Navratri turned steamy

I was so excited for the Navratri event that was going to take place in my colony.
I love the Navratri function. I couldn’t wait to get ready and shine for the night. I was trying to figure out the accessories and the makeup shades to go with my lehenga. And oh yeah hairstyles.

My younger sister complimented me for my exposed back shining off from the choli and the curve of my lower back that makes me look million times prettier.


I took a final look at myself in the mirror and I could not wait to go out there, because I totally looked what you would call, dressed to kill.
It was almost 7 and I asked my younger sis to hurry up. She’s the typical girl who takes a lot of time to get ready.
Unlike me, my sister Aparna was going on a hunt for cute guys, Aparna was wearing a really low cut choli with a plunging neckline. Her boobs were popping out of her choli.

Her ghagra hung low on her waist exposing her entire back, like me she is also tall and pretty slim.
Aparna’s lehenga was sweeping the floor and her dupatta was not really covering her cleavage even after reminding her so many times.
We reach the venue and I started searching for my friends. The place was lit just I had expected it to be. My excitement level just shot up.
While I got busy chatting and dancing with my friends, I spot Aparna dancing with a strange group of people. It had girls as well so I didn’t pay that much attention.

Slowly Aparna’s group started mixing with our group and we found ourselves in a large circle of people dancing to the same beat.
As the dance proceeded, Aparna was dangerously close to a really tall, handsome guy who didn’t seem to be paying attention to Aparna. He was busy dancing which he was really good at.

Aparna was at the other end of the circle exactly opposite to me. She kept giving him that glances and I could see him smile. Aparna couldn’t stop looking at him.

In a few moments, I saw Aparna accidentally clash her body with the guy’s body in the name of a mistook step.
And yes I guessed it, exposing all of her cleavage for him to have a good look at it.

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But he said “Sorry”, and gave her back her fallen dupatta.
It was around ten, night was ripe with festive….it was the peak of the night….everyone dancing with full on energy.
After some time, I started breathing heavily because I felt my legs gave up even though my spirit didn’t. I excused myself from the group and stand at a distance from where I could shoot Aparna and her dhinchak steps.

I hold my phone up high and tried recording into the blurriness of so many people. Few minutes into the recording I felt someone next to me.
I look at the side and remember the same guy who Aparna was smiling at.
He looked at me with a gentle, warm look. He wasn’t smiling but his expression was soft and nice.
I was the first one to speak up, over the loud music.
“Ain’t you the same guy who was hitting on my sister”?
He smirks and replied,
“Don’t you think you should say, ain’t you the same guy my sister was hitting on?” he said.
I laughed a little at that because it was true.
“Hi, I am Preeti” . I had to practically scream my name.
I am Dheeraj and I was not hitting on your sister, he said.
“No, no don’t worry about that. I know Aparna, she’s my sister “.
“So your legs gave up too”? I asked

Dheeraj just smiled. Goddamn that guy was charming. No wonder Aparna was all over him.
Few minutes later Aparna came near me. She was surprised to see Dheeraj standing near me.
I introduced him, he is Dheeraj. Aparna said with a smile, “Hi”.
Dheeraj, “hi, are you tired.”
Aparna, “yeah.”

Dheeraj was an executive in a company. Me and Aparna both work in a call center. After some times Aparna said, I want to dance more. But I said, you dance, I am tired.
She left. After sometime I found Aparna and spot her flirting with a cute guy at the far back. I could see Aparna was very happy. She was touching him here and there.
Moments later Dheeraj said, “let’s dance.” We both were back into the crowd. Dheeraj hold my hand.
He placed his other hand on my waist very secretly so that no one can see that touch. He squeezes the curvy fat on my waist and smiles at me showing how much he liked it. I loved the closeness between us.

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We danced for good 15-20 minutes, touching each other here and there before detaching ourselves from the crowd.
“So, I think it’s time for me to leave”. Dheeraj said smoothly and removed his car keys from his pocket.
“Yeah even we got to go”.
With that I started searching for my sexy siren yet again. And she was with her 4th guy of the night.
While my face was still to the right, Dheeraj spoke up,
And I turned,
“It’s too loud here…..can we spend some time in my car until your sister gets free?”
Without giving a second thought I agreed, because I was totally smitten by this guy.
We walked towards his car parked outside and the moment he opened his driving seat door he said,
“You know what? I think my legs have given up….I won’t be able to drive”.
And with that we opened the backseat doors and get it. There was silence and it was cold.
I broke the silence,
“Can you believe my sister? She’s with the 4th guy of the night….”
I take a pause,
“Her first one was much cuter”.

With one look Dheeraj slamed his lips onto mine and I didn’t resist. My fingers went into his smooth hair and he didn’t waste time in grabbing the knot of my choli. Which I knew he was looking at all through the night.
He wrapped the knot between his two fingers, teases my knot and removes his hand away. I smiled into the kiss.The second time his hand went to my back and this time he pressed his entire palm on my exposed back and feels my skin with his cold hands.
I shivered at his touch. I was getting super turned on right now. I said,”Let’s go to my home, its near. Aparna will not come before an hour. No one else is there in home.” He immediately aggreed and within ten minutes we were in my bedroom. He was so excited that he started kissing me vigrously. My hands were on his thighs and I could sense his dick was standing up for me.I touched my shoulder and slide my dupatta down, removing it completely and throwing it down.He slid his way lower and lower again to my waist and squeeze my lower back harder than before.
I was left in my choli and lehenga and while I could remove my choli myself……

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I turned around and reveal my milky, white back to Dheeraj. He was smart enough to quickly hold my knot and pulled it open.I could feel him coming close to my bare, naked skin and I breathed heavily. He didn’t even kiss, he sucked on a piece of my skin closed to my neck. He was so hot!

He continued sucking on my back and I took his hand from my waist and brought them ahead and placed them on my boobs.Since I am a curvy girl, Dheeraj could’t contain my big boobs in his hands. He held them firmly and sucked my neck harder.
I moan louder and took my behind and held his boner. Oh my god!!! there was a big bulge in his pants, my eyes became wide and I smiled. We both continued to squeeze on each other’s parts. Aparna and me, both have boyfriends and we never hide anything. We have regular sex with our boyfriends. My boyfriend was out of city for the last many days, I was starved of sex. I was getting hornier. My panties got wet.
My heart was bouncing.

“Caress them,” I said, referring to my breasts. Dheeraj obliged and began playing with my breasts, alternating between them – caressing their naked upper half uncovered by my bra and squeezing their bottom halves through the silky fabric of my bra. With the other hand, he began exploring my lower back, gripping the flesh at random points all over my back.

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