner of my eye as I watched television, Natalie turning her head to look at me.. She finally spoke. “What did my mom e we see in you?” I shook my head and said. “I’ve asked that myself but have no idea.” The she asked. “Can I ask you something without you getting offended or telling someone else?” I looked at her an nodded. She asked. “Have you ever thought how your dick would feel inside my pussy?”

How do I respond to that? I don’t want her offended but I would love to have my dick in her pussy. Maybe it’s what she wants too or maybe she wants to see how much or a perverted slimeball I am. Then I thought that maybe she was awake earlier. I finally replied. “I came in your room to. Check on you earlier and you were sleeping on top of the covers naked and as a single man I struggled to not touch you. But I just left you alone. She just turned and watched television. About ten long minute that felt like ten hours of silence between us passed.

She gut up and said. “I’ll be right back.” She returned a moment later and handed me a flash drive. She said. ” when you married my mom I had my doubts but I caught you fucking her one morning and I watched her suck your dick. I began masturbating over you a nd was so jealous of my mother for being the one who you fucked. I always saw how you checked me out as I grew. These pictures go back a few years.”

I picked up my laptop from the end table and inserted the flash drive. As I scrolled the thumbnails there must have been 500 naked pictures of Natalie. I looked at her standing in front of me. My eyes were fucking her.

I began clicking into the pics. I knew the close up pussy selfies were her b
y a little dark freckle on her inner thigh. She had pics when she was in high school and long before. I watched her body grow over the years but the pictures showed so much more.

I could see Natalie smiling as my face lit up with every beautifully naked pic of her. My laptop hid away my boner until I pit the laptop back on the table and stood up. I could see in Natalie’s face that she wanted it. I stepped over to her and lowered my shorts to allow my seven inches to bounce out.

It seemed like forever as her hand traveled to grab hold of it to guide it into her mouth. I let out a big long grunt as her warm lips slid all the way to the base of my cock. I couldn’t believe that I was about to fuck Natalie.

She stood up and took me by the hand to escort me to her room. She instructed me to lay down and she said. “I played with my pussy so many times in this bed now I want to be fucked by you in it.” She pulled her shirt off and slid her shorts down.

She put one leg over me and sat down on my cock and she wiggled around for my cock to slip into her cunt hole. She moved her hips slowly so she could feel every pump of my cock inside her.

I cuffed both my hands around her tits and pinched her nipples. I enjoyed watching her climax on my cock for the first time.

Natalie kept moving on my cock. She looked into my eyes with a smile. I asked. “Why didn’t you approach me sooner?” She replied.” When you came home after shoulder surgery and those pills knocked you out I played with your dick and I sucked on it too. I wanted to ride you but mom caught me. But she knew how bad I wanted to fuck you so she let me.” I was in shock. “I knew something happened but your mom said that she got horny and rode me. I guess a guy can get raped while sleeping too. ” I was so turned on that I began thrusting harder as Natalie moved her hips faster.

Natalie giggled as she began to orgasm then she said. “I was always jealous about Suzanne. You and her kept having sex and she is my little sister. It should have been me.” I was lost for words. “You knew about me fucking your sister?” She nodded and said. “Dah ya! I caught you more than once fucking her doggie style. But now I am going to make up for lost time.”

I instructed Natalie to get on Her knees and I knelt behind her. I watched my cock slide in and out of her shaved cunt as her lips would move with the motion of my cock. Faster and harder I went. Louder and louder she gots. I was in ecstasy when I came inside Natalie’s pussy.

Suzanne is my younger step daughter. I still fuck her occasionally but in all began when she was in her middle teens. I will share that in another story.

Natalie has been living with me for seven months. Their is no romance between us. She sleeps in her bed and me in mine but we fuck all over the house. Sometimes Suzanne joins us too.

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