A lady in uniform : part-3

In hotel’s room Mohit is sleeping on bed with a young lady cop sima as her sexy body have been loved twice ,it’s my desire to penetrate her sexy vagina. A lady in uniform : part-2

She never got so aroused that her vagina made her a little slut to hold my cock and push it in her glory hole.so a 22-23 years gal with fair complexion as her height of 5’4 feet is attractive ,her round boobs with slim waist and squared shaped buttocks is too sexy.so I loved her sexy body in train as we both have a nice oral sex session inside room,now my eyes opened as she screamed “hello mr.,wake up it’s 10:20 am , leave the bed”and I looked at sima as I felt ashamed of my nude body , took a towel and put it on my waist to thighs to cover my cock . So she is looking hot in her blue leggings with a sleeveless top and she said

“go and have refreshment
(Me)ok but order for coffee soon”and while putting towel on my waist,I moved inside washroom as i have my refreshment and than put bermuda ,so walked out of it.sima is sitting on chair as door is opened ,now looking at me she asked “have you ever tasted wine
(Me)no ,never but got taste of beer
(She)oh I see ! our tastes are similar ,isn’t it ?
(Me)may be but little differences also .”and as guy came inside with cups of coffee ,we both are voiceless and looking at me ,sima signalled me for bottle of beer as guy asked “sir ,need breakfast
(Me)yes ,two bottles of beer with a packet of cigarette and some snacks also
(Guy)ok ,will come back after 10 minutes.”


And now we both are drinking coffee as sima is smiling ,”so you love drinking beer
(Sima)somehow especially when I feel free and fun is in mind
(Me)we both are strangers for both one but you have been with me in a single room, not hesitant
(She laughed)not at all ,I have shown my trust and you have not crossed the limit.”

And her outspoken skill have made me speechless.so as I put empty cup on table ,she moved inside washroom as my eyes gazed on her butts and so guy came with bottles of beer as he put every items on table ,now put two glasses also as I gave him 100 ruppes as tip , so he smiled and walked away.now I locked the door as sima is there ,while sitting on chair I starts putting beer in both glasses as she lit a cigarette to smoke, unexpected that a young gal will be with me in a room .so we both are drinking beer as I took full glass of beer within a minute and than starts smoking as sima is bit slow in her drinks , looking at me in an adverent manner as I am feeling too hot .so her first drink finishes as she is looking bit intoxicant ,now more beers in glasses as I hold my glass to drink and she is looking too sexy ,said……..

Mohit ,don’t hesitate to fulfill your desires but with caution
(Me)I can’t understand your concern
(She laughed)oh Mohit ,you are not so innocent as I will not ask you directly .”

And she hold her glass as she is drinking beer while I am eyeing at her sexy boobs ,so she put her half emptied glass on table as she stand infront of me.now holding her tops ,she took it out as she pulled down her leggings and now in her pink colour brassiere with bikini ,she is looking too sexy.so as my glass is on table ,I stand and hold him in my arms ,now both are kissing eachother’s neck and as my hand is rubbing her sexy back,she have hold me tight and sima is in sensation as she is on her toes while she holds my neck.now both are in fire as she put her lips on my lips and feeling her smooth butts ,I starts licking her lips as she put her long tongue out of her mouth.mohit and sima are licking eachother’s tongue as she is pressing her boobs on my chest and slowly ,she pushed her tongue in my mouth as I starts sucking it hard..so our sexual affair have been on rise and while sucking her tongue ,I felt her hand pulling down my bermuda and my lower portion is nude as semi erected penis is hitting her waist.so as our mouths starts feeling alcoholic ,sima pushed my face and frees her tongue as I am too hot ,now make him sit on bed’s corner as I sit on my legs and looking at him ,I hold her bikini’s strings as I opened it ,so feeling shy she put her palm on face as I stretched her legs wide.now her sexy vagina is getting my looks as I made her butts on bed’s corner ,now she put her legs in air as I put my face in between her thighs.while smelling her reddish cunt hard,I put my lips on it as I am kissing it hard and she is in fire

“uh ah lick lick it Mohit ,you are making me a shameless gal ” and so I put my crossed fingers on her cunt while starts licking it fast,she is rubbing my hairs gently as my tongue is rolling in her little flexible vagina and as she is in drunkun state ,her mind is in fire and now I put her labias in my mouth as I am sucking it hard and can hear her sexy voice

“uh ah my vagina ,it’s a itchy one , oh uh suck hard aah soon I will cum”and her vagina’s fluids is in my mouth as I have tasted it earlier on of my elder sister Juhi and younger sister ruhi.now I licked her vagina for a while as my penis is fully erected ,so I sit on bed as sima asked me to get laid and now as my legs are straight ,she is sitting near my waist as her hand have hold my cock.so looking at me ,sima removed it’s skin as she put her tongue on it’s glans and while licking it ,she is jerking it hard and as she swallows my 2/3 Rd penis in her mouth ,her head starts spinning fast and I am screaming in pleasure

“uh ah um sima ,be fast ah it’s a hard rock cock ,suck suck you bitch”as her sexy body is nude with a brassiere on her boobs and my cock have grown bigger in her mouth ,lastly she took out my wet penis as she starts licking it with her tongue.now feeling too aroused as I wake up and pushed sima on bed ,she have put her legs crossed as I leaned on her top and than pulled down her straps of brassiere as I made her boobs nude and than lady cop put her hand on back as she removed her brassiere.so my hand hold her breast as I am squeezing it hard and her hand is rubbing my back ,while I put my body on her top as my face is on her breast,she is like a shameless gal as her hand is moving on my butts.so I swallows her breast as I am sucking it and her sexy whisper

“uh ah now please fuck me ,I am desperate for your penis in my vagina”and my cock is fully erected as I left her right breast as I took her other one and starts sucking it ,so our nude bodies are getting pressed with eachother’s and as I left her boobs and sits near her legs,she is on bed like a shameless gal with her legs wide.now it’s time to fuck her igniting vagina and as I knelt in between her thighs and took a pillow to put it under her bum ,she have closed her eyes and while holding my long cock,I starts rubbing it on her hole as her labias are bit wider and my 1/2 of penis moves inside easily but there I found little space ,so hold her waist as I fucked her hard while her shout

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