My toy

Hey I’m Sam 38yo I picked up my recent girlfriend at the strip club, her name is Nancy, she has a young daughter named Kathryn ?yo, I call her cat.

My chick was a great fuck she loves me more than anything. The best sex is after we fight. I beat her so bad sometimes I have to make her crawl to the the bedroom, she always forgives me after a couple of rounds of sex. I started noticing cat the first Halloween we spent together she was wearing a Cinderella costume that I helped her put on. While Nancy was getting dressed. I told Cat to lay back on her bed and convinced her she needed to change her pantys.

I slipped them off and started to tastes her little hairless pussy I quickly rubbed one out on her pussy and tried to squirt cum in her little hole I wanted to fuck her but I didn’t have time to forces myself inside while Nancy was getting ready I quickly put her panties back on without letting her squeeze all my cum out and we went trick or treating. I had a hard one the whole time thinking about my cum inside this princess picking up candy.

That night I had sex with Nancy for hours thinking about Cat. Hoping soon I would get the opportunity to be alone with her soon.
Like magic the next day Nancy needed to go visit her dying grandmother in Florida and she asked me to take care of cat for the weekend. She left that night I took Cat with me to the mall and picked up a camera some candles and little sex outfits for her. I set the camera up and told her to put on the black satin baby doll dress. I started recording and tossed her on the bed I started to kiss her and rub her pussy. She started crying I didn’t mind at first but she was getting annoying. I started slapping her full force telling her I would stop when became quiet. She put on a straight and stopped, I still slapped her a couple more times to make sure she didn’t break.

I told her to kiss me and we started making out passionately I could taste the blood in her mouth It was amazing. I moved in between her legs and moved myself to her pussy I told her to look at me as I forced myself inside. Tears ran down her bruised face but she kept a straight face I laughed with ecstasy as I told her how beautiful she was and started pounding her she started panting and moaning, and I felt her start to shake as I started dumping loads of cum deep inside her stretched pussy.

After 5 minutes of resting inside of her I pulled out to catch the creampie on camera and she laid there with her legs open as pink cum started oozing out I guess the blood and cum mixed. I got back in the shot and made her suck my dick clean and dry. We kissed and made her tell me she loved me while I stuck my dick back inside he pussy but this time she was on top so we both took a nap while I was deep inside of her.

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